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  1. Originally Posted by papersun Demo of the Skillet sounds cool. Would running in mono basically act as a trem+phaser in one box? Yes, I think it would.
  2. I think you mean "Flamenco Sketches" (the first scale), not "Blue in Green"... You're right, I do
  3. Bitches Brew is a searching sort of work - groping for some future as yet unrealized until Weather Report kicked off and found it's groove. If Bitches Brew was groping for some future, I don't think it was one that was realised in Weather Report. I don't hear the darkness, danger and energy of Bitches Brew in much of what gets called Jazz Fusion.
  4. We time our set at practice. We've got it down to a lean 25 minutes unless we're headlining. This too. It's well worth getting your set timings as tight as possible in rehearsals, particularly if you're nobody. You stand a better chance of keeping an audience engaged (and maybe even impressed) while you're playing if you're banging out one song after another in spite of instrument changes or tune-ups or whatever. It also means that when you have a longer slot to fill you can just take your feet off the gas just a little in terms of the transitions and stuff and presto- your 25 minute set is now 30 minutes long without you doing a thing.
  5. let me also say the "we're not a cover band" thing irks me a bit. of course you're not, that doesn't mean you can't step out of your comfort zone and slam out some covers for an interesting situation. learning other people's music is not only fun, it's essential to your growth as a musician. IMO, covers are probably the simplest way out of a jam like this if you're a new-ish band that just doesn't have enough original material to fill the time. (if you do have old songs that used to be in the set and got dropped because you wrote better ones, dust 'em off. Unless they really suck.) I don't think anyone has a problem with "original" bands playing covers as long as the balance stays firmly in favour of the original stuff. Covers can be fun- don't do "top 40" songs you {censored}ing hate because you think girls will dance to them, pick stuff by bands that have influenced you or that you think people will get a kick out of hearing done in your band's style. Learning to play a cover song the way the band that recorded it did can be an eye-opener in terms of arrangement ideas and how to make parts complement each other, and re-working a song in to a completely different style while retaining key parts that make it work can be a fun musical exercise. A band I was in a few years back used to play "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel because it was our singer's favourite song when he was seven. It was good fun. The original is all synths and horrible dated 80s overproduction, so we had to do some work to come up with an arrangement that worked for two guitars, bass and drums. We did it though, and it went over well at gigs.
  6. Originally Posted by Loobs Not a fan. Of the song, right? I thought you liked Foals. You're like the forum's David Platt I've heard the new song on the radio a couple of times- I'm not sure I like it either. Doesn't sound a lot like their old stuff, but then Total Life Forever doesn't sound a whole lot like Antidotes either.
  7. You literally are going to become my dad. Which is cool, man. Time warp paradox Kyle Reese {censored}. Alrighty. But seriously- my normally even tempered and musically broad-minded wife gets really {censored}ing angry at the mere mention of Captain Beefheart. She hates that album more than anyone has a right to hate anything that didn't do something really unpleasant to a family member
  8. Originally Posted by six acre lake Even if you are 13 years old, if you enjoy listening to / playing along with any and all Steely Dan records, you are dad rock. I really like Steely Dad. My dad didn't. He liked King Crimson. My head asplode
  9. The whole idea of dad rock assumes that your dad isn't very cool and listens to brainless MOR {censored}. My kids are going to grow up thinking Battles is dad rock. They're going to think Trout Mask Replica is the ultimate dad rock album because their dad really likes it and their mum thinks its {censored}ing terrible
  10. ^ I should probably be clear- I haven't actually used the Delaylab in a little while (I like it and all, I just get very little opportunity to play electric ATM- young kids who love to fiddle with my guitar gear during the day and go to bed early, no band) so I can't say for sure that it retains tempo information if you bypass it. I know for sure that it doesn't retain changes from the preset patch if you go to another patch and back again- I can't think of a pedal that does.
  11. Originally Posted by GDan Ok can someone clarify something for me? You switch on patch A, it is saved at 300ms, you tap the tempo to 450ms You turn patch A off and then on again, what is the tempo now? You mean you bypass the pedal? 450ms, I think. Originally Posted by GDan You jump to patch B and then back to A, what is the tempo now? 300ms.
  12. Originally Posted by Loobs listen to Solid Air by John Martyn for a masterclass in how to use tape echo with acoustic (and write amazing songs and play amazing guitar and have a great voice). Fully agree. That album is fantastic. JM used fuzz with acoustic as well. Good thread. I've been wondering about using effects with my acoustic to spice up my P&W gig.
  13. That looks like a great collection. I think you'll dig Bill Evans if you enjoy KoB. (he's my favorite part of it). Brubeck as well. The Ornette Coleman album is going to take a few listens to get my head around I think, but of the rest I think Mingus Ah Um was probably my favourite on a first hearing (I didn't listen to Kind of Blue, I've had that album for 10 years or more...). I thought there was a sort of sense of fun about it that jazz doesn't always have. I see what you mean about Bill Evans and Kind of Blue though- I'd heard how although Miles claims the credit for the tunes on KoB, Evans had quite an influence on the material too. Peace Piece sounds an awful lot like Blue In Green.
  14. Originally Posted by !i!i!i!i!i! english_bob's thought process: LOL. That looks like Eddie Van Halen. LOL. That IS Eddie Van Halen. Wait, wat? Eddie Van Halen? I mean, "Jump" is so uncool it's cool and all, but srsly?
  15. I'll reply in more detail later but Bob, are you on Spotify? I've got some playlists that you can check out as a starting point. I do use Spotify occasionally. That would be good.
  16. ...all are good places to start. Move on from there. Much appreciated sir. I'm not a complete jazz novice, but it's still a music that I know too little about. Found this neat compilation on Amazon: ...that includes all or most of the tracks from Kind of Blue, Mingus Ah Um, The Shape Of Jazz To Come, Everybody Digs Bill Evans, Time Out and Blue Train (which is actually from '57, but who's counting? Clearly not the compilers.) Cost me
  17. Originally Posted by MrChrisos Nah, harmonica's easy if you know how. Just make sure you're playing in the right key. If you're playing on your own, just learn how to bend notes (takes bit of trial and error, and suck hard). The way I learned note bending (from a Mel Bay book IIRC) involved changing the shape of your mouth and throat by jutting your jaw forward at the same time as sucking harder. Apparently it's a bit like deep th... what? I didn't say anything. Originally Posted by MrChrisos Once you can bend it's just a case of mucking about as if you know what your doing - as long as it's not a chromatic harp it'll sound great Best thing about harmonica is it's the only instrument you can eality keep in your pocket and practice at bus stops. You might even make some cash When I was at uni I used to have my harmonica in my coat pocket most of the time. My flatmate used to {censored}ing hate it when I'd pull that thing out.
  18. Originally Posted by joncyberboy Up until now I have regularly borrowed my band mate's POD X3 live for recording guitar and bass, but I have moved some distance away and need something of my own. Can anyone recommend a unit that covers both instruments and doesn't sound like total crap? The X3 live still goes for over
  19. I don't know {censored} about jazz, but I wish I did. Come on people, help a brother out. What are the stone cold classic jazz albums that everybody needs to hear? My christmas list could use some padding...
  20. I have yet to listen to the entirety of Bitches Brew and probably should. I'd owned that album a long time before I listened to the whole thing. It's a bit of a mission to get through it alright. One for a long ride somewhere in a car/bus/train/plane...
  21. Originally Posted by A.P. Ryder If he's a blues guy, get him any CD by Little Walter, Big Walter or Junior Wells. Inspiration goes a long way. This. I wouldn't say I'm a great (or even very good) harmonica player, but pretty much everything I know came from a Sonny Boy Williamson CD. One of the great things about blues harp is that there aren't that many notes, so if you hear a lick you like, chances are you can "find" it on your own instrument.
  22. There's quite a few of us who have a toe (or a whole leg, or more) in those waters. It's good fun, but these days I'm playing so little electric guitar because of young kids and other time constraints that spending any money on gear seems pointless
  23. Originally Posted by Elessar [sly] This is true. My girlfriend likes my 'purple one' (Ibby S series) and my Cool black one (Gibson SG standard 2010).,but to her they all sound the same. I sometimes natter on about gear to her but swiftly realise she doesn't know what I am talking about, and neither does she care. Although, this won't happen if the situation is reversed talking about 'women stuff'. Ugh. Inorite. My wife is the same. Where is it written that women are not required to even remotely give a {censored} about man stuff, but that men must pay rapt attention to all discussion of "women stuff" or face dire consequences? To be fair, even though mrs_bob's not interested in my guitar gear, she's always enjoyed the music I make with it. Not so much the "just making noises"
  24. I didn't think there was an 18v Dan-Echo. I thought it was only the Cool Cat chorus that came in 18v and 9v versions? ...but yeah, as I understand it, if you're having that problem at 18v, running the same pedal on 9v will only make it worse. Assuming it works at all at half the required voltage that is...
  25. Originally Posted by Lou Speed If he was so great he wouldn't have choked to death on his own vomit or whatever he did. Murdered by gangsters.
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