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  1. They do indeed have a 24-inch scale length, as I've checked all of these new models out at Guitar Center over the past three weeks. I might also add that they are very well built and each had a very nice medium light weight when lifted up. And now, for my minor gripe with Fender. I can only wish that someday Fender releases a 24.75-inch scale version of the Duo-Sonic and the Mustang. They have occasionally released a few models over the years with a 24.75-inch scale, but not these. I think the tone is noticeably improved with a 24.75-inch scale along with added tuning stability -- especially with a vibrato unit. Just as a side note, I've owned a MIJ Hondo copy of the DuoSonic (Hondo AllStar Professional) for the past 25 or so years. It is a superb guitar that plays effortlessly with a very resonant light ash body. It plays so effortlessly that it will totally fool you into believing it has a short scale, when in fact it has a 25.5-inch scale.
  2. Tech21 is undoubtedly the current leader in the bass amp emulation / DI pedal marketplace -- with several models. Their biggest competition in this market is likely Eden, with MXR, Aguilar, and maybe Behringer a bit farther back. All of these other pedals have midrange tonal controls. The Eden sounds great, is small, easy to use, and is a bargain with a street price of $149.
  3. I had a aquamarine Danelectro U3 for a while (like the one pictured below) but ended up dumping it several years ago. A while later, I bought one of the Danelecro limited edition "Jimmy Page" DC59 reissues (pictured at bottom). About all I can say is that it is much more stable than the U3 I had, has a much better bridge, better tuners, and the pickups are definitely more powerful, better sounding, and much quieter than the U3's lipstick tubes.
  4. I had one of the Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI pedals (I guess you could call it the version 1.0 model ) for several years. It certainly did a great job of substituting for an amp and providing an interface to a PA or studio mixing console. Then, maybe 4 years ago, I finally got around to demo-ing an Eden World Tour WTDI pedal and decided to dump my SansAmp Bass Driver pedal in favor of the Eden pedal. I could dial in good amplifier tones a lot easier and faster with the Eden pedal. So, now, after all of these years, it looks like Tech21 improved the tonal section of its pedal to better compete with the Eden pedal.
  5. Yes. I don't believe it was mentioned earlier, but, Gretsch Filter'Trons are not quite the same size as an "industry standard" humbucker (i.e. -- Gibson humbucker). One can mount a Gretsch Filter'Tron pickup into an industry standard humbucker route by using the correct English Mount mounting ring for the job.
  6. Actually, both Gibson and Epiphone have reissued the Moderne. Gibson has done it twice and Epiphone just once.
  7. I own several Ibanezes and a couple of Jacksons with the Dinky body. The two photos above poorly show the sculpted body contouring that Jackson does on the cutaways of the Dinky body. Concentrate on the control layout and the body shape.
  8. Yes. That's what you get when you mount a 22-fret neck with an overhang onto a body designed to take a 24-fret neck with a rounded Strat neck pocket.
  9. Well, all I can say is that I definitely luvs me some Bogner amps -- ALL of them in fact. Shiva, Ecstasy, Uberschall, etc.
  10. Here I was thinking that the Line 6 Spider series were the best selling guitar amplifier of all time... Well, paint me suspicious, but I think maybe there were vastly more of those little Line 6 Spider combo amps sold each year in recent times than Vox and Marshall combined and by a factor of 5 over the same period of time. PS: I'm not really much of a Line 6 fan.
  11. In this situation, I would be a bit more paranoid if I was dealing with small retailer than a large retailer. As for the demo unit disappearing from the website, it is entirely possible someone else bought the demo unit. Aren't these Kemper amps still a hot commodity? Getting "a deal" on one of these units -- even if it's a demo unit -- is a fairly uncommon occurrence. Correct?
  12. 1.) Several -- a few dozen would be fair number. I do play them all, some more than others. Some I've owned since the 1970s. I do own a few "project" basses and parts basses as well. 2.) Each has a special playing or tonal attribute or retains a particular permanent configuration. Occasionally, one will go away and be replaced by another.
  13. Are you talking about having an inline Strat-like knob layout versus the typical Gibson parallelogram 4-knob layout? Or maybe something something like a Gretsch master volume knob layout? I think someone at Norlin/Gibson invented the term "volute" back in the 1970s to describe the added wood feature on the back of the neck profile opposite the truss rod opening. You can find volutes on many guitar necks these days -- especially ESP LP models, which seem to have fairly pronounced volutes. Otherwise, I've used the term volute or volute staircase interchangeably with the term spiral staircase for years.
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