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  1. Bump for price reduction for CyberMonday ... now $1395. shipped.
  2. Did I mention this thing eats Fenders for breakfast?
  3. A bit of an oddball 70's guitar for sale. The guitar is branded as a Conrad and was distributed by David Wexler & Co. of Chicago, IL from the early 60's to mid '70s. The engraved neck plate says Made in Japan / Steel Reinforced Neck. The serial indicates it was made in 1971 by the famed Matsumoku guitar works. Similar models were marketed under the Lyle and Aria brands also. The guitar is in nearly new condition and feels and plays like a Squier VM Strat. The neck is high gloss finished and very nice with a bit of birdseye figure. The body is a Strat and offset hybrid and the finish is glossy and new looking. The hardware has no rust or corrosion. Sound-wise, it covers Strat, Jaguar and Mustang tones. The slide switch is referred to as a "tone boost". Up gives a fat Stratty tone and down gives a Jaguar/Mustang tone and a bit of Strat quack on the neck and bridge combo. Not sure if the switch is phase reversal or a tone bypass but either way, it is really cool sounding and can get downright surfy. This is a closet-queen, quality piece of history and that plays great and is very unique sounding. $275 shipped no case. 1973 Conrad Catalog 1970 Lyle Catalog 1971 Aria Catalog
  4. Like new Gibson ES 137 w. OHSC. Absolutely new condition. I bought this one and just don't play it. It has a Fat 50's style neck and I picked it out of a bunch that I tried for playability, tone (very bright) and flamey goodness. This one is exceptionally figured and drop dead gorgeous. "Clownburst" haters gonna hate but this one has a cherry sunburst that is almost too pretty to play. No disappointments here, the guitar is 100% as new and flawless. Price reduced for Cyber Monday !!!!! Now $1395 shipped.
  5. Jack White in the White Stripes. I prefer The Raconteurs. I thought White Stripes was a duo.
  6. Lighten up on John Mayer. He's paid his dues and kicked a serious crack habit. Here's some of the crack he's done:
  7. It's the nature of human existence (at least for some people). I hate. Therefore, I am.
  8. So the bottom line is that buying a Japanese duplicate of a Les Paul is ok but buying a Chinese duplicate of a Les Paul isn't. Makes perfect sense. The point you seem to be missing is that the Chinese guitar is a forgery. It says Gibson on the headstock. The Burny, Greco, Edwards, Tokai, etc. don't say Gibson on the headstock.
  9. Good info. I am going to order one of those these copies every 31 days just to be safe.
  10. You should have gotten rid of it before dumping the money into it. I bought one as a curiosity also, long gone. I sold it on ebay but put a piece of black tape over the logo in the pics. Shipped it the way it was pictured and the buyer was delighted with the surprise under the tape.
  11. Um No. Skinny top, heavy bottom just means the gauges vary from the standard set. 10-52 rather than 10-46. I just read the package and feel pretty stupid. I have been playing these for years and always assumed the core was tapered or something because they always felt slinkier than D'Addarios in the same gauge. Doh!
  12. Try the Ernie Balls. The 2215's are taper wound with light gauge top (fretting) and heavy gauge bottom (over the pickups). You get the dynamics of the heavier string with the playability of a lighter gauge.
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