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  1. I know my list will be dwarfed by some but it was kinda fun trying to remember everything and also wonder why I sold a few of these when I think of cool riffs/songs/sounds I came up with using some of this stuff; Dan Echo Dano phaser Dano compressor Zoom 707 II SD-1 (2) CS-3 Marshall chorus DD-3 Morley Classic Wah TS-9 DD-20 (2) RT-20 Rat II (2) Lava Box DT-10 Phase-90 Vox Wah (2) PS-5 PS-3 OD-3 Little Big Muff Big Muff w/tw Fuzz Face MC-401 Line Driver Timefactor Modfactor Mid booster Russian Big Muff Danelectro daddy-o Big Box Rat (2) Fulldrive II OCD V.4 (2) RV-600 (3) Big Knobs TS-808 clone Rocktron Compressor Boost Pedals FA-1 Clone Hartman LM308 CAE Wah DL-4 Hartman Flanger CS-2 (2) Big Box Rat (2) Sparkledrive Distortron Nova Repeater MXR Micro Amp Joyo AC-tone Mooer Ana Echo Hardwire CS-2 Mooer Black Secret And hopefully in a week or so I'll have another three pedals to add to the list lol.
  2. It sounds brighter... but the bypassed and unmodded tone sounded too close to call to my ears, then the modded one sounded brighter than the bypass tone so it hardly seems more transparent here...
  3. Originally Posted by turnstylepoet I just picked up a Night Train over the weekend and I love it so far. Epic thread bump! Nice, looks cool man. I sold my night train a couple of years ago but I remember it sounding much better any time I ran it through a bigger cab. I think a lot of the issues people talk about are caused by the tiny particle board open back cab with a greenback in it. I found a tube change makes a positive difference too. I seem to remember enjoying the Boss OD-3 with the night train, so I guess it and the OCD would both work well.
  4. Watched the whole thing. I m su sad tonee haz run away were r it b goes? Zach is his onli frend.
  5. Originally Posted by V I also used to think guitars with solid finishes were made of plastic I thought this for a spell, too.
  6. I never had any problem with the rig - do whatever makes you happy. I think what wound people up were the constant pictures and often irrelevant references to his own setup. I'd love to afford and gig a rig like that, though I'd hire people to carry it about.
  7. Yep, I always keep the masters maxed on both my HW and CC. It just sounds better to me that way at any volume. The ac30 preamp distortion on it's own doesn't seem to be that great unless it's also pushing the power section a bit, then there's a harmony between the different parts that sounds awesome.
  8. I really liked the MC-401 I had but I used it too far of position along my signal chain to be any help to you here, OP.
  9. If you have one pedal in your chain and aren't using too long of cables... TOO LONG OF CABLES!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
  10. I used to play in a band where the bass player, drummer and singer could all play guitar and so we would often swap instruments during rehearsals. Well, they would often complain that I was too loud, but every time someone else played my rig they would immediately turn the amp up. So I stopped caring and started using two amps. {censored} em Seems like quite a common problem. If during practice I set my amps so we have a similar balance between drums/bass/guitars that I aim for in recordings, it's fine for the other two musicians. But when our singer's there, he'll always ask me to turn down. And the thing is, even when I turn down, he'll still cover his ears when I take a solo or use a particularly distorted tone. It's somewhat disheartening. He's also the only one in the band who doesn't use earplugs, so I took my earplugs out to see what he's hearing - I don't want to be obliviously ruining the sound of the band! At every stage of that practice, I felt a little too quiet, and the things that hurt my ears were the cymbals... and the singer's voice, which blasts out the PA with way too much treble and takes your head off, it turns out. Earplugs are very forgiving of that kind of thing. So the conclusion I came to is that the singer doesn't know what he's actually hearing, and can't identify the source of the problem. Or, the slight volume boost when I play lead stuff is the straw that broke the camel's back after an hour of cymbals and overly loud vocals. Either way, it means he's kinda got to stuff it because the only way to keep him happy would leave me waaaay too quiet for the band to sound good. Sounds egotistical, but so what? I wrote the {censored}ing songs.
  11. That pickguard is properly hideous, but the rig {censored}ing rocks! I can see a definite Edge influence there. I'd absolutely love to play through that rig for myself. Well if you're ever passing by Brum... Billy I {censored}ing love your SGs! And I like the pickguard. It reflects light in a cool way.
  12. Blue pickguard on a black strat Say what you see.
  13. Here's mine, both amps on all the time. The stereo modulation of the Nova Repeater gives the sound a bit of spaciousness, and running the two amps just thickens the sound up a bit at any volume - the left Vox is a little more sparkly on top and has more bottom end, and the Vox on the right is a bit more midrangey and has this kind of singing second harmonic thing going on even clean. Together, they make me smile.
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