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  1. GC will most likely give you 28% to 35% of your items value. You're better off selling on Ebay or CL.
  2. Motivational speech for JJ...................... JJ as Bluto.
  3. I spoke to the politicos, they vote for JJ.
  4. I was in an original band when I just couldn't tolerate my singer's antics and attitude. Driving 50+ miles to and from rehearsal and picking up my bass player and writing/arranging the material wasn't enough. We were having one of those {censored} rehearsals and my singer goes on the warpath. She asks me, "why are you here?".............In a split second, I turn off my amp and tell her in so many words, "it's over!" On the way home, my bass player asks me why I took so long to pull the plug? That was about 15 years ago. Now, I play for the paying gig and try to avoid schmuck musicians....and if they're schmucks on a gig, it's my last gig with them. I guess I didn't learn from when I was in another original band where we were going to do a showcase for Principle Mgmt (U 2's management co/at least then) and the other guitar player backs out and kills the opportunity. I haven't spoken to him since.
  5. My 1992 Classic + LP's......
  6. I once had a letter from Norlin saying so. But it was Norlin, after all... The serial is #40000, if that helps. Witch hat knobs means Norlin late 60's.
  7. That sure is purdy Bbreaker. I love the feel of the PRS wide thin neck, but the selector knob drives me nuts. I love mine apart from that. As well as being awkward there's quite an audible click cycling through the p/up configurations. What model is that - a regular Cu24? Thank you. It's a '94 CE 24. I'm not crazy about the 5 way rotary either.
  8. That custom is the {censored}! Bbreaker, I love that 620! Thank you. It's a 660/12
  9. Cool cool. I file motions in the courts and serve court summons to individuals for lawyers. I do this when I don't have any truck work.
  10. Are you an attorney in New Jersey? A lot of them are my clients.
  11. One day, I may play a Reverend that I like.
  12. This list seems more objective............. http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/best_country/best_countryguitar.html
  13. Should have made the list: Brad Paisley Brent Mason David Grissom Johnny Hiland Redd Volkaert Steve Morse Dann Huff Arlen Roth Dean Parks Sonny Landreth Leo Kottke Michael Hedges Roy Clark Glenn Campbell John Jorgensen Will Wray Louie Sheldon Tommy Tedesco
  14. Last week I sold a black plastic Fender poodle case for an American Strat or Tele on CL. I didn't want anyone coming to my home. I picked a public place. It was a WaWa store/station near Great Adventure off of 195 in NJ. I met the guy there and he paid me $5.00 more than the asking price because I went out of my way to do the deal.
  15. Thanks. This and the PRS should leave me with nothing else to GAS for. (riiiiiight! )
  16. Welcome to the dark side. I'm in a PRS mode these days. HNGDx2
  17. My 1979 Ibanez Artist Model 2640 Doubleneck. The case is about the size of a Fender Rhodes piano case.
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