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  1. I just picked this up today from a former Washburn Mktg Director. Supposed to have been ony3 of this model made, a Washburn HB150SM. Very cool jazz box with a Washburn Idol shape. I saw one of these about 6 months ago on ebay and couldn't get it out of my head. Feels like a Wes Montgomery J7. Sound wise, it is a bit livelier sounding. Not sure on the pickups yet but I've yet to fool around with it, though it is not really a twanger like the Gretschbuckers might lead you to believe. I didn't own a fat jazz box and thought this one was cool.
  2. Ok, I know it's no Martin or Guild so the first response is going to be not much, but I have this beautiful old (purchased new in 1966) Aria Acoustic. It's an old friend that plays better than the Ovation Pinnacle I had for a while and sounds OK. Believe it or not it has a heel-less bolt-on neck. Any idea what it's worth? Not looking for offers, just curious. Hard to put a price on an old friend, I know.
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