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    I'm a SXy Beast and I can has Mahogny Strat! *** And my toilet's trimmed with chrome

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  1. >>> But the days of of exalting mass GAS-driven obsessive compulsive buying disorders <<<< I just downloaded my entire photobucket contents, so I TOTALLY returned here for this! Anyone have anything for sale?
  2. I bought the 335 styled one. It's ok, barely played it yet. First one came distressingly smashed. Check it carefully for damage, especially around the nut, and neck joint. Saw the one you're looking at. The Gibby it's based on was my dream guitar as a teen. Mainly due to the p90. I've thought about buying this one too. Speaking of which; PICS!
  3. I had of the Ric types and a AD-2800, among others. The 2800 was very heavy and very nice
  4. Very nice!! Saw these recently chasing an ART300
  5. VT was a series of amps from the 70s and 80s and they are not 20 w amps. The Artist was a close to a Mesa from some else you could get at the time. 1 each 12" speaker, usually a Black Widow and 4 6L6 tubes. That said, Peaveys are eveywhere, you do want to ship any of those amps, they're very heavy. Just look around near you.
  6. Hiya Roy! What a long strange trip it's been....
  7. Soon as I heard, I came here. Lotsa good memories seeing them live in the UK in the 80s. And of course JJ's avatar. RIP Lemmy. Quite a dude.
  8. I love all the guitars I have gotten from Rondo, and I have dozens.
  9. bridge pickup distortion to create harmonics
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