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  1. It seems there is nothing out there yet. The midi enabled harmonizers that are available, such as Eventide H9, is not really polyphonic, you can get away with some simple chords but it will not work well with complex chords. Maybe a EHX HOG2 or midi enabled POG2 is a better option, but these are polyphonic octavers, not really a harmonizer https://www.microdesignum.cz/EN/Products/MIDI-Modules/MIDI-Control-for-Electro-Harmonix-POG2
  2. I've "fixed" a couple of Boss and Ibanez pedals with the slamming method💪
  3. Try this: Unplug pedal, take it off your board and firmly grasp your pedal and slam it on the floor a couple of times Then plug it back in and check if it is sounding normal again. If not, then try opening it up and see if anything might short out against the metal housing of the pedal.
  4. I would assume that you need to either get rid of some patches or FX in order to download and install new patches ? have you tried using the Tonelib ZOOM software ? https://tonelib.net/downloads/
  5. Can't find any for sale, and they weren't exactly cheap to begin with, also, I think the Shtac guitars re no longer being made Maybe you can still email the founder of Shtac guitars -Harry Alloul - at info@shtacguitars.com
  6. the RV-3, DD-3, AD-9 and VFE phaser are still fetching a good price if you' re selling the MXR is of course a classic, what's the VH pedal next to it ? that Viper, sinceT-Rex went under, the pedals were blown out and are now sold out everywhere, might be worth something one day but it's not about $ you can make a nice timee/modulation board with those pedals, my pick would be the DD-3,AD-9, RV-3, Viper, VFE, Digitech CF-7 and ToneLok CF7 hmmm, already 7 pedals but that would cover all my modulation/verb/delay needs
  7. hmmm, you could keep an eye on Dead End FX site and Facebook, they have a set of PCBs (currently out of stock) and a build manual https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yylu6552LRpURcXw07WIibLl6qjZmUVK/view skip to 10 minutes in to hear the DEFX Pompei in action
  8. I used to have a 1963 with a refin and a headstock repair sold that one and now have this 1964 with single coils, strictly it's not a T-bird, the Guild folks are still debating what it is it will be revealed in the forthcoming Guild Guitar Book
  9. Yuo still have that Mark I in grey tolex ? and the Klark Gainster pedal ? oh mang, your clip stash from back in the day, where did that go ?
  10. The man, the legend well, you were The Gainster, and you're still a member here, since 2001 and you still have 4337 posts as The Gainster there have been a couple of post purges
  11. those look like staggered pole pieces to me, I think Fender used this type of pickup from 1955 to 1973 before switching to flat pole pickups, but nowadays the staggered pickups are still offered on some models
  12. Serial Decoder suggests that LP was was made on 10 October 2002 in Nashville. Wiring harness and BB pickups appears to be similar to a LP Standard I'm inclined to say it's a standard, but not an expert when it comes to LPs so maybe somebody more knowledgeable can chime in
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