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Weekly spam thread 7-29-08

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FS: ESP EC-500 in black. I swapped the EMGS out for Tom Anderson H3+/H1- set professionally installed and setup. The guitar is in excellent, almost new condition. It comes with a premium SKB les paul style case, which alone cost me over $100. I am the original owner and I put a lot of money into it. I am looking for $650 shipped.






Avatar Premier Vintage 2x12 Closed Back Cabinet w/ 2x 16OHM Celestion Greenback speakers. Salt & Pepper grill. They do not make these anymore with these options. I am the original owner, the cab has never left my smoke free house. It has been babied and in excellent (almost mint) condition. The cab sounds amazing. Its very big sounding and warm. The cab gave me the best lead tone I have ever had. I can not say enough good things about this cab. The ONLY reason I'm selling is because I now have 100w head that obviously can't the the power of the amp head. Local pickup only (this thing is large for a 2x12 and heavy) Long Island/Queens/Brooklyn area. Looking for $300.


Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah: SOLD!

Dunlop Hendrix Wah: Great sounding wah. Lower frequency than most wahs. Less upper harshness. The switch is a bit sensative. Looking for $50 shipped.

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensamble: Very cool Chorus pedal with lots of options. Can sound very lush or quite subtle. Looking for $ 45 shipped.


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MI audio Tube Zone $140

Maxon AD-80 $150

BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Pre-amp (Like new in box) $135

Electro-Harmonix Holiest Grail Reverb Unit $185 on hold

Marshall Guv'nor II $50

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone (Made in Russia, missing batt. cover, Black Box) $35

Behringer Ultra-Q Pro 5 band Parametric EQ/Notch Filter $45

Option 5 Destination Phase $100

Boss Mega Distortion MD-2 $50

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb $75

Zoom Power Drive PD-01 $65

Voodoo Lab Superfuzz $90 on hold

Voodoo Lab Proctavia $95 on hold

T.C. Jauernig Atomic FETBoy $90

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man (reissue w/ wall wart) $225 on hold

MonkeyFX Monkeyfuzzle 3 (Velcro on bottom) $75

Pro Tone Springfield fuzz $70

HAO Rust Booster (Like new) $90

Rodenberg GAS 909 Overdrive (German made) $140 on hold

Indyguitarist TS-808 style Overdrive $75

Automagic Earthquake bass wah $160

Sobbat Drivebreaker $125

Righteous Tones Sonic-Mayhem *(orig. version) $45

Marshall Edward Compressor ED-1 $45

Korg SDD-2000 Digital Delay $250

Boss Dr Synth DS-330 with power supply $115

Garnet Guillotine (Hand Signed by Gar Gillies) $350

Ramay's Audio Work Ramm Drive (TS9 style OD, w/ box and manual) $105
Marshall SuperVibe Pedal $50

These ones below are BNIB:

Effector 13 NoFi (Static Yellow) $105.00
Effector 13 VFM (smooth) $95.00
Effector 13 Never Drive Plus $165

Emial me if you want some pictures. Thanks.

Money would rock mightily, but Trades are cool also. I collect older Japanese made guitars (Ibanez, Yamaha, Burny, greco, Tokai etc.) and crazy older effects pedals. Drop me an email with what you have for trade.

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Want to try some new stuff. I'd rather trade but listed prices as well. They've all got velcro. Includes shipping/paypal ConUS, +$5 canada, pm otherwise.


Mid Fi What - $300 9v only/no led. clip says it best - http://www.midfielectronics.com/what.mp3

Diabolical Devices Matter Disorganizer - $150 Tone machine clone, footswitchable ocatve

Copilot Mantis 2 - $140

Serrano Picoso is sold

what I'm looking for -
DBA Octave Clang
Zvex Loop Junky (with powerplate)
TF/Mojo Hand Copperhead
Subdecay Noise Box
Devi Ever Disaster Fuzz (2 knobs & toggle switch)
Copilot Orbit
The Syle Sun

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i have a Drasp-modded (hcfx forumite) NYC Big Muff w/ pine box.

its supposed to have been changed to triangle muff specs. it sounds

great, but i can't use a muff tone in my new band. (everything looks the same).


potential trades?

i'd love to find any of these:



boss od-3

small-sized rat (no, not the $200 ones)


blue box w/out volume drop problems

or just $42 shipped paid via Paypal.

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Available for SELL or TRADE ($80 equivalent) - make offers!

A rare vintage Russian ELEKTRONIKA Flanger :cop:


Here's a chance for a collector or a creative musician to
get a cool piece of gear at a low price!

Some weird sounds in this baby! Experimental/alternative or simply
searching for their own sound musicians will appreciate it. Can be
used with any electric instument - guitar, bass, keys, even mic'd
voice! I own a number of effects, including vintage and new botique,
and I must say this pedal holds its own in the comparison with $200

Fully functional. Has an AC power cord attached (220 input voltage)
and on ON/OFF switch. Input and output jacks are DIN, but can be
easily replaced by standrd jacks if desired. There's an additional
pass-throw output which allows you to mix dry and flange sounds for
even more sonic fun!

Cosmetic condition: used but not abused. Has some scratches on the
front panel and missing screws that are not however essential for
operation or appearence. Otherwise perfect. Sold as is only due to the
used condition status. The insides are really cool and solid looking -
seems to me that it's handwired (see additional pictures). The
backplate has serial number 212/89 and the date of production February

Additional pictures:

Additional info:

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Arion SAD-1 Stereo analog delay (original grey base)
Arion SCH-1 Stereo chorus
Arion SFL-1 Stereo flanger
(all 3 made in Japan)

Digitech EX-7 expression factory (with box and adapter)
DOD 250
Danelectro French Toast
Malekko E600 Dark (maybe. no pic yet, but it's mint w/box. no adapter)



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Okay I need some fast money so these are up for sale. All prices are shipped to CONUS and PayPal only. You know the deal.. Might be willing to ship to internationally if you cover costs.


Like new Boss RE-20 - Great condition, lived on my board. Comes with box and papers. Only thing is I took the rubber off the bottom and replaced it with Velcro. I will include the rubber pieces so you can glue them back on if you desire. $200


Line 6 Verbzilla - Like new in box. I think I have the papers, not sure. Still available!


Boss PH-3 - Versatile phaser that does some really fun sounds - $50


Guyatone TZ-2 "The Fuzz" - Nasty octave up fuzz. Sounds wicked, just not my thing. SOLD


That's all for now. I may be adding a Black Big Muff and a Turbo Rat but I don't know.

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I have a Monsterpiece two headed monster (classic > NPN) with battery switches, ac jacks, all that jazz.

I'd really like to trade it for a single NPN monsterpiece + cash.

For the right price I'd sell it outright.


EHX Hazarai in EXCELLENT condition 170 shipped

^Includes box and adapter and manual


DIY fuzz face with a bias knob and a voltage starve knob giving you a sound like with a well worn battery

75 shipped





HotHeadFX Lutherdrive as made by Gearmanndude (Jack Black) ;)

90 shipped




Hazarai and fuzz are in this picture



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Shipping on delay and MicroVerb = $7.00 each. I prefer local pickup on the amps because they'll be a pain in the butt to pack and cost a fortune in shipping, but I'll take anybody's money.
If the CDs and software aren't cool to post here, Mods PM me and I'll edit them out.

Digitech Digidelay. Excellent condition, with box and manual. $70.00. Soundclips/more info here: http://www.digitech.com/products/pedals/DigiDelay.php

Alesis Microverb & Alesis adapter. First version (I think), some scratches & name engraved (not mine), new adapter. Works perfect, sounds awesome. $55.00

Marshall Valvestate VS102R. 100 watt combo with 1 12AX7 and 2 12" Celestions. Channel switch and downloaded manual included. $250.00 + shipping to your zip code.

Tech 21 Trademark 60. 60 watt SS combo with 1 12" Tech 21 speaker. Early-mid 90s model. excellent condition, loud, sounds great, light as a feather. Footswitch included. Made in New York USA!!! $350.00 + shipping to your zip code. Soundclips/more info here: http://www.tech21nyc.com/tm60.html
I'll post a photo ASAP.

Prices include shipping on CDs & software.

3 unopened, Japanese import Scorpions CDs with original cover art. All feature Uli Roth on guitar and are from what was arguably the Scorpion's best era.

In Trance (1976). RCA disc, made April 3, 1997. UPC 4988017014356. $30.00 Song list:
1. Dark Lady 2. In Trance 3.Life's Like A River 4. Top Of The Bill 5. Living And Dying 6. Robot Man 7. Evening Wind 8. Sun In My Hand 9. Longing For Fire
10. Night Lights

Virgin Killer (1976). I'm not even going to post the cover here. RCA disc, made March 24, 1995. UPC 498017054390 $30.00. Song list:
1. Pictured Life 2. Catch Your Train 3. In Your Park 4. Backstage Queen 5. Virgin Killer 6. Hell-Cat 7. Crying Days 8. Polar Nights 9. Yellow Raven
Sold on Amazon for $45.00!:love:

Taken By Force (1977). Last Scorpions disc w/Uli. EMI disc, made Nov. 21, 2001 (I think) UPC 4988006797260 $30.00 Song list:
1. Steamrock Fever 2. We'll Burn The Sky 3. I've Got To Be Free 4. The Riot Of Your Time 5. The Sails Of Charon 6. Your Light 7. He's A Woman - She's A Man 8. Born To Touch Your Feelings Bonus tracks: 9. Suspender Love 10. Polar Nights (live)

I'm interested in the following items if anybody wants to do some trading:
8 or 10 space molded rack
Korg rackmount tuner
Korg SDD-1000 delay

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Want Boss LS-2 Line Selector and GEB-7 Bass Equalizer. (Would consider other quality graphic eq or comp/limiter. Basically a $100-shipped swap for my $100 in gear below.)

You can reply in original thread to avoid pm-box overload. :)

I also have sets of Frank Frazetta Trading cards, great Batman/Dark Knight comics, and a bunch of Heart lp's.

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