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  1. Mitt Romney left Bain Capital in 1999/2000 and while it's true his severance agreement wasn't finalized until 2002 I'm not sure what he has to do with the discussion aside from a lame attempt to inject politics into the thread. Please clarify, what should we ask Gov. Romney about Guitar Center? Maybe you know something we don't. Guitar Center was purchased by Bain in 2007, which was about five years after Gov. Romney left the company.
  2. You can doubt anything you want, but those are the facts. Go watch the Historic factory tour vs the production line tour. The Historic guitars are pretty awesome instruments.
  3. Ratae, PM sent and anyone else who wants to know what happened to the creep is welcome to ask me. 20+ items of kiddie porn and a lot of the folks here called him "friend". I think his arrest and subsequent guilty plea made a lot of people ashamed to be here even though they were buddy buddy with the creepy "doctor".
  4. Well, if you look at a company like Gibson their better guitars (Custom Shop Historic) tend to have one pice bodies, are made of lighter woods and a lot (not all) of the work is done by hand. Same thing when you're dealing with a company like Martin's real line (18 and up). If the BOM is $500 figure in US labor costs, taxes, overhead and the fact that this guitar sells to the store for a lot less than $2400 and you've answered your own question - and skilled labor isn't cheap. I don't particularly care for PRS guitars but I have a Singlecut and I've played the Korean version. Both are nice guitars but to say the only difference is the setup is really, really misleading.
  5. Ever since we had that member busted for computer kiddie porn it's not the same.
  6. I'm not sure if he paid Doug Irwin anything. I know that when Jerry died he left the guitars (Tiger, Wolf and Rosebud) to Irwin. There was a big lawsuit about it but he did end up getting them. At that time Alembic was pretty much part of The Dead organization (or was spawned out of it). I'm not a huge Dead fan, but I really like a few of their records (American Beauty, Working Man's Dead and Anthem of the Sun). There is a book that chronicles their gear which is really interesting if you're into guitars (even if you're not into them). It's a great read: https://www.amazon.com/Grateful-Dead-Gear-Instruments-Recording/dp/0879308931
  7. It's worth its weight in gold - literally! Garcia was a great player and even if you're not a fan of The Dead it's worth checking out the mods that were done on his and Bobby's guitars as well as the advances in live sound that they pioneered.
  8. Ed Roman was disliked by many, but time has proven that he was also right. The first GC in my area opened in 1994 and it was the most amazing guitar store I had ever been to. They had TONS of vintage guitars, huge used selection, brands that I had only seen in catalogs and the things you did see (Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, etc...) in colors you would only see on MTV. 20-something years later they sell 80/20 guitars. There are hardly any guitars in the shop that I would buy with the exception of the (small) used section. Strings are expensive there, although the string club is a good deal if you can get there once a month, and everything else is just the online price plus tax. They don't even deal anymore.
  9. I am always looking for weird listings on eBay. Over the past ten years or so there seem to be less deals on mainstream gear, but a lot of stuff slips through the cracks. A couple days ago I found a listing for an old Carvin 8 Buss mixer. I used to drool over their catalogs when I was a kid, so sometimes I look at that stuff for nostalgia. Anyway, this ad said 'with three other items'. Kind of intriguing. I look and a Boss CE-1 is one of the other items. Opening Bid - $75. $103 later (plus a big shipping change for $190 total) and I'm the new owner of a Boss CE-1, one of those old Zoom strap mounted processors I remember the ads for and an 8 buss Carvin that I'll probably never use. Anyway, still are a lot of good deals on the bay and even at $190 I'm happy to score a CE-1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272621450521
  10. So this is probably slightly off topic, but I just picked up a vintage AMI jukebox. It works great and came with some nice old t00bz in it. There's a pair of 6L6s, a 12AX7, 12AU7 and a 5U4 rectifier. I always wanted a jukebox and to get a working tube model is really exciting for me. The tough part now will be figuring out what 40 records (80 songs) to put inside, as I have several hundred. I did find find some templates that allow you to type in your song names and print the right cards for the selection. It's missing one selector button, but I located a spare online. I have a 78 player and really like it for jazz recordings. To me, 45 singles sound best on jukeboxes because that's what a lot of people listened to them on. Anyway, here are some photos and a video. In the video I had hit the reset button a few times so it grabs a few records that it doesn't play. It works excellent. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has a jukebox. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  11. Here it is all cleaned up: [ATTACH=CONFIG]n31950343[/ATTACH]
  12. I'm really digging it. I always loved the S look but hated the Wizard and trem. I did see some of these switches on eBay/Reverb for $20 or so. I did have to buy the plastic part on the outside of the switch ($20) and I tracked down the right NOS knobs ($25 with a set of straplocks), so all in all I'm in at about $85. Do you happen to know what size bar the tremolo takes? Thanks for the info!
  13. Always liked these! Very cool guitar.
  14. I had one of their basses from around the same time period. Nice quality. Congrats!
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