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Weekly spam thread 7-29-08

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Welcome to the spam thread. :wave:


There are some new rules, so please read this first BEFORE posting!


I've been getting some comments about the overabundance of OT posts in the spam thread. It would be great if we could keep this thread to on-topic posts, and anything you folks can do to help keep the thread size manageable (IOW, deleting items / posts / pictures of things that have sold) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!





The Rules:


I'll try to close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".


One post per person, per weekly spam thread.


If the details have changed - for example, a item or two on your list has sold, you've lowered your asking price, or you no longer are looking for a new XYZ Toobyeller cheep - EDIT your original post.


ANY and all exceptions to the one post, per person per weekly spam thread rule need to be approved by me PRIOR to the second post.


This thread is for "want to buy", "want to sell" and "want to trade" posts ONLY. If you have a question about an item that's listed, please contact the seller via PM or email - don't ask questions in the thread.


New pedal announcements from builders go in here too. The "one per week" rule applies. No discussion or questions about announcements in here. If someone unaffiliated with the builder wants to start a separate thread asking about it, that's fine, and the builder can respond - but we're getting way too many builder started "announcement" threads lately, so we're going to try this for a while instead.


If you have questions regarding a certain pedal brand / type, or its suitability for various purposes / tasks, please do a search or start a new thread for that discussion.


If a seller is asking too much (in your opinion), don't slam them for it in the thread. Yes, it might be helpful to some buyers, but OTOH, buyers should take the time to research anything they're considering buying...


HC does not have any involvement in sales between private parties, or members and builders, and this ongoing weekly thread is posted as a public service - as always, caveat emptor!

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I'm pretty good at getting these first posts. It's not even like the second or third time, either.


Anyways. I want to trade a brand new Timmy (seriously, I've used it once) for a Zvex Super Duper... Hard on. Or whatever. Must have power plate or 9v adapter.



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I have two True-Bypass Loopers. These are super tiny, and work great. I'm selling them for $40+shipping each. These take NO POWER WHATSOEVER. No batteries, no 9v adapters, nothing. They work on their own, and will never need any sort of power supply or battery replacement. Just put them in your chain, put all the pedals you want in the loop, and that's it.








I have one hand built boost pedal for sale as well. True bypass, high quality parts, and it sounds great. $40+shipping




I also have a like-new (with box and paperwork) Fender Blender Custom Reissue. It's a great pedal, but just isn't the sound I'm looking for. I'm selling for $140 OBO.




Next I have an Electro-Harmonix Double-Muff. It's completely mint-in-box, bubble wrap and all. I'll add pictures of it later. $45 OBO.


Last, I have an Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz. It's mint, but no box. I'll add pictures of it later. $35 OBO.


The only things I'd consider trading for is a set of Mean 90's, a Fender FM65r or a Fender FM212R.


For cash, I'm only taking money orders right now.


If you're interested in anything, send me a PM!

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A bunch of stuff that isn't getting used right now. All prices shipped. Please PM if interested.


Would trade/partial trade for the following:


Skreddy Mayo

Frantone Vibutron

One of those new turbo strobe tuners


Toneczar Openhaus. Mint condition w/ box and adaptor, papers, etc... $475



ZVex Seek Wah. A few little edge chips but very good condition otherwise. $210 shipped



Frantone Hep Cat - The sound samples on the web site sound very little like this pedal. Its a big sounding overdrive that can also do some fuzzy sounds at high gain. Loads of boost on tap and some settings can sound like a treble booster as well with low gain. A great sounding overdrive without the overdone mid hump. $140



DeMarco Klonebender III. Excellent Tonebender MKIII clone with NOS transistors. Sounds glorious. $100



Morley Sapphire Flanger. Everything from clean warm chorusing to heavy flange and fast ray gun sounds. Knobs are very easy to tweak by foot. Several trim pots inside and all are labeled with what they control if you like tweaking trim pots. I have not altered them from stock. $90 shipped



Maryland/Virginia/DC forumites - Pedaltrain Pro w/ hardcase. $220


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Green Russian Muff - $140

It's the one on the right. Beat to hell, no battery cover. Velcro on the base.




Yamaha Magicstomp II - $105

Good condition with velcro on the base. Has a small dent in the screen. Comes with original power supply.


Prices include Paypal fees and shipping within the CONUS. I'll ship to Canada for a couple extra bucks, but otherwise I'd like to avoid international shipping. I'm open to trade offers but I'm not really after anything specific. Probably no dirt.

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Clearing out some stuff to make room and $ for other stuff. Prices are all shipped/pp'd.




EH Bad Stone - 6 stage phaser with a unique sound Has a manual mode where the knob on the right sets a fixed phase shift. Switch feels a little sticky but works fine. I had planned on rehousing this and doing some mods to it but I just don't see myself getting around to it. $140


Ibanez FL-99 - This thing is really neat and has a lot of options on it. Filter matrix mode, "intense" switch that seems to boost depth and feedback, plus the coolest little chickenhead knobs! I'm a bit hesitant about getting rid of this one but I just don't use it very much. $145


DOD FX-60 chorus - Excellent shape other than some non-original screws. Sounds really good, classic warm chorus, not super crisp or trebley. $40


Ibanez BC-10 bass chorus - Sounds great, switch has the occasional 10-series flakiness. Has a delay time knob that adds an interesting variable to the standard chorus sound. $35


EH Stereo Pulsar - I'd keep this one, but I have my eye on a moog ring mod which will cover my trem needs. $55



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Dual True Bypass Looper $65 (Made by me! More pics available)

Tech 21 British $120 Shipped. (Came broken I had to replace a pot)

MXR Carbon Copy Delay $135

Arion SAD-1 (Rehoused, true bypassed, and modded for more time by Supervelcroboy) $115

Planet Waves Pedal Tuner $65

Tele Guard $15

Behringer Phaser $20 Swirl paint has chips on side. PM for more pics.

DOD Mini Chorus (NOT WORKING! All I know is its not the switch. I have it in peices at the moment.) Pic on request. $25

Vox Wah board (WORKS!) $15 Shipped

What I need.

NPN Germanium Transistors

Unused Effects PCB's

Weird, old or handmade Fuzz, especially Colorsound and Germanium Fuzz

Good Tele Pups (USA or better)

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For sale, will entertain trades:

General Guitar Gadgets Big Muff Clone: Built to Ram's Head specs, comes with everything needed to modify it to any other muff type. $70 shipped in the Con. U.S.


Fix'd Fuzz is sold.



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Digitech ex-7 expression factory - 120 shipped


I need to sell this quick. No trades, I need money.


My expression factory, buy it. Excellent condition, coming from non-smoking home, no velcro. More pictures upon request.


If someone can paypal me tonight I can ship tomorrow.


120 shipped



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***Price Drops***


This is a GGG screamer. It has a combo of analogman and landgraff mods on it. 3-way clipping (compresses higher gain lead tone, vintage, and boost) And the fat switch which adds bass. It sounds Awesome on bass guitar. Jacks and power on top and there are a few chips but nothing major. Red LED. $90



This is a Clock of tone - SOLD


This is a boss EH-2 thats in good shape. Its the pedal that people say "sounds like you took a blanket off the amp" when you turn it on. Its essential if you are running a long chain of pedals. $40



Alesis Ampliton - Awesome stereo trem/panner. Can do patterns, triggered, random, tap tempo, etc. Sounds incredible but I have 2, and dont need them both. Comes with adapter $55



Im looking for a Flanger hoax, Verbzilla (or behringer clone) Fuzz factory, or an EH tube zipper

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Reserved :facepalm:


2005 Gibson SG Classic with excellent like new hard shell case. Guitar is dead mint with the exception of very very minor and small buckle rash on the back of the body. These sell new at MF for $1000 and they give you a free gig bag. WooHoo. Buy mine shipped & paypal'd to the lower 48 states only - for $735.


Original large box Gainster overdrive in excellent condition. Now discontinued these are stunning pedals with the gold hammertone finish and the wall of sound that everyone loves. Velcro on bottom. $300 shipped & paypal'd to the lower 48 states only


2001 Gretsch White Penguin, dead mint with OHSC $2350 shipped & paypal'd to the lower 48 only.


No trades please - I have too much gear as is. :facepalm:


Hardly on here anymore so please email me at:


davidlee AT ravenwolfband DOT com


Thanks for reading and an Ooo-Rah to Phil :wave:


Serious inquiries only - will happily provide photos :cool:

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Looking to get rid of a few things that are sitting around.


Ibanez LF7 - works fine but the switch is a bit finnicky sometimes: $30

DOD mixer - 1 in to 4 out or vice versa, brand new: $50

Line 6 Bass POD XT, works like new: $150

M-Audio Oxygen 61 midi/usb controller, like new: $125

Behringer Hellbabe wah, not pictured, brand new: $30


Open to trades for almost anything other than dirt: Looking for an FM4, Volume pedal, good wah, weird pedals, synths, just try me with what you've got.


I can ship anywhere in Canada or US, just contact me and we can work something out.







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Ibanez Roadstar: $210 shipped

Basically mint condition except for two paint chips (circled and shown). The frets are in perfect, and I mean PERFECT shape. I bought this from my local music store. It had been in the back since the '80s and never sold. The neck on this guitar is great, like all MIJ necks. The humbucker is splittable via a push pull volume pot. Everything works. If you have more questions, PM me.




perfect frets if you can tell


Tried to photograph the chips. One is less than an inch and thin, one is teeny and circular. Both reveal a pink undercoat/primer.


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Epiphone SG Custom


Near mint condition. Only one nick on the top of the headstock. Bridge pickup has been replaced with a PRS HFS humbucker ($100 dollar humbucker). Still have the original humbucker and will be included. Asking $350 shipped, but will consider other offers. Money orders only, been burned by paypal, so I dont use them anymore. PM me with any questions! Thanks!








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All items are shipped to the lower 48. I'm not shipping anywhere else. Everything works fine, but sold as-is. This ain't Guitar Center. No trades, thanks.


Boss DM3. $150

Got some nicks, label is toe off, no velcro.




Yellow Sparkle Zvex Octane III, #2 of 2. $250

Dead freaking mint. This was painted with his "new" automotive paint method, which is much tougher to chip than older Zvex stuff.





Peterson Strobostomp. $110

It still has the protective plastic skin over the screen, I'm selling it for what I got it for at GC.




Tone Factor Copperhead. $100

You can hit both switches at once if you want, which is pretty cool for a boost. The swirls you see are part of the finish, not scratches. Velcro on back.




Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai. SOLD

Velcro on the back, otherwise perfect condition. I think I have the box & manual.




Line6 DL4. $160

No pictures, already boxed up for a sale that fell through.

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