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  1. I just sold some {censored}, so I should have one of these soon
  2. Originally Posted by Moustache_Bash What's up with the old ones? http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/msg/3138890238.html Dunno, but I've love to know! Someone chime in Originally Posted by renula Vox Pathfinder, wha else? Sweet little baby. yess. do tell!
  3. Originally Posted by echodeluxe so, i got to try out a pathfinder today. the hype is justified. i tried out the 10 cuz they didnt have the 15r. so on the clean channel, it was pretty good. warm, full sounding. then i turned up the gain and it was all FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ with the gain turned up all the way it was this super sweet thick fuzz. very cool. it was useful and good too, not {censored}ty and ice picky. so basically, it was $74 new, so if i cant find the 15r, i might just pick the 10 up. Originally Posted by ert just bought one. LOVE it! crazy as it sounds, its almost as loud as my ac15c1 or so it seems in a smaller room. question for other pathfinder owners...on mine, with the gain and volume at max and the boost on, i can always hear some bleed through of the tremolo even when the tremolo speed and depth are off. is this common for other pathfinders? Both of these are good to hear
  4. Originally Posted by echodeluxe yeah, im in. Getting one?
  5. AVRI '62 custom and partscaster kinda '50s style Nice amp!
  6. Very cool! Travvy would jizz if he saw this. You know me well. I did jizz.
  7. Will trade for: WAY HUGE Pedals Black Telecaster Custom Pickguard Fender Wide Range Pickup, (Neck) Small tube amps. First up is my 1998 Danelectro U1. I've refinished it (nitro) in Sherwood Green. Plays great, sounds great. 220 Shipped Pedlulz Give me offers. And finally some vinyl records. We can talk pricing depending on how many you buy. They're all in great condition. Please don't just buy one. Alphaville - Forever Young Beach House - Beach House Beach House - Devotion Beach House - Teen Dream Beach House - Zebra 7" The La's - The La's The Shins - Oh, Inverted World The National - High Violet Oasis - Definitely Maybe Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues WHAM! - Make it Big Ume - Sunshower EP Margot and the Nukes - Birds/Bubbleprick 7"
  8. Yeah, my knees were knocking. I was so scared about my voice cracking.
  9. Oh wow, a 50 year old hippie knows how to find pictures of my girlfriend on the internet.
  10. what's on that esher demos album travis? Mostly demo versions of songs that went on White Album. A few songs went for Johns solo works years later.
  11. It a Lace Alumitone Humbucker. Exactly. Not as smooth and pretty as Crxsh's but it works. COol, thanks for the info. I'm adding a Jazzmaster trem to my Tele, I think I'll be doing the same.
  12. Here is mine, finished for me now, except a rosewood fretboard neck maybe Did you dremel the bridge so you could use a (semi) standard Tele bridge with that bigsby?
  13. I love that natural strat. Needs a blue guard though!
  14. Yeah the circuits of the DOD 250 and D+ are supposed to be nearly idenical. Coincidentenally, i like the sound of the 250 better. A bit more clearer, less gainy. The perfect OD pedal for my needs Best OD there is.
  15. That's a beautiful tele. And why have you put an Apple sticker on a guitar? Thank you! Annnd, I dunno, I like apple stuff.
  16. Two apple stickers, a MacBook, a Magic Mouse and the photo was taken with an iPhone 4. No complaints here.
  17. dont overspend on {censored} and go out of your budget. that way you dont have to sell {censored}. and dont buy {censored}ty pedlulz that no one will ever want to buy off you like that delta chorus I got that chorus when I was like 16! actually it's a really good chorus, more akin to a Boss Super Chorus than a warmer type of chorus. It's kind of metallicy, reminds of like, The Smiths or something.
  18. Cuz I'm dumb! Please someone buy my pedals now though! I need money. C.R.E.A.M
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