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  1. I'm the main songwriter in the original band that I'm in. For that reason I feel like I have a level of ownership in the band that is different than the level of ownership of the other band members. I don't know if they agree or not.
  2. How about a Les Paul through a 100 watt Marshall stack? That sounds like a LOT of recording. How many VCR's do you have? I would like to hear recordings of Native American music that influenced early blues. Do you have any links?
  3. Let's all get together and vote this Administration OUT!

  4. The band just learned "Blow" by Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars. I still have to refine the solo.
  5. I'm not a Tele guy but I have one. I just changed out the pickups on it and liked it a lot better. After I started using it the other guitarist in the band started using HIS Tele. Before that he mostly played a Les Paul, occasionally the Tele. But since I started liking my Tele he's used his exclusively. Is that weird? Two Les Paul players in the same band doesn't seem strange, but two Teles does, or is that just me?
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