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Weekly spam thread 7-29-08

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4-5 hours left on ebay auctions! come SNIPE some good deals


(i'm afraid some of these are getting overlooked.. or maybe everyone bids in the last 2 minutes.. i dunno...)


click the pics




also i have a peep and some other stuff i'll sell here later


edit: about an hour left.. fm-4 is still really low. cs-3 is pretty low too. go for it if you want

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the vox is in fair shape for its age, works great. bright mid-gain OD, really makes an amp cook. also makes a great line driver for getting some of your sparkle back after a long pedal chain.

$50 shipped/payal'd

the DBA is a custom pedal oliver did (mine says #2). it has both fuzz and distortion sounds on tap, can do the wild shoegazey abrasive thing, or more meaty distortion tones. sounds great on bass and synth too!

$165 Shipped/paypal'd

Email me at jay@littlefuji.com if you have any questions, thanks!

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I need $10 in my PayPal. No echecks. Instant transfer only. ILL SELL IT ALL FOR $50 shipped. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE AN OFFER, PLEASE DO. IM OPEN TO TRADES.


Ibanez PH7 Phaserhttp://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-PH7-Phaser-Pedal?sku=150294&src=3WFRWXX&ZYXSEM=0&CAWELAID=26018278 - Good condition. Clips in the link. Great little phaser for the money, IMO -

$25 shipped


Dano Hash Browns flanger. Great budget flanger. Doesnt get super crazy, but the mild to medium flange that it does is fantastic. This would be a great candidate for a rehouse. Two knobs are missing. Case is pretty scratched up. Still works great.


$10 shipped


Chicken head knobs. 6 total. A few green, a few yellow.


$7 shipped


Rogue Wah/volume with scratchy pot - Not a bad wah sound at all. Better than the lower grade Crybabys. Pot is a little scratchy.


$14 shipped

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emergency spam!!!!

my last landlord just cashed a check from april after i wrote a check for my current place! yikes! my checks are gonna bounce!


nady rsm-3 ribbon mic (no longer made, fansastic soundz) $200 or best offer


mid-fi electronics hard clipped limiter prototype (second version, no longer made) $150 or best offer


arion octave $20


dod fx-30b gate/loop a little scratched and no batery door $25


behringer mulit-fx fx-100 $20


behringer multicom pro 4 channel compressor $45


2) vox octavoice(s) RARE woodwind octave dividers from the 60's, one works pretty well the other needs some love'n $200 or best offer for the pair


old style mid-fi electronics glitch computer with the weird dudes on it battery only no led (this can be modded if you'd like though) this very unit was featured in electronic musician magazine! (best offer?)


alesis metavox vocoder $130 or best offer


dearmond model 1602 volume pedal (oooollllddddd) like what david gilmore used way back when best offer


yamaha r100 reverb processor does reverse echo stuff and cathedral stuff, you will not be able to look away from your feet! $50 or best offer


maestro ps-1a phaser the big guy! sounds soooooo goooood! $200 or best offer!


also boss ph-1r best offer

ibanez sc10 best offer

and a fretless guitar $250 http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a1...g?t=1217681518

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BYOC Phase/Vibe. This started it's life as the normal BYOC Phaser, and then it had a vibe side added to it as well. There is a master on/off switch, a switch between phase and vibe mode, and a switch between the channels.....so you can set up your phaser or your vibe to have two settings. All true bypass. The far right LED isn't working, but the pedal works fine. It's a very subtle effect, but I really do like the sound of it, and the ability to have 2 different settings accessible at the stomp of a switch is very convenient. $125.00 Shipped/Paypal'd to Canada and CONUS.




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Prices include shipping and paypal to the ConUS.


Vox 847 Wah in nice condition. $55







Electro Harmonix Big Muff with wooden box.**SOLD!!**



Fuzzy Wuzzy Fuzz Face type pedal.Has a toggle for tonebender type tones. $70.00

The fuzz face circuit sounds really nice,and uses your guitars volume knob as a gain control.More info here: http://lspedals.weebly.com/custom-effects.html




pm me if interested.

I can ship overseas if you cover additional shipping.

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Digitech CF-7 Chorus Factory - like new in box and papers. Sweet stereo sounds. $57 shipped/paypal.

Behringer VT911 Tube Overdrive with power adapter. 12AX7 tube inside. Heavy distortion tones with plenty of gain and boost. Cool blue LED. Great condition in box with papers. $37 shipped/paypal.

PM me - we'll do business.

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See SIG. added: pictures, some pedals and other items pedals WITHOUT the price are not for sale.




PedalTrain PT PRO SC (LOCAL ONLY) bare and the Loopmaster with it:






GT-8 Hardcase (custom made by ebay handle tarcaseco) LOCAL ONLY







Wilkinson Vintage 6 hole trem 75.00 shipped







Items I'm looking for a possible trade:


Skreddy Screwdriver one of the latest versions

Pedal Power II

Barber Direct Drive


JUST maybe:

Barber Tone Press




+-cash depends on how much were asking/selling. I may ask for preference.

i may post some more of the trade ins.

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not sure what i'm gonna do yet, but here goes



ive got a boss PH-3 in almost mint condition. a few scratches on the sides


and a Boss CS-3 thats kinda broken? i tried to put a monte allums mod into it, but since i lack any knowledge of soldering, i really have no idea what im doing. so ill send you the pedal along with the mod kit.


looking to TRADE for one or both!


PM me

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1) NYC Muff - Good shape, enough scratches to make you look cool - TRADED


2) Turbo Rat w/ LM308 mod - Newer US made Turbo Rat w/ LM308 chip on a socket (done by me), missing the feet & battery door, w/ velcro - $55


3) Digitech PDS3000 Pedalverb - Not working. I bought it w/ a fried voltage regulator, replaced it & re-wired the jacks. Now passes clean signal, but needs something else (???) to be 100%. Worth $200+ and quite desirable to shoe-gazers if working - $75


4) Line 6 DL4 - Used w/ scratches, etc. All 4 switches 100%, will include extra switch (both spring actuator & PCB mounted tactile switch) if you like. Battery door missing - does anyone use batteries in these anyways? *shrug* - $175


5) 12" WGS Veteran 30 speaker, 8 ohms - $50


6) 12" Celestion Seventy 80, 8 ohms - $50


7) DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus - Beautiful, subtle, classy chorus, just not using it. Battery door missing - $40


8) 1982 ProCo Rat - Super clean/original large box Rat, too pretty for me to step on, needs to be owned/used by someone less OCD or put in a collection - $275


9) Vintage Roland TR505 Drum Machine - In excellent working order, someone spilled something weird (soda?) on it long ago & the front is stained. I've taken it apart & cleaned it pretty thoroughly so all the pads are working just fine, display is perfect, etc. Very cool piece for someone wanting a vintage drum machine w/ midi & sequencing for mods, period sounds, lo-fi, etc. - $75


Trades - I'd be interested in an Alesis Micron, Orange PPC112, Catalinbread SCP (w/ switch, newer), Shure SM57 or similar decent guitar mic, PC recording interface, maybe other cool stuff, hit me up on PM w/ offers.


Shipping is not included on any prices, I can do USPS Priority or FedEx, will insure & package well, etc. Pix or more detail available on request.

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Hi guys,
I bought this FOXX Fuzz/Wah/Volume a while back. The Fuzz is INCREDIBLE! Best I've heard. It has the octave switch too! It's just a reissue of the old one. A Tone Machine Fuzz inside a Wah/Volume Pedal. The Wah function either complete sucks ass or doesn't work properly. But it doesn't really matter if you only want to use the fuzz. The Volume pedal works alright. They went for a ridiculous price new. I'm selling it for the price of a used Tone Machine(reissue), which is the same fuzz pedal w/o the wah/volume. It looks new.

$150 (Comes with original box, warranty card, and instructions.) SOLD!!

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So here is a huge list of stuff that I own and am selling to fund a Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra. Stuff with out a price is for sale... but I haven't brought myself to put a price on it yet. None of this has been Sh*t-Bayed but many have been posted on NYC craigslist. I'll surely consider shipping some of the smaller items but am hesitant to ship stuff like the cabinets.

1. ADA MPC Controller with quad switch & Expression pedal $170.00
2. Epiphone Alley Kat Guitar Gutted Electronics $300.00
3. Fernandez Sustainer Guitar $250.00
4. EHX HOG Controller
5. EHX HOG Pedal
6. EHX Big Muff NYC Reissue $50.00
Build Your Own Clone Kits
7. BYOC Mighty Mouse $80.00
8. BYOC ESV 2-Knob Bender $90.00
9. BYOC TriBoost $80.00
10. BYOC Wah Pedal Kit $120.00
NEW OLD Gibson Pickups
11. Gibson Dirty Fingers $90.00
12. Gibson 490R Pickups $70.00
13. Crate PowerBlock
Rack Gear
14. Mesa Boogie 50/50 Power Amp $300.00
15. Mesa Boogie 20/20 Power Amp
16. Mesa Boogie Forumula Pre Amp $400.00
17. ADA MP1 PreAmp Mint $300.00
18. Hafler T3 Preamp Mint $170.00
19. Behringer V Verb 2496 $80.00
20. Fostex 3180 Reverb Spring Reverb 150.00
21. Roger Linn Adrenalinn III Processor $250.00
Original Upgraded to III
Speakers & Cabs
22. Celeston Vintage 30 $50.00 16 ohm
23. Vox Warfdale $50.00 8 ohm
24. Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker 16OHM
25. Avatar 1x12 V30 Speaker Cab $160.00
26. Lopo Line 1x12 Speaker cab $70.00

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I have a Fulltone Fat Boost 2 I'd like to trade for a fuzz. Analogman, Fulltone, Dunlop JH Fuzz Face. Tone Factor, Monsterpiece.

I'm looking for that great Eric Johnson smooth over the top fuzz. I'd be running it through a Plexi Marshall. I also have some other pedals I could throw in to even out a more expensive trade item.


Or I'd just take cash. $110 + $10 shipping. It's mint with box.:cool:


I might trade for a Little Big Muff or Big Muff.

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Near mint condition. Only one nick on the top of the headstock. Bridge pickup has been replaced with a PRS HFS humbucker ($100 dollar humbucker). Still have the original humbucker and will be included. Asking $350 shipped, but will consider other offers. Money orders only, been burned by paypal, so I dont use them anymore. PM me with any questions! Thanks!



shoot me any offer!

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Pro Analog MK II Tone Bender - Has OC81's ! a must for that vintage sound ! - $315


Boost Switch FA-1 Booster - Warm FET based preamp. Great for delays! The Edge loves them! $125


Jetter Gain Stage Blue - Puurfect ! $165


Tone Bone Original Classic ! Way better sounding then the Radial ! - $250


Prices Include Shipping/Paypal. Thanks !

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ross phaser distortion..............purple version........$110

mxr distortion+..........70s model, no LED or power jack.............$70

yamaha ch10mII...................$45

danelectro milkshake...............$15

zoom pd-01......................$55

zoom hl-01........................$80

ibanez ddl-10 delay......................$75

dod fx50b..........................$25

shure sm58....................$59 (two of these available)

all prices include USPS priority shipping within L48, adjusted fopr elsewheres.
pics of mics, dist+, hl-01 can be posted tonite.


also considering selling my namesake --- '74 L6-S, designed by bill lawrence. refretted year-and-a-half ago, with frets that are a bit more PRSy than 70s gibson fretless. one stock pup, one dimarzio sd -- wired to strat style (neck, bridge, both). with orig case. notice the wear on the fretboard, indicating that this is truly a player.

any interest?


unfortunately, the only trades i can consider would be those involving non-synthetic insulins. :confused: sorry.

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