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Weekly spam thread 7-29-08

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Lehle 1@3(Non-SGoS) - $155

Lehle 3@1 (Non-SGoS) - $155

Fulltone GT-500 Silver -original owner, barely used -$140

Fulltone Choralflange - Metal stomp version - $175

Boss DD-20 with remote switch - $160

Peterson VS-II Strobe Tuner - $160

Skreddy Mayo with mids switch, silver old school - $425

Wolfetone Legends - 4 wire with covers - $225

Catalinbread Semaphore trem - small box version - $160 - ON HOLD

Retroman Sybil - have three and need to let go of one of the single stomp classic versions go - $175

Biyang DS-7 Distortion - pretty nice for the price $30

Juicebox JBX-002 Power Supply - on eBay - $170

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**POST ADJUSTED FOR PRICE DROP** For sale or Trade (looking for a Zoom B2 pedal and a Bad Monkey):

- A set of Duncan Vintage J-bass pickups. Both bridge and neck were bought a couple weeks ago for $130. They used, but they work excellent and sound great. $75 shipped.

- Mighty Mite Fender Licensed replacement neck. 20 frets, nut width of 1 and 10/16ths of an inch, unfinished neck with a slightly modified headstock. I sanded down the outward bulge at the bottom of the headstock to it appears more like a typical stratocaster headstock. Otherwise, the neck is essentially brand new and has never been bolted on. It's been well sanded down, so it's not really even noticeable. Take a peek at the pictures. I paid $120 two weeks ago, you can have it for $75 shipped.

- Tuning keys from a Peavey Forum bass. These tuning keys are notorious for getting noisey and clanky. 3 of the tuners are tight and make no noise, the 4th shakes a bit. Otherwise they all tune up fine. You can't hear it through an amp. These will fit any of the late 80s early 90s era Peavy Forum, Fury, Foundation headstocks with similar tuners. I'm really just offering these up because I know there's someone out there with that model and their rattling tuner is driving them crazy. $20 shipped and I will mark the one that rattles soyou can toss it or use it as a backup just in case.


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epiphone sheraton and schecter are gone. thanks to everyone who inquired. much obliged. :)

f/s: updated sig.


ehx holy grail plus
digitech bad monkey

will consider trades for/toward the agile 2800, so make me some offers, although i'd love it if you offered a postal money order or paypal.


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Time to liquidate the leftovers:

Line 6 Echo Park - excellent condition $70

Effector 13 Vintage Fuzz Maker - same as the soda meiser but without the chaos toggle switch. $80

Loooper - 3 footswitches, tuner mute, master bypass, and A/B between two loops $60

1 Loop bypass looper - $30

DOD Flashback Fuzz - exc. condition $25

Danelectro French Toast - exc. condition $25

Ibanez TS-5 Tubescreamer - exc. condition $25

Peavey SRP-16 Reverb pedal - exc. condition w/adapter $60

Peavey CSR-2 Compressor - excellent condition $35

I accept paypal. All prices shipped.

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FOR SALE OR TRADE. +/- cash when needed.


Zoom Tri-Metal 85 dollars shipped, high gain distortion. Great for heavy metal. Great reviews at Harmony Central. Just not my style. Some nicks and scrapes, so maybe 8/10 cosmetic condition, performs perfectly though. Doesn't look trashed, just used.



Akai Unibass 250 dollars shipped.

RARE. Great for bass players who want to add a guitar sound to their signal. Power trio, anyone? Fill in the sound, when your guitar player takes a solo. Logo decal is marred, but no bare metal. Some light scuff marks on one side. Works perfect. Rare.



Digitech Digidelay 55 dollars shipped. I have two of these, I only need one. Like new/mint. (Instruction booklet included, but not pictured).





Boss DC-2 Chorus

Boss Feedbacker

Audible Disease pedals

Sirkut Electronics pedals

Feedback loop pedals

Devi Ever/Effector 13 pedals

Zvex Ooh Wah

4MS pedals (built/unbuilt)

BYOC and GGG unbuilt kits

Volume pedal


I'd be interested in any "tone mangler" pedals, glitchy pedals... weird stuff. Versatile noise makers, etc. Add/subtract cash as needed, fine with me (via Paypal).

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All pedals are in like new condition and come with original packaging and paperwork.
The Danelectro CD-1 is brand new.
All prices are shipped in the continental United States.

Catalinbread Hyper Pak Dirty Channel

Radial Engineering Tonebone Classic

Electro-Harmonix Nano Pocket Metal Muff

Danelectro CD-1 Cool Cat Distortion





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Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay - $85 shipped- - PM me.

Fender Champ 600 - with mods! My did this one for me - it's wired up the same as a tweed champ, with a bass and treble knob added, and an NOS RCA blackplate 6v6 - $225 + 10 for shipping

Epiphone Masterbuilt Acoustic - I have a picture for this one!
This guitar has been modified in the style of the classic John Lennon Gibson - passive pickup , tone and volume knobs. The satin finish has also been buffed out with an optical grade polish, making it nice and shiny! - $500 shipped, or trade for a cool amp.

Trades - the only thing I need is a 1x12 amp (tubes are a must) so I would be willing to trade 1 or both of the above items + cash for a cool amp.

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Fulltone '70 -- made 11/04 ---> $90 shipped to the lower 48


Money Orders only please and I would only be interested in trading for either a MIJ BOSS BF-2 or Fender Blender RI.


PM me if you need pics.

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I very badly want a Fuzz Factory.

I would love to trade a Micro Qtron, Vox v847 and a Nano CLone towards it.


I'm putting out my feelers on these two. PM with offers or trades, they're nice guitars - but I'm looking to fund a '52 Tele, so cash is king (unless you've got a crazy offer that I can't refuse). More pics available upon request.



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Got a few pedals for sale:

Catalinbread Silver Kiss MKI- $125 shipped

Ibanez TS-9 w/ 808 mod- $125 shipped

RetroFX Retrodrive- based on a TS-9, sounds better than bad monkey, true bypass- $40 shipped

Planet Waves Pedal Tuner- $50 Shipped


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For Sale:

Minty, unplayed, brand-spankin' new Lovepedal Eternity E6 (orange). I picked this up from the post office and then got my Aquavibe 4U e-mail so I need to move this pedal quick! Very motivated seller. Just make an offer!!

Plugged it in to make sure it works (which it does) but need to move it to help pay for some gear that is on it's way.

Look at how hot this looks!!


$280 obo

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School's starting and I need money! All my pedals have to go, this sucks, but I gotta do what I gotta do.






Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory - $115 shipped

with original box, power supply and manual.


BYOC Large Beaver - $75 shipped

This pedal sounds amazing. Of all the pedals I'm selling, this one hurts the most. Has a few paint chips, but other than that looks great, sounds better! Velcro on bottom.


Mellowtone Singing Tree - $70 shipped

Great overdrive pedal. Check out the clips on youtube. Velcro on bottom.


Voodoo Lab Trem - sold


EHX Holy Grail - sold


Line 6 DL4 - sold


MXR Phase 90 -sold


Weber Mini Mass (25 watt) - sold


Zune 80gb (new version) - $210 shipped (pending payment)

comes with usb cable only. i'll even throw in a free case!


KRK RP8 Monitors (pair) - $305 + actual shipping costs

a few paint chips, but in perfect working order. i'd prefer a local deal, but shipping is okay too.


Boss RC-2 - sold


I'll eventually sell my lava cable solderless kit with 12 plugs, but I'm gonna wait for these to sell first.

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