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  1. Originally Posted by King Rat Riddle me this: What do you do if you noticed your g/f has blood in her stool? Tell her to get checked or just keep it to yourself so as to avoid the conversation (how do you know about my stool) Hmm. Given the potential that it's a sign of serious medical problems, in your shoes I guess I'd suffer the temporary embarrassment. Of course, it does depend a little on how you came by this knowledge. If it's a good story, maybe it deserves its own thread.
  2. ^ Yeah, that was where I met him. Looks to be a considerably smaller affair now than it used to be. I thought they'd relocated the show to the NEC, but I'm not sure that's going any more either.
  3. Andi is one of a handful of HCFX-ers (or ex-HCFX-ers ) I've actually met- tried one of his MonkeyFuzzle3s at a trade show and was impressed. He mostly posts at Musicradar now. I think he's a mod there.
  4. Most decayed necrobump yet. This one looks like it's got bits missing. There are posts quoted that aren't in the thread
  5. I should add that the last time I tried to sell anything on Gumtree the only response I got was from one of those "whoops, I wrote the cheque for
  6. Here's the discussion I had about the acoustic guitar I listed on Gumtree: Me: http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/yamaha-apx-500-electro-acoustic-guitar/83943176 Her: hello got pictures please, i'm in northampton, not far is there a case anyhow? (ad clearly states NO CASE) Me: Hi, Here's some pictures of the guitar- some of the close-ups are a little blurry- I don't have a tripod for the camera and it takes a very steady hand! I've included pictures of the chip on the rear of the headstock (only about 5mm in real life) but couldn't get a picture of the two or three small 2-3mm dings on the body. There's a little bit of wear on the lower frets but not enough to affect playability at all. I've also included a shot of the preamp/EQ module on the side working, just so you know it works Let me know if you're still interested or not and we'll work out a time and place to meet... Her: hello how long have you had this guitar? have you had it from new? do you know the age? whats serial number? its just there's a site that you can check yamaha's age when you input the serial number sorry for all the questions its just i used to own one a little while back and it would be great if it happened to be the same one. its okay i'm not after a stolen one, just been after one thats been well played also apart from the fact i think your're selling this very cheap would you be interested in swapping for a decent laptop? really after a hardcase or a soft gig bag. i've been let down with the sale of my laptop which i was going to fund for this and a gigbag the laptop i was selling was going for
  7. Yeah, sounds like flicking the tip (innuendo) of a floyd to me. Agreed, only it can be done with any floating tremolo system, so considering it's Beck it's probably a Strat. You might be able to do something similar with the "flutter" mode on the PS-5.
  8. I liked it better when the search function didn't work. Less necrobumping.
  9. i really do see a corollary. its strange how most really successful bands with actual record deals use off-the-shelf pedals. & most, well, you know, "take pictures of yr pedalboard" dudes are boutique slut pieces. now. maybe the boutique trend hasn't exactly "caught" up w/ modern rock. that case could be made. but... I think there's probably very simple, practical reasons why touring bands choose "boring" gear. First and foremost, if you break your Exclusive Hipster Silver-Solder Muff-Clone while you're playing in Moose Elbow, Nebraska, where the hell are you going to get a new one? It might still be a hundred miles to the nearest GC, but at least you know you can get a DS-1 when you get there. Equally, I've seen plenty of interviews with working players who have no clue about gear- they think their Fuzz Factory is the most underground, esoteric, unheard-of bit of electronic exotica around. For a lot of bands, it might just be finance. You're signed to an indie label, you get a pittance to live on because all the hip kids torrent your album and are too cool to come to your shows and the label doesn't have a penny anyway, so buying a $300 overdrive means someone in your band isn't going to eat for the whole of June on tour, and it's not going to be the drummer, because he's not the asshole who just spent $300 on an overdrive pedal. Does any of this mean that boutique effects *aren't* better than the mass-produced stuff in GC? No, it doesn't.
  10. Well I'm sorry I don't enjoy Fripp's music (bar the first King Crimson album). However I was interested in this tuning until I found out that: a) nobody who isn't associated with Fripp uses it b) the guys that use the tuning seem to be in guitar mobs instead of collaborating with other musicians or playing solo. Until I find answers to a) and b) no thanks. Be the change, brah. It's going to be a while before I feel confident enough to hit the stage with my NST-tuned guitar, but I can already see the appeal in terms of songwriting and chord work- lovely big, rich, pianistic sounds- and of course, having the guitar tuned in fifths and a low C means that you've got br00tals on tap when you need them.
  11. Other than Fripp, I don't see any professional musicians using it. Until someone competent (maybe a jazz guitarist) uses it to its potential and shows what can be done with it I'll stick with the real standard tuning . That's the spirit
  12. I was looking for this thread a while ago- I've been playing my Jazzmaster in NST for a couple of weeks now, and I really like it. Still working on scales and chords- I've found that you can get some interesting runs if you work out two-note-per-string boxes rather than stretching out to those three- and four-note patterns for the regular scales. Chord shapes are simpler to remember and to finger than in "Old Standard Tuning", but I kinda gave up working them out once I had all the open position major chord shapes. Need to put some more work in...
  13. EH also have a dedicated Vocoder on the way. It seems to have got lost in all the Memory Boy hype
  14. ^ haven't seen City of Angels either. It's the Goo Goo Dolls thing, I think. The "bible facepalm" films that sprang to mind first were Constantine and the deplorable White Noise 2: The Light. I'm sure there are plenty more.
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