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  1. Thanks guys, Mark is absolutely who I was thinking of.
  2. TBH I might be trying to find a dude from a decade ago so he may have done what I did and left the boards.
  3. Of this forum, or possibly who used to moderate this forum. I honestly wish I could remember his screen name but I can't. This was before this site changed over to the new format. He invited me to watch a session he was doing in Rochester and used to mod this forum (or maybe still does). It's not Phil.
  4. I have a P-90t and a P90-r wound at gibson. They stick them in epi casinos though. They are dog eared as well. No idea what I would want, maybe 60 shipped? Can't post pics of said pickups till tomorrow.
  5. I bought a crate cab around 12 years ago that came stock with brit vintage 30s (they were badging that on the front) and they were still owned by st lous at that point. Still have the cab, still sounds good. IIRC they had the power block out either shortly after or at the same time, but I can't remember. I remember the XXX was a fairly new thing at the time, playing one and not liking it. Of course, it also took my noob ass a month to figure out that said cab was wired out of a phase. All well, chalk that up to nooby mcnoobyness. I haven't been impressed with anything they have done in the last 8 years.
  6. nerol1st


    Seems like a cheap way to do it for now. I wouldn't stick with this for to long though. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/behringer-guitar-link-ucg102-usb-interface If $30 is to much, well then I have no idea.
  7. Maybe I'm being overly critical here but there is still something missing from the acoustics for me. I want to say it's the space or some sort of 3rd dimension that is missing. For live use I think I would be more than happy with it, but as far as solo acoustic recordings go, like I said there is something not there that I can't pin point.
  8. Yes, but I wonder why you chose 1 specific device to go with this. There are only 2 versions of the ipad... So that means ipad or nothing.
  9. Man the question above mine is really valid. (edit, er above craigs, dang you ninja craig ) More tray inserts and the ability to program on something other than an ipad (iphone, andriod stuff etc...) would be really good. I get the problem that android devices have, but was a little dissapointed that this couldn't happen with other apple istuff. The only other thing I'm a little disappointed to NOT see on this thing at the price it goes for is a s/pdif port... I'm assuming this is because guitar players are for the most part not going to use such a thing (or don't have a clue what it does haha), but man it's a sell point for me.
  10. I did 3 of them. It's incredibly easy, the directions walk your hand with it. Did it to a DS-1, BD-2 and Mt-2 It improved all of them by quite a noticeable bit.
  11. lol Laura, queef of hcaf Tell me that isn't {censored}ing funny.
  12. Have another guitar, it's not in the pic though. Bassman is a voodoo mod.
  13. I'm almost afraid to offer because I know I'm probably gonna have to throw up a little cash but: Ibanez MMM1? I'm at work so I don't have picks. Pickups are burstbuckers.
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