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  1. thedevilisbad

    Electra 606AD

    I'm sure there is better out there, but this sure sounds pretty darn good! Find one for a cheap price, you'll be happy.
  2. thanks for all the info guys! I like this guitar more each time I play it.
  3. Wow... I kinda forgot I had posted this up here... Thanks for the replys. I looked this up again online because I decided to restring the guitar after it sat for a while (bought an Ovation). It' s a very pretty sounding guitar but I have no clue what the model number is. Here are some pictures: Thanks for all the help!
  4. Thats actually what I figured bbut hey it's a free guitar. And a pretty one at that. I thought conn was a kinda weird guitar brand see I have conn trumpet too. It says made in japan on the inside. Well thanks for the help anyways.
  5. My sister managed to get a Conn guitar for free. I no very little about guitars and just started learning today (my G7 and C chords). What do you know about these guitars? How can I tell what model it is? Is this decent guitar? When I took it out of the case it looked brand new. The previous owner bought it new and played it twice. What a deal! Can you guys tell me the model if I post a picture?
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