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  1. Enjoy the quite while you can! Most of the troublemakers seem to be over at TGP stinking things up.
  2. Was it authenticated? Texas Hatters will sell you a reproduction for as little as $400. SRV style hats too.
  3. Too bad. I'd let him have my Faded LP Special for $500, it's a real case queen too. But I don't live in the Triangle any more!
  4. Anyone know how many mA a Dunlop Univibe draws? I recently picked up a Fuel Tank Jr and hooked my Uni up to it using the "doubler" cable. The LEDs lit up, but I got no sound. I hooked up the Dunlop adapter and bang, it works fine. I think the Junior puts out 120 mA per outlet. Is it possible that the Univibe has a higher draw?
  5. I think the problem here is not that someone's labeling cheap guitars as Gibson's (or Gibsuns) but that these may not even be functioning instruments. I've read about people taking the truss rod covers off of Gibson counterfeits and finding no truss rod!!! Or the electronics not working! Or no control cavities! I mean if that sounds like a good moding platform to you, go for it!
  6. Yeah but I really don't think that's going to happen, especially considering they seem to be doing very well sales wise. I'm pretty sure if they just took the name off the headstock, they'd probably corner the market. After all, what's the difference between these and what GFS offers, besides the brand name? Go watch the video at Cobalt Blues and you'll definitely see some differences. Ordered a Parkwood got a Gibsun! What's not to like?!!
  7. Yup, but I hear you on that. Lenny is short for Lenore. She (along with Rene Martinez I believe) bought him the guitar from a pawn shop. And he wrote the instrumental "Lenny" on that guitar.
  8. I've got a Vox V847 RI Wah-wah that I've had in storage for a while. When they re-issued these (I'm thinking late 90's early 2000's) they got the cute idea of making exact replicas of the 60's pedals. This means that it only runs on a 9V battery (which you have to remove the base plate to install) and has no external 9V adapter jack. Is there anyway I can rig or mod this pedal to work with an adapter or pedal board power source? Has anyone ever run into this?
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