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  1. Yes, it can destroy your power section if you don't set it right. And my destroy I mean anything from smoke/ fire/ explosions/ full blown apocalypse can result.
  2. On some Voxes and Marshalls having more than one input per channel let you jumper two channels together with a short patch lead so you could balance, say, a bright and dull channel to get a more full range sound, or crank them both to get more gain than one would be capable of.
  3. The Tremoverb's "blues" mode on the red channel is awesome, I love that. Shame they didn't put that on the dual recs that came after, or I'd probably want one.
  4. Bring your own amps, set them up behind the marshall backline and pretend you're using the marshalls?
  5. Cool video, I love speaker comparison vids. It's one of those things though where the only way to judge a speaker is to put it in your amp and play for a while - each speaker will have different settings that work best and will likely make you play in a different way to achieve the sounds in your head that the sound coming out of the speakers inspires you to want to create. Which is quite a convoluted sentence, so my apologies. The celestion blue is far and away my favourite speaker in that clip, but in practice I find it too compressed and mid focused for about half the sounds I like. So
  6. Agreed. All you need to do is find a suitable power transformer. In fact, if you talk to the company that sells the kit, they might source one.
  7. It's fine as long as no signal is coming out of the amp. The problem is, if you don't have a speaker plugged in you never REALLY know that there's no signal coming out the outputs. What if a tube dies and the amp is screaming away? You'd never know until it blew.
  8. It's the one you've already got if you're playing a song worth listening to.
  9. Cirrus

    Amp Crapping Out

    That could be the sign of a dying power tube, in fact based on your description of the problem it's quite likely. But unless you replace it you wont know if that's the cause.
  10. Basically there's a hard and fast rule - to get the best tone at any volume, you want the speaker's MAXIMUM total wattage rating (ie add up all the speakers you're playing through) to be about 1.6 times higher than the max output of the amp. Obviously if you're a few watts out the tone degredation isn't really noticable, you've got about a 5 watt window either side.
  11. As long as you use bass speakers, you're fine. The amp couldn't care less, it'll amplify up to its headroom then distort and compress same as a guitar. It's the speakers that would suffer, since guitar speakers are prone to break when subjected to the fast/ loud transients and low frequency energy a bass produces.
  12. I had Weber's copper cap GZ34 replacement in my old AC30 for a while and yeah I found it gave a little more headroom and was a bit stiffer sounding at high volume. Also warmed up much quicker. FWIW I've read that cathode stripping isn't actually a concern in guitar amps - the plate voltages would need to be higher than what you typically see in an amp, and it was more a problem for big radio transmission tubes or something like that.
  13. Cirrus

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    If you run it through an 8ohm stereo input it'll only be going to one speaker but sure, it'd work. You do know that most amps have different outputs for different impedences, right?
  14. Yep, huge fan of the whole post-irony genre.
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