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  1. I guess it has been a long time since I joined...it was in the 90's! Actually come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I joined even earlier than 1999, but there may have been a forum change or upgrade so I think that's why the date is wrong. I definitely get the lowest-post-count-per-year award. Hmmmm, custom title, what would I want that to be?
  2. Do you play 3.5 tennis in a USTA league in Connecticut? I thought before you mentioned that you played tennis, and I was looking at a friend's record and saw that he had played doubles with a Mike Piera.
  3. I've read that these also work. Yeah, same idea and probably easier since you don't have to cut the tubing.
  4. Also you can grab some surgical tubing, cut it to very small lengths, and put it over the pot shafts. Then when you tighten the knob down, the tubing will press against the pedal, so the knobs will turn, but not very easily.
  5. If it was taken with that camera in a mirror the sides of the camera would be parallel with the frame - not a self portrait I'm afraid Thanks for playing though Not true. The photo would have to be cropped though, otherwise it would angle counterclockwise and not be framed properly.
  6. I play tennis a few times a week. I need to hit the gym, or when it's warm out rock climb and/or surf a bit to feel really good about things.
  7. Awesome video. Even though I never skated much, still it reminded me of my younger years.
  8. Yeah, isn't there an REI in Sac town? They are a good place to go, have knowledgeable staff, and sometimes even have some sweet clearance deals. I bought my $100+ shoes on clearance for I think around $50 from the San Francisco REI.
  9. What are you removing it from? If it's something small, then stick the whole thing in a clear plastic bag while removing it with a screwdriver or needle nose pliers. That way it won't go shooting across the room to be lost forever.
  10. Thanks bass_econo. Here's another issue. I don't think the junction box is grounded, I think it's just screwed into the floor joists. So I probably couldn't do what you said, right? Could I use one of those no-contact volt detectors?
  11. We finally took down our old, half working chandelier in our dining room to put up a new one. When I took it down, I noticed that there are no color coded wires coming from the ceiling, just two black cloth insulated ones (yup, our house is OLD built in 1915). How can I figure out which is Hot and which is Neutral. Thanks!
  12. Demarco seems like he'd be someone's rad dad. Like, the kid would be kind of embarrassed but everyone else who would come by their house would be like, "Your dad's pretty cool." Ha! I could totally see that. I actually like the dude. Cheesy as hell, a big dork, and loves guitar...hmmm, sounds familiar. I wouldn't mind being able to shred like that either even though that's not by type of music.
  13. Oh man, that's a bummer. Dogs are the greatest. Sounds like your pup went peacefully though.
  14. Another lost to cancer. May he rest in peace. It's sad...way too young. At the age of 56 though, he has accomplished more than most can dream of. EDIT: Sorry, I see there is already a thread related to this.
  15. Damn it, now one of these ass clowns I'm speaking of has posted in this thread.
  16. Well, everyone knows that expression isnt supposed to be taken literally. I've worked with customers and I know as much as the next guy that they are wrong as much as they're right. But the point of that saying is about good customer service no matter what the customer throws at you. Totally valid if not taken literally. Just like the bible. Nope, it's to be taken literally. If I'm a customer I'm ALWAYS right. Like today when I went to lunch and insisted that my meal is supposed to come with a free beer.
  17. Cool, now this thread is about premature ejaculation. It actually isn't a naming names situation, more one of those thought processes that leads to a stupid thread.
  18. ITS BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE TIME TO DEAL WITH UNGRATEFUL PRICKS LIKE YOU. Also, I think I need to go over your statistics, because your data must be wrong if you think there is "a much higher percentage than other product industries". Heh? Like to go off prematurely much? Who says I'm an ungrateful prick? I love that there are so many boutique builders and choices. And I'm grateful to a bunch of those builders who have provided awesome product and customer support. Though you're probably right about the stats thing. I've definitely bought and been invested with pedals more than any other type of product. Which in turn leads to more good experiences, though in turn also more "less than good".
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