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  1. Maybe he was having trouble hearing himself. I suspect there are some monitoring problems on that show. A LOT of the performances on there have had some pretty major pitch problems, and not everybody that fell prey to it was accustomed to singing in a style where being pitchy was ok. Tony Vincent's been singing lead roles on Broadway for over a decade and even his performances were shaky. -Dan.
  2. You could do a 4 channel surround with 4 post fader sends, and use the channel fader as a kind of "master volume" for that channel. That's more akin to what I was thinking, which was L, R + pan & 2 post-fade auxes or subgroups. -Dan.
  3. Any mixer with L, R and 2 pre-fader auxes will do a 4 channel surround. Why pre-fader instead of post-fader? -Dan.
  4. To address mix issues & balance issues - well who goes to a movie theater and always sits in the "Mix Position", 2/3 back, centered by THX Rules? I do, if at all possible. The only thing that takes precedence is whether or not the seat is broken. :-b Surround sound in Live= tough. I've mixed many a soundtrack in surround in the studio, and as most of us do, mix bands live. What the op is going for here is pretty doable; a small space with just a few things in the "rears". What most peeps are thinking interms of surroudn mixing doesn't really apply- because a true surround mix ala Movie Must be realistic positioning; we rarely ever "hard" pan anything other than music. That probably isn't what the OP is shooting for (correct me if I'm wrong). To be honest, I don't see why this couldn't be done with a good 6 Aux console ala Mix Wiz... but the aesthetic would be somewhat an experiment. To Automate, one could use a PTLE system, but it would have to have the Complete Produciton toolkit option. Again, quite expensive. However, with the right multiple channel interface, Nuendo could be an excellent choice... biggest issue would be latency. Bottom line is that all the issues brought forward here exist, but You could do this for less than people think... and I agree with you don't be afraid to fail approach. Just understand what your limitations might be and experiment when you're not on the clock. I agree. -Dan.
  5. The eBay auction starts Friday Aug 20 @ 4pm PST / 7PM EST: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230513640480 If that doesn't work, use item #230513640480. (ebay will give you some error if you try to check the auction before it goes live) Text from the ebay listing: In the late 70's Aerosmith had several Music Man HD-130 amps modded for them by local Boston tech Andy Topeka. They were used by both Brad Whitford and Joe Perry, and Perry continued to use them when he left Aerosmith in 1979 to form the Joe Perry Project. Perry can be seen posing with one of these amps in one of the attached pictures, and both guitarists can be seen playing through them in this youtube video: [YOUTUBE]yJmYOUklbyM[/YOUTUBE] These amps are distinguishable by their 7-segment LED signal level meter. At 1:20-1:45 & 3:19-3:30, you can see 4 of them behind Tom Hamilton (on the left of the screen, stage right of what looks like modded Ampegs) At 2:30-2:34, you can see at least 2 stage left behind Steven Tyler & Joe Perry. Later at 4:17-4:25 and 4:58 through the end, you can see at least 6 stage left. This particular amp was owned/used by Perry and was used as his "Air Bag" or talk box amp. The amp features: Onboard Tremolo Onboard Reverb Footswitch to enable/disable tremolo & reverb Ground lift switch Standby switch Impedance switch (4 - 8 ohms) 2 speaker outputs on 3-pin XLR, with a switch to toggle between parallel and serial wiring Line output on XLR Microphone input and thru on XLR 3-band eq w/ fully parametric mid band. Also included is the pictured Future Case flight case. At your request, we'll also include a custom XLR-1/4" speaker cable. The amp has been getting only light use these days, living in a semi-private Boston-area studio for the last several years. It still works great, sounds amazing, and is still crazy L.O.U.D. Any of the speaker cabinets you can see in the background of the pictures ARE NOT included - this auction is only for the head. Shipping only to the US on this auction, via UPS Ground, 3-Day, or 2-Day. We can do Next Day as well, but you'll have to request a custom quote. The "Handling Charges" are for shipping insurance. It WILL be shipped with insurance. All sales are final. No returns unless the item arrives broken. Correction: HD-130, not 135. -Dan Costello. Minister of Truth, Mercenary Audio
  6. Cool. Well I can't wait to make a trip to some music stores to check out some nice speakers! Unfortunately it's a good 2 hour drive to any place that stocks this stuff That's what the internet is for. You'll have to pay for shipping for the things you return, but you'll get a wider selection and a greater length of time to check them out. -Dan.
  7. If he can't even make edits w/o pops & clicks, chances are most of his other edits are lousy, too. Get the original audio project/OMF and do it right. Drawing a new fade takes 2 seconds. Trying to find a click can be a PITA. -Dan.
  8. At the risk of offending, that is such a frustrating cop out of an answer. :/ A good ear (with good monitoring) should be able to hear which differences exist due to performance, and which exist due to sound quality differences. For example, if a low pass filter were applied to one clip at 5 kHz, the lack of top end in just one clip would obviously not be caused by the fact that one is a different performance. That's because you can't play it in such a manner as to sound like it's got a 5kHz LPF. You can play it differently enough to achieve the difference in tones you've gotten. Are those differences going to make one clip's overall spectral balance and clarity noticeably different than the other? Hell no. Don't kid yourself. Actually listen to these things, the way they differ could never come down to performance... I disagree completely. Hitting the cymbal in a slightly different place could account for those differences. The guitar player shifting in his seat a bit or playing a little harder or differently could definitely account for that difference. I don't disagree with your overall assessment that the second clips sounded more dull, and there may actually be something to this. But in all honesty, I don't think the clips were played or recorded well enough to begin with to say one way or another that recording at 44.1 makes this dull and muddy. -Dan.
  9. This is essentially like arguing about whether or not I can take a good photographs. Just like anybody else, I can take my wife's $1500 Nikon, put it on a tripod, set it to auto, aim it at a mountain/flower/supermodel, and push the button. What will come out is probably a reasonably accurate representation of what I saw. If what I saw was attractive, then the picture will be as well. But that doesn't mean I'm a good photographer. It means I knew how to push a button and not f' things up in the process. I don't know a thing about lighting, color theory, composition, exposure times, depth of field, focal length, aperture settings, filters, etc. If I happen to take a pretty shot, that doesn't mean that photography is easy; it means that I got lucky. -Dan.
  10. If you want orchestral samples, you're better off buying an orchestral sample library than a keyboard. If you already have a good Mac, I wouldn't switch to a PC just to do music. Plenty of good software is available for the Mac (lots of composers like Logic), and you could put that money towards something else. Here in Boston, there's a pretty vibrant game development community w/ a lot of students and indie guys doing projects on their own - all of which may need music. However, there are also a ton of entry-level composers looking for the same thing. Berklee's got a pretty active video game music club that, AFAIK, opens up their meetings to the public. I know they've had some big-name composers come through to give lectures. That may be a place to start. -Dan.
  11. Bump - only an hour left. -Dan.
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    PM Sent -Dan.
  13. Bump - less than a day left. -Dan.
  14. On eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=140300339139 -Dan.
  15. I've got a Mesa/Boogie 20/20 stereo 20w/ch tube power amp. I'm asking $575 OBO. Free shipping to the continental US, though I'll ship anywhere else on your dime. Paypal and cash only. Local pickup available in the Boston/Providence area. Condition: It's got the usual scratches, but it works and sounds great. More pictures available at: http://bellyacresproductions.net/images/gear4sale/ -Dan.
  16. bump - Triaxis is sold. Others are still available. I'll pay for shipping to the lower 48 if you buy both ART units. -Dan.
  17. Triaxis is sold. I'll eat the shipping on the 20/20 to anywhere in the continental US. -Dan.
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