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Weekly spam thread 7-29-08

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This is #37 of the 300 limited edition RMC3 wah with the Halo inductor, MuMetal shielding and gold anodized case.

Comes in the original box, plastic still on the bottom plate.


I need some money to cover a plane ticket to see my Gramps.


I will consider a partial trade for other wahs - try me.


$385.00 shipped in the ConUS. Paypal, USPS Money Order.


email me - cammshaft23@aol.com

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I'm selling my like new Dean Palomino in Fire Orange, with 3 P90 pickups. This guitar is in fantastic condition and gets nice, clean jazz tones all the way up to sizzling, rock 'n roll tones. I just don't get to use this guitar much anymore, so it may as well go to someone who's gonna play it. $300 plus shipping.


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1)Boss DS-1

This sucker is ugly, but she works fine.


$30 shipped


2)Vox Wah

I'm not into wah's anymore, so take this baby off my hands. Very vintage voiced, very warm sounding!


$55 shipped


3)Line 6 Uber Metal

MINT except for the missing knob.


$55 shipped


4)Fender FM212R

Great bedroom and venue amp. Has never left my smoke free house, very little dings

(only about 4)


$200 + shipping


5)LTD B-50 Bass Guitar

This was my first guitar of any kind, but I just don't use her. Great project bass. Missing knobs and high G tuner



$50 + shipping


6)PSP w/4 Games & 2 Movies

I'm not into gaming that much anymore, so take this from my hands. Everything works perfectly. The games and movies are

- GTA: Liberty City Stories

- GTA: Vice City Stories

- Burnout: Legends

- Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

- Shaun Of The Dead

- The Incredibles


Comes with the PSP, power adaptor, 2 gig memory stick, games, movies and Logitech playgear (case)

$150 shipped, or a TU-2 + $50, or a Korg DT-10 + $50



DS1 - $30 shipped

Vox Wah - $55 shipped

Uber Metal - $55 shipped

Fender FM212R - $200 + shipping


PSP - $150 shipped, or a TU-2 + $50, or a Korg DT-10 + $50



- Microphones

- Pedal Tuners

- Tiny Terror

- Tele Copies


SPECIAL: Will sell the Fender, Uber Metal, and Vox Wah for $250 + shipping


- Patrick

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I'm looking for a



Dano Tuna Melt

Axess BS-2 buffer


Help me out


Tonefactor Huckleberry fuzz - $105 shipped and PP'd




SOS BAHM (shredmaster 808) - $175 shipped and PP'd

SOS Shredmaster clone - $110 shipped and PP'd

SOS envelope filter / fixed wah - $90 shipped and PP'd




PM for pics or more info.... I don't want to jam up the thread.




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Loopmaster ABY w/Tuner Out - $50

Dunlop TS-1 Stereo Tremolo Panner - $75

Kaden Fluttertone - $100

Analogman AR20DLXL - $200 (Trade pending)

Timmy - $200 (Trade pending)

EHX POG - $225 (Trade pending)

Timefactor w/Digitech FS300 - SOLD


all prices shipped/paypal'd to conus


will also consider trades for gig-fx chopper, voodoo amp selector, devi-ever sp aenima, hardcase pedalboards, quality patch cables, or cabinets. make me an offer!


If you get something above I'll give you a steal of a deal on the following:


Neck pickup from a CIJ Mustang (Sale pending)

Jazzmaster set from CIJ Jazzmaster (Sale pending)

Dice Knobs (one white, one black)

Mexican J Bass pickups/guts

Strat Tremolo Arm

Mexican Tele Strap Buttons

80's Japanese Squier Pickups

Jazzmaster Bridge



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prices include shipping in the US.


Boss Hm-3 distortion/fuzz 45$

Samson wireless- 130$

fulltone ultimate octave- 150$

Keeley mod Boss blues driver- sold

Boss od-3-70$

Boss hm-2 modded by tonejam-55$

Boss hr-2 harmonist- 155$

dod g7 effects processor works fine but I dont have the power supply- 50$


Trade only

Ibanez original cs-9

zvex seek wah

skreddy pink flesh

digitech whammy 2

boss df-2

Zvex- fuzz probe


The only thing im looking for is an original digitech whammy.

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ANY trades welcome or $50 shipped. Mint condition.

I removed the rubber on bottom but I still have it if you want it. Currently has velcro (hook type) on bottom. Works great. Comes with everything pictured.


Hit me up with a trade, no matter how silly it sounds. You never know...

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digidelay $55
mint mij ibanez stereo chorus $50
brand new dynacomp $50
boss md 2 $40
dist III $sold
brand new vox 847 $60
holy stain $70
korg 105od $40
well used but functional cool cat $sold
fab tone $25

make an offer..i might just take it:)

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i have a very nice Marshall 4x12 for sale, asking price is $300. it only has a few rips in the tolex otherwise it is in perfect working condition.



more pics upon request.

i'm also thinking about selling my jacques prisoner delay. it is really cool, and in great condition but i need a longer delay time. throw me an offer i'll see what i can do.
pics upon request.


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Make me a fair offer and its yours! Will do a trade but I am only really looking for a Skreddy Pink Flesh.


Keeley BD-2 (Phat MOD)

Fulltone OCD (Version 1)



Fuzz Factory (Hand Painted Kanji version) SOLD: Thanks Brian

Lovepedal Magic Boy Vibe (Hand Wired Version)

Freakshow Brown Rabbit

Earnie Ball Volume Pedal (Large Version)

BYOC Phaser

BYOC Evelope Filter

















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now with pics!


Line 6 DL-4

great condition, never gigged.



-$165 Shipped/PP'd

-Trade for a Squier Custom Telecaster with HUMBUCKERS, not the P90s

-Trade for a Boss RC-20XL


Boss OD-3 with box and papers

Bought new a couple weeks ago, never gigged, almost perfect condition.



-I will add cash for either your Fulltone OCD or Barber Direct Drive

-Straigt up trade for you Ibanez TS9

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Sale Pending on Both

I have 2 EHX Micro Synthesizers, and one of them has to go. For a demo of the exact unit, visit this link:


Here's what they're going for on eBay: http://instruments.shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQLHQ5fPrefLocZ2QQ_sopZ10?_nkw=harmonix+micro+%28synthesizer%2C+synth%29&_sacat=619&_fromfsb=&_trksid=m270

This is a 90s reissue that has been modded with a 3pdt switch for true bypass and LED functionality so that the light only comes on when the effect is engaged. It includes the 24v adaptor, but it does not include the original box or paperwork. I'm pricing it at $199 shipped and paypal'd.


Also for sale is a stock Reissue NYC Big Muff Pi. Cosmetically it is worn, but it works perfectly. Has the pointer knobs. $55 shipped and paypal'd.


If your location is anywhere outside of the continental US, we'll need to discuss a price adjustment for shipping. Sorry, no trades. I need some $ in the checking account. PM if interested.
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Boss DD-6 - Near mint with box and all box candy. - $95 Shipped

Korg DT-10 - Excellent condition, a few small scuffs with box and all box candy. - $50 Shipped

I can take Paypal sent to ecm22@drexel.edu. Shipping is for lower 48 states only. Help me pay off some of my new acquisitions! PM with questions. Sorry, no camera=no pics!

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Monsterpiecce MKII/AD2000: The story with this one is, a wire come lose on the battery side of the Ad2000 and it doesnt power up and the light on the side of the MKII is a bit trickey. Im asking $140 Shipped/paypal but i would send it off to Richard first for repairs. Or you can repair it yourself and ill give you a bit of a discount, We'll work out a price. Should be a real easy fix for someone who knows how to solder. Two great sounding fuzzs!

Boss Rv-3: You all know what this is. Awesome reverb pedal!!! $135 shipped/paypal!!!

Boss NS-2: Perfect condition! $50 Shipped/Paypaled!!

Refer back here for pics: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2050275

Or make me some reasonable offers. Need cash though! NO TRADES!

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-Bare Knuckle Ceramic Warpig/Trilogy Suite/Warpig H-S-H 3 pickups set for $350 shipped. Brand new in boxes and never installed in a guitar.


-Mint condition RME Fireface 800 Firewire recording interface with all original packaging $1150 shipped


-Sonic Research TurboTuner Strobe Tuner $100 shipped OR BEST OFFER. This thing is more accurate than the Peterson strobes... It's a great tuner. I just don't need it anymore, and I'm trying to free up some $$$.


Will get some pics up soon. If you're interested in anything, please email me at joshualogan[AT]aol[DOT]com for fastest response, because I don't post here too often, and don't even post on harmony central much anymore.




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