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  1. Phil, have you tried the Optiweb Elixirs? Supposed to feel like an uncoated string but I've not tried them.
  2. You might be on to something. The email I got from Sweetwater was about both Heritage and Harmony. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/manufacturer/Heritage_Guitar_Inc_?utm_content=hero-button&utm_source=marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20191017-harmonyheritage-t1guitar
  3. Yea, except for the Fender ones...
  4. My bandmate had a Harmony Rocket I think in the 70's. I didn't know that brand was making new guitars... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/manufacturer/Harmony?utm_content=hero-button&utm_source=marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20191017-harmonyheritage-t1guitar
  5. That bass intro part Wilson wrote and Carol played. Brilliant. I thought it was all Carol because she was Carol, but nope!
  6. I had an SR-16 way back when and then a Zoom MRT-3. I sold the Zoom last year and use EZDrummer now. It's a lot easier.
  7. That's fantastic! If you ever get a shot at a cheap rosewood neck, I wonder if it might even be better looking.
  8. Probably the best thought out and executed comparisons I've seen. What I heard was a slightly beefier lower end on the mahogany, and that's it. My ears are kinda old and high freq impaired somewhat though. It was enough to convince me that body material is almost insignificant compared to pickups, strings (old, new, gauge), amp etc. I wonder why no one has taken the recorded audio and run it through some high tech freq. analyzer tools where you could actually see differences. Or maybe they have?
  9. I picked up a Gibson P90 Special some time after that rosewood incident, they were discounting them. It was very light in color when I got it, but after a quick dressing with mineral oil it darkened considerably, and oddly has stayed that way. I think I've had it at least 4 years - it has a 2012 date. The closest I can think to compare is ebony. It has nearly no pores and a very obvious sheen. I've had no problems with it, but honestly has not been played much. Maybe if it got more use the color would change, IDK....
  10. If everything else about the saddles works to your satisfaction, you really should be able to detune and take the string off the saddle. Then, there should be very minimal friction and you should be able to turn it with something like a small flat head screwdriver or anything that can grab the inside walls. If they are still difficult to turn, I would then PUNT and replace.
  11. They are just about the most comfortable electric you can put over your shoulder too (IMO). Maple isn't light, but they are about half as thick as a tele and have belly cuts. The one thing that I have grown to despise over the years though - thin and narrow neck. My fingers have not grown thinner nor narrower.......
  12. I always liked the rawness and jangle of the guitars on this one. [video=youtube;chDUZq5RK30]
  13. Way back when, the Electric Guitar Forum did coverfest contests. I put this one together for one of those. [video=youtube;MFr6A1Cea0g] Also, Tom isn't done yet... [video=youtube;_x713mqopzM]
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