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Just curious... what's everyone using for their audio interfaces?


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  • Just curious... what's everyone using for their audio interfaces?

    Please tell us about your audio interface.

    I'd also love to hear about the things it does, or the features it has that you really like, as well as any major areas of concern that you have, or things that you wish were changed or improved.

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    profire 2626. I also have a digimax D8 and toneport UX2 plugged into it digitally (running 18 inputs and 8 out with this setup).

    Things I like:

    Being able to monitor 16 of those said inputs at once with no latency (well not enough to matter) through the DSP mixer.

    Having pads on all the analog channels of the profire and all the channels of the digimax.

    Having the option of having pre fader or post fader meters on the DSP mixer, also having settings for how long the peaks hold (infinite, 3 sec, 1 sec, and off)

    Having a say what inputs are put first in numbers, I could have the profire's analog inputs set to inputs 11-18, the toneports to 1 and 2 and the digimax's to 3-10 if I wanted to.

    Having 26 inputs and oututs, it's plenty for my needs.

    Being able to label all the channel strips on the DSP mixer and save those settings for later recall.

    Having 7 auxs on the dsp mixer (more than I need personally, I only use 4).

    Things I wish were different:

    I don't like that all of the knobs on the profire have this kick in area before they come alive, it's like turning up the master volume on a tube amp there is an area of play before it comes alive. The digimax and the toneport do not have this issue.

    Wish the phantom power switches on the digimax were on the front, it's rack mounted so I have no option but to leave them all on at all times.

    Wish the headphone outputs didn't have to be on the same outs as analog 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. However the master volume knob can be assigned to any of the output pairs so that's the work around. The reason I don't like this is when you have your master set to analog out 1 and 2 the volume capability of headphone out one is dependent on the volume of the master knob, which pretty much renders it useless.

    Overall I like it alot, it has been considerably less buggy than the presonus firepod I upgraded from a few years back.


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      I'm interested in what folks have to say about the various audio interfaces as I am in the market for a new unit myself.

      Currently using -

      Eleven rack

      Pros - Amazing guitar tones - one of the better echoplex recreations I've heard.

      Cons - Limited input options. The mic pre has been okay for voiceover work, but I wouldn't recommend it for recording semi-serious vocal tracks.


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        motu 828mk3

        i don't use the preamps... i like that it has a few inputs on the back

        the only thing that has me interested in getting something else ( apogee...lynx aurora ...UA apollo etc) is the possible improvement in converter quality


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          Yamaha 01x. Orphan technology...
          Great trades with Tengo, Goldie-gold, Ancient Mariner, TritoneTerror and lowbrow


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              Apogee Symphony IO w/ an AES card. It's cool, I like it, but I'm looking to downsize to something like an Ensemble, so if anybody's interested, hit me up.

              Well, I've been to one world fair, a picnic, and a rodeo, and that's the stupidest thing I ever heard come over a set of earphones.


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                PreSonus Audiobox.

                Great price, great construction and great sound


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                  Presonus Firepod. Never really got it going because I bought Sonar, and between Learning Sonar and figuring out how to get really good drums I have sort of given up.



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                    Zoom R16

                    I like:
                    - It's quite compact and intuitive to use, with sliders for each channel
                    - It has 8 inputs and you can use them all at the same time, I think it's one of the most affordable recording devices that allow this. So nice if you want to record with a band.
                    - Dedicated Guitar input for direct recording.
                    - I can also link it to my mac and record straight to Logic, but I like that I can record with just the R16, everything into a memory card, don't need to have a super computer to start with. Makes the recording more simple, great for quick recordings to catch ideas.
                    - I could even use it with batteries! (Recording in the middle of thr mountain anyone?)

                    I didn't care about:
                    - The internal effefts and mixing stuff included onboard. I'm sure it can be useful but would be a nightmare to use with that one wheel and 2 bottons, too many sub-menus!. Again, I see it as an extra, most people won't use it.

                    Good deals lonk


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                      I have an old Mbox Pro, which I haven't used in a little while, but has done me proud for many sessions. It's very no-nonsense, as many ins and outs as I've ever needed.

                      My lady bought a Prism Sound Orpheus for recording her album. It's gorgeous, lovely clean pres, top notch all over really. Her producer was so impressed he bought one himself.


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                        Line6 UX2. My recording setup is purely bare bones stuff for doing demos for my own use, not "serious" recording- just the interface, a PC running Cubase and a cheap LDC that I hope can serve for vocals, acoustic guitar etc. I wanted something that I could plug anything in to that I was likely to want to- so line, guitar and XLR inputs, that had phantom power, would be easy for a complete recording n00b to use and didn't cost much. I also wanted the POD Farm stuff to save mic'ing amps and worrying about noise etc. and I liked the direct monitoring capability because I didn't want to be dicking around trying to fix latency issues.

                        For my purposes I'm perfectly happy with it. If I was a more serious home recordist no doubt I'd eventually discover its shortcomings, but I'm not. As it stands, it's all in cupboards and out of use because kids under two and home recording don't really mix.


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                          Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Built like a tank, sounds awesome, fits in a gigbag


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                            2 presonus inspire 1394

                            small and transportable and cheap
                            you can cascade them with firewire cables to increase inputs
                            easy to handle
                            for my needs good enough/great quality

                            latency on playthrough while playback or not playing anything. latency is handled correctly when you record, but not when you do some tests or adjusting the meters before hitting record (i don't know if this has to do with the interface, with cubase or in general with all interfaces)

                            laptop has only small firewire connector, so no power is coming from there, and both inspires need there own powersupply, even tough they are connected with a big firewire connector cable (i should invest in a pcmcia firewire card with big connector, so i would need no extra powersupply at all)

                            missing additional outputs to have the possibility to make inserts, but i guess at this price level you can't have all


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                              M-Audio NRV10My only cons: somehow condenser mics aren't handled properly by the preamp gain. Almost impossible to make it work.
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