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  1. I've been wanting to check out one the the gretschified Epis for a while and the local GC finally got one in black royale. The guitar itself is pretty darn nice. The best working Bigsby I've had my hands on in a while. The pickups were quite impressive and the wiring even moreso. When in humbucking mode, they are standard parallel wiring but when split, they switch to series. The single coil mode is actually louder! They sound really good both ways. Probably the best Epi I've seen since the 61 reissue casino. Oh, and the black royale finish is hot hot hot! T
  2. Nothing sounds like em. Show em off! Here's my 95 Peerless made kerry green with bigsby.
  3. Talking modern, brand new models. Which do you like better and why? A. Casino B. Sheraton II EG
  4. But it seems to have a tremotone tailpiece.... EG
  5. In which we discuss all things hollow. EG
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