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    I'm a SXy Beast and I can has Mahogny Strat! *** And my toilet's trimmed with chrome
  1. I bought the 335 styled one. It's ok, barely played it yet. First one came distressingly smashed. Check it carefully for damage, especially around the nut, and neck joint. Saw the one you're looking at. The Gibby it's based on was my dream guitar as a teen. Mainly due to the p90. I've thought about buying this one too. Speaking of which; PICS!
  2. I had of the Ric types and a AD-2800, among others. The 2800 was very heavy and very nice
  3. Very nice!! Saw these recently chasing an ART300
  4. OK, I'd like thread to become the place to hang out to talk about new cheap guitars. Why this thread? Because I'm sick of comparisons to MIMs, etc. And maybe it will cut down on thread posts about these guitars on a daily basis. I'd like a place where owners of cheapies feel comfortable posting about them, without the corksniffers/brand whores (you know who you are) cluttering up the thread and basically dragging it down. "Haven" is in the title for search purposes, but it's a subtle msg too. Edit: updated, again Brands: Arbor, Antoniotsai (eBay), anything from Rondo; (SX, Douglas, Agile),Canvas, Baja, Brownsville, Cort, Daisy Rock, First Act, Fullerton, Galveston, Hofner, House of Hodson, Ibanez cheapies, Indiana, Johnson, Kramer (the later ones from MusicYo.com), New York Pro, Peavey, Rogue, Route 101, Samick, Stadium, Turser, Washburn cheapies, Xaviere, Not so much Epi, Squier, Eastwood, Reverend or vintage cheapies like Teiscos etc... Vintage cheapies cuz they really deserver their own thread. :poke: Squier-no, because they have the Army. And before you try and bust me, that is not a list of my guitars. Some of those brands I don't own. Post your pics, talk about your mods, talk about your deals! Edit: Please post the brand and model when you post a pic!
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