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  1. I've got plenty of dirt... not to mention two fantastic fuzzes that I pretty much adore. Still intrigued by the possibilities of the new Blackout box though. And that one in the SPAM thread ain't helping matters. Tempted by the Twosome. FAIL.
  2. Found one locally that I can get for $400-ish w/ HC. What's the consensus on these?
  3. It had to happen sooner or later: Viagra, that little blue pill that has brought huge sexual satisfaction to scores of older gents (and their partners!), is being added to an ice cream product to be offered at a boutique in London's Selfridges department store starting Sept.10, according to The London Paper. Link
  4. One of these popped up locally for $240 and I could probably get it for less... the reviews look good, but they're kinda limited as it's sorta rare I guess. I'd want to play it first, but I'm trying to see if it's even worth my time. Like this one:
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