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  • NGD: Gibson L6-S Deluxe

    A nice find at the Marin County Guitar Fair this weekend: A Gibson L6-S Deluxe:

    It's got a 6-digit serial number beginning with #96____ stamped on the back of the headstock, along with "Made in USA". Apparently this makes it difficult to figure out what year it was made. If anyone has any insight on that I'd love to hear about it. It has to be 1975 - 80 at the latest.

    It's in great condition, and although it's a player, it had obviously been sitting in its case for some years before showing up at the fair. I'm currently trying to clean the (original) case to remove any possibility of mold or mildew. The guitar had a slight musty smell that fortunately is going away after a couple of days out in the daylight.

    The rosewood fingerboard drank a glass and a half of lemon oil but now feels great.

    The action is nice, the neck is great, altogether a nice find. The Bill Lawrence pickups are fat but with lots of treble. I'm not a pickup expert so I don't really know how they compare to others.
    The L6-S is an odd beast. It is has a thin maple body reminiscent of the classic Les Paul shape, but with thickness and contouring similar to a classic SG. I confess I've wanted one of these ever since watching this video:

    (That was supposed to start at time 1m 45s into the clip. Sorry about that)

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    woo hoo!
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      Nice find!
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        Cool score! HNGD

        We're not in Kansas anymore.


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          Mike Oldfield is a genius. I recently bought the live at Montreaux, and all the ommadawn performance was truly incredible.
          He also got a monster tone from his sg with p90 and his fingers.

          Happy NGD!
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            Date codes on the pots?

            Probably a '74 or '75. In mid-'75 they changed to a decal for a few years, then the 8 digit stamped serial.


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              Very nice, looks great! CONGRATS
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                Mine is a '74, 6 digit starting with 54.

                Guitar dater using the same info I used but with 96xxxx says:

                Your guitar was made at the
                Kalamazoo or Nashville Plant , USA
                approximately in: 1970, 1971 or 1972

                You should type in your actual serial number though.


                edit: I guess 70-72 must be wrong, I think earliest was 73-74



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                  Good find! I hated mine, but it was prolly a dud.

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                    It's nice that you found one that hadn't been modded to death. One of the guys I used to play with used one, and he could cover just about anything.
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                      Those are nice, I have had two. Prince used to play one in the late 70's- early 80's.
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                        that looks great!congrats!


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                            The current issue of PG has a column about dating '70's era Gibsons.
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                              I had one in the late 70s - loved that guitar

                              . . . why on earth did I ever get rid of it ?
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