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  1. Originally Posted by macadood he sounds really tgp'd Actually that was about 20 minutes of impulse buying at guitar center.
  2. Originally Posted by jhamnett Octophant I already have one . . . . . I've considered giving it away.
  3. Originally Posted by homestar_kevin Used Swollen Pickle Used Fuzz factory Big muff with tone wicker or bass muff MXR blue box Boss fz-2 are you looking for like a glitchy, crazy fuzz, or just a great all around one? Does the dude have any pedals already? EDIT: Also, it's awesome seeing you pop your head in Mike, how have you been man? He's already got a fuzz factory. He sold most of the rest of his stuff recently and replaced it with a Bogner ecstasy red pedal, and that TC delay with 4 stomp switches. I;m thinking maybe I should look for a blue box though, since I borrowed his and lost it like 5 years ago . . . . on a side note; I'm doing good. Mostly I'm in the recording forums these days, that's become my new obsession. I have a pretty nice studio setup, planning to open up for business in the near future.
  4. Hi everyone. I've been mostly absent from this forum since I got my board squared away a couple years ago, but I was hoping some of you more up to date folks could help me out. One of my good friends is turning 30 next week, and on top of the huge party being planned for him, I'd like to get him a little memento in pedal form. What's a good crazy pedal less than $100? Fuzz is pretty much up his alley, but I'd take any suggestions for something that's unique and fun to fool around with. Thanks for helping me out!
  5. I still use CD's for a couple reasons. For one thing, my iPod cable in my car is busted and I am too lazy to bring a soldering iron out there to fix it. Also, I do like the higher audio quality, so a lot of times I will rip a CD as full res AIFF or WAV files into itunes. Most of my music now comes from the thrift store that I work at. I take home almost every CD that comes in and rip it to my computer, then bring them back. I've discovered some pretty cool music this way. I do still buy CD's because they are cheaper to get used than they are on itunes a lot of the time, and once again, higher quality.
  6. Nice. Lacks mastering, but guess you know. Nice sounds and playing. Overall very well done. Thanks for recognizing that I'm lord over all If you want to interpret it that way, I guess that's cool.
  7. I'm in. You can now see a terrifying picture of me on the backers page.
  8. Geez, I've avoided this forum for months, and after only a few minutes I'm gonna end up spending at least $50 . . . Looks really cool though; I agree with the others that the "texture" label should go behind the critter's head.
  9. http://soundcloud.com/mlts9984/lord-over-all-1 Here's a song I wrote; Thankfully I had someone else to sing it for me. it's done in logic pro, I tracked everything on a focusrite saffire 40, most of the guitars were mic'ed, a few of the lead parts I redid direct with logic's amp sims. The vocals were done with an AKG 214ce into a focusrite voicemaster
  10. Please point me in the proper direction as to how to do this, because I have no trouble doing takes. haha Look for Christian artists; none of them know a decent guitarist; also I said money, not how much!
  11. The ability to fix stuff is amazing. You can certainly try to get great takes and that will make life easier at a certain point in the creative process, but it still comes at a cost. Here's some scenarios to consider: 1. Great takes requires either more time practicing it BEFORE you track, or MORE takes in the studio. If you can get perfect takes every time, you wouldn't be worrying about "should I buy Logic?" because you could make money playing music. 2. The ability to track without worry about perfect results lets you be creative, because you can record as you write; once my bandmates and I built our first studio, we could write songs WAY faster because we didn't have to polish and perfect them through jamming alone. 3. If you ever want to record any other people, it's nice to be able to fix their crappy takes, because chances are they aren't going to practice enough before they start recording, and they won't pay enough to do the takes to get it right. A couple nights ago I took a couple hours splicing together five vocal tracks to get one good track, but you know what? It was way less irritating than spending more time with that vocalist! Don't get me wrong, Logic has a learning curve, and it takes time to fix stuff, and to learn HOW to fix stuff. You can also really screw up good recordings by screwing around with all that stuff too. But it's nice that it's all there; because you never know when you are going to be mixing, and say "Crap! I thought we had a good take of that one part!" and it's nowhere to be found.
  12. Ryan Adams is the one that I say that I like, but Bryan Adams is definitely a guilty pleasure.
  13. The only really noteworthy song we did was "death in his grave" by John Mark McMillan. it's a pretty great song. JMM is probably the best Christian artist around, IMO. [video=youtube;UJDguHJ34SE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJDguHJ34SE
  14. What are you having / what did you have for dinner tonight? Me? I'm about to dig into this: :phil: AH! I miss living in San Diego. I don't know why there isn't anything close to as good as in-n-out on the east coast.
  15. If I was as rich as Jon Bon Jovi, I would probably take more time to just listen to music, but I have to work, and it's a lot easier to listen to my iPod at work than my record player.
  16. I feel like my Les Paul just wants to rock, but I love strat's because they like to do everything. They are very easy going guitars. I have a danelectro that mostly likes to take naps.
  17. It's hard for me to sympathize with any "rock stars" - I've known guys who played in bands that experienced a level of success most of us on this forum would envy, but they mostly (actually, always) end up in debt. If you think about it purely in terms of dollars, the old paradigm sucked for the musician. Lots of people working for labels were well paid or insanely well paid (if you are the owner), and a FEW musicians made a ton of money (not as much as whoever owned their label though), and TONS of other musicians made negative dollars (debt). I think eventually, and even starting now, music will be a field that MORE people can make an honest living at. You need to be creative, but I'd way rather work in a system that guarantees a fair chance to make $20k for working your butt off, rather than a system where all the stars must align and you can make 20 million. In the grand scheme of things, there are WAY more musicians that are pissed with the record industry than artists who are pissed at the internet and digital media, they just didn't get selected to have an opinion that mattered, or a voice to be heard. The notable exception is Tom Petty's "Last DJ" album, which I loved and I think is absolutely brilliant. Think about it, most people work jobs they dislike (or tolerate) to make $30-$40-$50k per year, but artists are going to complain about not making more millions? Don't most of us do this for free? Or less than free; I've spent $10,000+ on gear in my life, and I have maybe made $1,000, but it's probably closer to $500. You can't even make an argument that people like Jon Bon Jovi are uniquely qualified to make that money, because it's just not true. Sure, there are professionals who can play stuff that I can't touch, but I've also met broke nobody's who can play anything. In professional sports, there are a limited number of spots available, but they virtually always go to the absolute best talent available. There's no random Michael Jordan's out there that just didn't know how to promote themselves. Music is NOT the same though. We (as a culture) don't even enjoy the most "technically superior" music. it's all about culture, most people are idiots, and therefore they just buy whatever someone tells them is good. Unfortunately for the music biz, there's a lot more people telling the idiots what to buy now, and they don't make the same profit margins off a lot of bands as they did with Bon Jovi. (You can't deny that people are idiots either; awesome tasteful bands are making more money off of idiots than off of people with great taste.) In the old paradigm, even if you are talented, disciplined, creative, smart, savvy, frugal, AND good looking (which you cannot deny is important) you still need luck to make money as a musician. The sooner that changes, the better as far as I am concerned.
  18. You are exactly the kind of person I would avoid selling to anyways, so sounds like its win/win here. People with money? That's weird . . .
  19. That some people (or maybe just me) think that signatures are annoying and turn them off because it makes browsing the forum tedious? I will never buy something from someone who posts "sig" in the spam thread because it's much more work for me to look at your signature than it is for you to copy and past the contents of your signature into your post. So, to recap: People will only buy what they know is for sale.
  20. Is this item still available?
  21. Getting a 7200 rpm external drive won't really boost performance; it's more important to have that speed in the drive that your OS and all your programs are on (the internal drive) because that information is constantly being accessed. That's why a SSD or hybrid drive is great, even if the capacity is lower, because the read and write speeds are so fast. Programs will open faster and access files more quickly. For storage purposes, you don't even need that speed a 1 or 2 TB drive at 5400 rpm is fine because you will typically dump large files on there for storage, not instant access.
  22. Now on eBay, item Id: Boss RE-20 space echo: 220748637999 M-Audio fast track: 220748290303 Way Huge Aqua Puss: 220748634159 Awesome custom fuzz face - refinished FF enclosure, new guts, Fulltone '70 circuit:220748640243
  23. Is there any info as to the specs of these stings? Stainless steel, nickel-plated stainless, or pure nickel? And are they round or hex core?
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