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  1. Guitar is in player's condition, but it plays and sounds fantastic! More info on the Reverb listing. i am open to offers and trade offers. Looking mostly for a les paul, double cutaway (PRS, Yamaha, etc.), Also like 70s Aria guiars (mostly the PE guitars). Link to Reverb for more info is here.
  2. Guys, I have three guitars i am looking to move. Would prefer cash but would listen to trades for other electric guitars. 1) Edwards Les Paul- looks like a John Sykes model - some light scratches on the top and a few dings but nothing major. 2) Jackson RRXT in Kawasabi Green- excellent condition 3) EVH Wolgang Special Stealth - has scratches on the top, otherwise plays and sounds fantastic. All three are on Reverb, feel free to contact me with any questions.
  3. More pictures and info here. Would be open to trades for LP or strat style guitars, mainly higher end Yamaha Pacificas. But shoot me any trade offers, i also love double cut guitars. https://reverb.com/item/1311241-dean-black-gold-flying-v-trans-black
  4. I have two guitars i am looking to either sell or trade. Mainly interested in other electric guitars. Epi- Has dings and scratches, and the big gash pictures. A few indentations in the fretboard, and the looks to be some left over glue after the new nut was put in. But nothing that affects playability. The old owner put a new nut and input jack in. Everything works as it should. Samick- Action is very nice with almost no fret buzzing. Comes with mini humbuckers, one of which is seymour duncan pickup in the bridge. Gets some of the most amazing clean sounds you will ever hear. It is not in mint condition: I like my buyers to have full discretion before buying. Has a 'crack'/indentation on the back of the neck, you can feel it when you rub your hand over it but it has absolutely no effect. the guitar plays and stays in tune perfectly. Has a few dings on the top (very difficult to see unless you look very close), and a few dings/scratches on the back.
  5. I was hoping someone here has one and could give me a short review? I currently have a Fender Gdec 3-30 amp, I LOVE this amp for jamming to backing tracks (it has volume knobs for the track and the guitar) so you can even out the sound to where you wan it. However, it takes a lot of tinkering with and is not at all user friendly. I don't have hours to be messing with the amp. I've heard really good things about the Blackstar stuff and would be fine with the ID Core 20, i was just hoping someone could tell me how well the line in port works. My old Vox Valvetronix 20+ was great when it came to being simple to use but when it came to plugging in an mp3 player it was horrible.
  6. Hey Gas Man according to the Fender rep it originally had texas specials in it. The original owner did say they hummed more than he liked, which was the reason for the swap. I'm half tempted to flip it, but it plays so damn well...
  7. Thanks guys, went and met the guy. Seemed like a stand up guy and was honest about why he was getting rid of it. The pickups are seymour duncan though he couldn't remember exactly what kind. I will open her up at some point and check them out. The guitar is stunning, and it does have the hollowflake finish the Fender rep talked about. Very very sweet, the neck looks amazing. I'd say it's a 9 out of 10 in terms of condition.
  8. So after my last purchase i got super paranoid and called Fender. Brett, the guy on the phone was awesome. Told me the store this specific guitar was sent to (which is the store the owner said he got it from). Made sure that it checked out (i sent him pictures). This one looks to be the real deal. The only thing he mentioned which is hard to tell from the pictures is a hollowflake finish which is supposed to sparkle a bit. So will make sure of that before i buy as it's hard to tell from the pictures.
  9. Hi guys, A while ago i bought what i thought was a US Fender Strat only to be told it was a squier parts caster. I'm hoping the second time is the charm. I'm going to be meeting later today to pick up this guitar. Looks to be the real deal, i hope! The CN serial number would make it a Custom Shop Nineties from what i've seen online. The owner said the only thing he has changed out is the pickups. To be fair this one looks a lot more high quality than the last. I was just hoping to get some reassurance this one is the real deal? It does have a nice case but no COA, given that he got it in the 93-94 time frame i don't really expect one, is this a big red flag for most people? Thank you for any information
  10. Hey guys, I've posted a few threads about wanting a strat. I'm a hard rock player but man i LOVE the feel of the Fender necks (the C shape is perfect for my hand). One of the guitars i've identified lately has been the Fender Lonestar (the MIM version) as these have a Seymour Duncan humbucker. If i can scrape enough money together i'd love to jump on a Fender FSR Hot Rod (wanted one for over a year now). Are there any other specific Fender models i should look at? Specifically ones that may have a little hotter pickups? Are there any other brands i should look into with similar neck shapes? The higher end Yamaha Pacificas look very nice, anything else? I wouln't even mind a Squier that was set up well and had no sharp frets. If i do have the cash i would even throw a Billy Corgan loaded pickguard in it. Now i did go into guitar center this weekend and played the Squier HH that they were blowing out for Black Friday at $99 (while it was a nice little guitar the frets were not well dressed and i don't want to spend $140 on a guitar and spend more than that in making it playable). I also played an American Standard Strat unplugged; the thing was flawless with perfect action. Unfortunately it was out of my price range. To be honest, i don't think i would notice a major difference between a well set up MIM and MIA as i'm mostly a bedroom player.
  11. Thanks, what's the deal with the powerhouse strats? High output pickups?
  12. Thanks, i do check GC's used on a daily basis. Like i said i'm unfortunately very picky..
  13. Wow, i'll give you $150 for the black one
  14. Crownman, thanks for looking out for me! I'm actually in Central (ish) jersey. Though i did take a trip to philly last week to buy a guitar... I saw the first strat but i'm very picky about the looks. I want something interesting (i've really been digging the billy corgan black strat lately). In fact my best way forward may be to just get a MIM strat and billy corgan it. That being said that blue one looks awesome. I may drop the seller a line. I agree with everyone on here with regards to just getting a MIM. I'm a bedroom player so i don't see the need for something super high end (unless i get a steal) and the MIM strats i've played all seem to have very good quality. What does everyone here think of the higher end yamaha pacificas? The resale value seems bad, but that may be a plus for me.
  15. Guys, Really trying to keep it under $400.
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