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  1. :lol::lol:thanks for my first big laugh of the day We had worse too ... you should have heard "Let it Snow", they kept that one off the program. Just imagine a bunch of highschool boys gleefully singing "The weather outside is frightful, butt and thighs are so delightful ..." with the rest of the choir. I still crack up thinking about that. We literally gave the teacher a nervous breakdown.
  2. Reminds me of a favorite Christmas carol we used to sing in choir. "Chestnuts roasting by an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nuts ..." Got me thrown out of the HS Winter Concert when I was in Senior Accapella Choir too.
  3. I have no-name body that I wanted to mount an Affinity neck to. All my strat necks measure 2-3/16" at the heal and this body has a 2-1/4" pocket!!! I assume it will be OK to center it in the pocket. Man, when the seller said it fits any strat neck, he wasn't kidding ... he just neglected to say " ... it just won't necessarily fit well." Should I shim it tight (cover the shims with the pickguard) just to be safe?
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