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  1. we just went over this, yo but since we're going with a semi- 1. heritage 2. epiphone elitist dot http://cgi.ebay.com/EPIPHONE-ELITIST-ES-335-ACOUSTIC-ELECTRICWITH-CASEMIJ_W0QQitemZ250598354267QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item3a58d36d5b 3. es-333 (satin 335 with different pups and an access panel in the back, can be had for less than $1000 at times) http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-ES-333-Guitar-Semi-Hollow-Body-USA-Made_W0QQitemZ300408169583QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item45f1b8e46f in that order. i mean, i'd do the first two sight unseen, the gibson, maybe not so much. i played a 339. frankly, it didn't sound bad. it wasn't a les paul and it wasn't a 335. nor was it really its own thing. hard to explain. sounds fine, plays fine, feels fine, but still-- that {censored} aint right. look it at. {censored}ing look at it. it just ain't right, man. a es347 is supposed to be pimp from what i've read, but most won't give one up. love, eor below- me old es-333
  2. since we are being honest, i'd take a used elitist casino @ about $1000 over that $2500 es 330 all day long. guess i'm just not a huge gibson guy. i actually sold my old es 333 to fund a gretsch because i much preferred the elitist sheraton i had just gotten. i would imagine the (used) heritage version would end up in the $1100-1400 range, depending. love, eor
  3. http://www.heritageownersclub.com/forums/index.php?act=idx join up and hope for the best. you never know. i keep almost buying a heritage. whiffed twice there and ended up with a gretsch both times. but i still want at least several heritages. through that link you can contact some dealers who could get you that h535 with p90s, or damn near anything you want. heritage is such a small builder that a few dealers have some real pull as far as getting the best {censored}/prices/configs/one offs from them. look up the jay wolfe inventory on gbase for ideas. you're as likely to find a used heritage on gbase as you are on ebay, and much more so on that forum i linked. love, eor
  4. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Custom-ES330-Long-Neck-Electric-Guitar?sku=527894 love eor there was some kind of fuss about at which fret the neck meets the body in relation to the vintage ones (or the casinos). i played one (unplugged) for a few mins a while back and found it relatively meh.
  5. nice work on the tuners . and as a personal aside, i don't care for the horseshoe bigsby. i'd pass. love, eor
  6. then i stand by my og statement. the h535 is a semi hollow. the h530 is the full hollow. reckon the es 330 is recent, if not current. es 330 = h530 = casino es 135 =/= h535, but both are p90'd semis. i think hamer makes a p90'd semi, as well. i forget. would still get the h535 (used, if possible- the "name" doesn't hold the value as well as a gibson). being where your ass is, i think the pickings will be slim either way. love, eor
  7. oh snap, is that a h530? i didn't know those existed. thought it was a p90'd h535 (semi), which isn't uncommon, either. in that case, as stated above: es 330. love, eor
  8. mij or nothing love, eor i'd save a few more bucks and wait for a {censored}ed up elitist to come along
  9. guess it depends what you're trying to accomplish. floating pups on the guard seem to be more common- i'm guessing there is a reason for that. never heard what a transducer sounds like, but a floater would give you some more tonal options: single coil, mini hum, full hum, maybe a vol/tone knob... having said all that, i don't think you're going to find much worthwhile {censored} under $60 either way. i'd guess transducers can be found cheaper. floaters tend to be pricey, as all "jazz" products are. kent armstrong, benedetto and bartolini seem to be well liked. as far as transducers, i liked the k&k stuff, maybe they make something for archtops as well. don't really know. love, eor also, if you have a floater with tone/vol pots, the pickguard will be high as {censored}. be advised. probably not an issue if you don't use a pick.
  10. nearest equivalent gibson: es 135. probably neither cheaper nor better. the es 330 will look the same and have p90s, but it is a full hollow (a fancy casino, essentially). strangely, there is an equivalent heritage for the es135, the h525: love, eor i had a set of bg pure 90s in an es 333 i used to own. it ruled ass. get the heritage.
  11. My ISP is Charter Cable. It's not too horrible, but I'd rather have fiber optic... Beats DSL though. not in my area love, eor
  12. moving to a new town and i'm unfamiliar with what's out there. looks like verizon and time warner are my options. it doesn't appear that any of the fancy fios {censored} or whatever will be there. just the regular ass "high speed dsl" offerings from both. anyone familar? pros/cons? what to you pay, and which services do you have bundled together? mainly concerned with internet service. don't really care about the tv* and won't need a land line at all. for reference my current sbc/att whatever was rated at: down: 2.60 mbs up: .44 mbs ping: 18 ms so i guess it can't be much worse. love, eor *i don't really watch tv but it might be cool to have something. for watching games and stuff. but regular ass broadcast tv is fine. that {censored} is still free, right (with an hd thing)?
  13. how much did this plek business run you? haven't checked recently, but i members it being in the $150-170 ballpark around here. by any chance, do you know how it would interact with a buzz feiten tuning {censored}? i didn't realize suhrs were plek'ed, but i know they are buzz'ed, and i love the one i've played. played the {censored} out of it. so maybe the can co-exist. love, eor
  14. you combine the tone of a les paul with the playability of a strat. win, right? well, no. not exactly. never cared for them much. all though they were the preeminent nu-douche guitar , if picked up a few here and there in stores and wasn't feeling them. most recently a mira, which felt like {censored} and sounded a little better. then last week, a saw a neat little something in the corner at cg and decided to give it a whirl. i had been testing teles all day and wanted a few "control" guitars; a palate cleanser, if you like. instant jizz. mccarty spruce top hollowbody into a dr z. i don't know what it was but it was. the neck (miraculously) didn't bother me, the scale felt great, it stayed in tune, great acoustic sound, better electric sound.... luckily, they wanted more than i would spend, but needless to say, i didn't walk out of there with a {censored}ing tele. the look kinda wasn't my thing, but it was pretty. like this, but with no piezo and moon inlays. really liked the understated violin-y finish. love, eor
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