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  1. For anyone searching, ive tracked the problem to la3 and la5 the ic in the feedback circuit the chip is a TA7506P. Nice to hear from you guys hope all is well. Cheers
  2. Zip goes the zoopity, frienderen #doodoobutter
  3. hope all's been well for all my forumites. miss you guys
  4. I've got a multivox mx-201 tape echo. It's repeat rate knob(or intensity on the space echo) does not make a difference at all. It will only have 1 repeat whether the setting is 0 or 100%. I'm just wondering what could cause this, I have cleaned the entire machine, very thoroughly, and have ordered a demag and new tape loop. I just feel like this will not work. Do you have any ideas? heres a schematic http://www.scribd.com/doc/241013137/Mx201-Mx312-Schematics
  5. looking for different overdrive. hit me up with teh tradess
  6. Originally Posted by King Rat Riddle me this: What do you do if you noticed your g/f has blood in her stool? Tell her to get checked or just keep it to yourself so as to avoid the conversation (how do you know about my stool) nick....what in the {censored} did i just read?
  7. I kinda was. An ocd rip off and a stupid shirt that nobody will understand for $59 isn't bad. I did buy the shirt to display in my room for the luls. Normally wouldn't have but i've got some space to fill
  8. I used to bar tend. Before i got sober. i heard some {censored} about a mens room bro...shoulda done it timeline + space into 4 two rocks
  9. Alright. Big Box DMM with the longer delay time. So i'm looking for trades OR CASH. offer me either. I'll leave it here for a week before Ebay. BTW it has the adapter that comes with it. I really want to trade for a timeline plus cash(as in i add cash) OTHERWISE 255 CASH
  10. man you thought it would take FOUR HOURS to solder in 77 RESISTORS. sounds like there's a lot of stuff you'd like to see, like fully-functioning motor skills. i get it that youre trying to make some bucks, and yeah i said there were four transistors, and there are actually 22. but the ones there are multiples or are really cheap. like 20 cents on mouser cheap. and that still isn't "1,000 parts." face it dude, this thing isn't some skull crushing build. it's just hard FOR YOU. OMFG......pwned into oblivion. Dude I love you. I'm glad you won that pedalboard contest. BTW 1.6k dude....thanks for the design and all, that was cool, price is still absurd.
  11. Seriously? You don't have to say it like that. And come on, if you're just going to sell everything, then at least give it back to me. I bought all that stuff. I should be getting my money back. lol. u lived at my house for barely any rent. u are not getting anything back u got me like i asked for nothing back.
  12. So i broke up with my woman and i'm selling anything that has her stink on it really. So this is something she got me for my birthday, it is the best compressor out there. I just cant use it anymore cuz it makes me mad to think of her. 100 dollars shipped, cover fees please.
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