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Weekly spam thread 7-29-08

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Lehle 1@3(Non-SGoS) - box and manual
On eBay with no reserve - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=140254866008

Lehle 3@1 (Non-SGoS)
On eBay with no reserve - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=140254867404

Fulltone GT-500 Silver - box and manual - original owner, barely used -$140

Fulltone Choralflange - Metal stomp version - Box and manual- $170

Boss DD-20 with remote switch - box and manual- $155

Peterson VS-II Strobe Tuner - box and manual - $155

Skreddy Mayo with mids switch, silver old school
One ebay with no reserver - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140254757307

Wolfetone Legends - 4 wire with covers - $220

Catalinbread Semaphore trem - small box version - SOLD

Retroman Sybil - have three and need to let go of one of the single stomp classic versions go - Box and manual - $170

Biyang DS-7 Distortion - pretty nice for the price $30

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F/S: Freakshow Effects Digilog Delay - $175 shipped, paypal'd

MINT condition, not a scratch on it, works perfectly. Really great sounding delay with a very cool oscillation/feedback footswitch. I really like the delay sounds and the footswitch option, but I want modulation with my delay (on list for a Skreddy). For reference, I had the EQ Disaster Transport prior to this and the Digilog sounds much better, imo.

Not really looking for trades at this time, need cash.



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I need to sell these to fund a new guitar. Prices include shipping. No trades please. Paypal or money order.

First I have a Freakshow Brown Rabbit. Nice sounding Rat-like pedal. Has nicks and places where the paint has come off. Just like all the Freakshow pedals. $130.



Next we have a Zvex Fuzz Factory Vexter. It has velcro on the bottom. No box. $140.


Next, I have a set of Heyboer transformer like those used in the real Trainwrecks. I bought these for an amp I built a while back but never really got around to tweaking. They are a little dusty. I cut the leads to length and cut some of the ones not used to eliminate clutter. I saved the excess wires so they will be included. $100.


Last I have a Fender Roc Pro 1000 tube-solid state hybrid amp. I've had this amp for years, but never really played it much. It comes with the footswitch. I'd rather not ship this so I'd like to keep it local. I'm in Monroe, LA. I would drive up to an hour and a half to meet you. $150


Thanks for looking. If you have any questions feel free to email or pm me.

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pick ups on the bay:






Also FS:


Pair of Groove Tubes pulled from Fender combo (not sure on the exact hours, test good) $20 shipped



Black 6 In line Tuner from Ibanez RG $20 shipped



SX STL62 Pick Up Set $15 shipped



SX Tuners & String Trees $15 shipped



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Couple of things for trade. I'm really not interested in selling anything. I'll just hang on to it if I can't trade for anything I'm interested in. I'm not interested in any random dirt pedals but feel free to run anything else by me. I'll add cash where needed.



vexter box of rock. great condition.


I'd like to trade for a menatone TBIAC or space echo re20 or DMM



mr echo plus. great condition.


I'd like to trade for a digilog or towards a space echo



CS9 RI. Fair condition, works great.


Not sure if I want to get rid of this. Maybe run something by me.



ehx pulsar


Maybe trade for a devi fuzz or something. I'd love to have a cherry pop. Would also trade towards a 'fuzzy elephant' ;)




Please trade me something for this piece of junk




Would trade for another behringer. No dirt pedals please.

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For sale is my Yamaha SBG-200 in a brown natural color. The guitar plays fantastic and is in pretty good condition for a 20+ year guitar. It's made in Taiwan, but with Japanese parts.


Sale price for forumites is 350 shipped. Thanks Yall!



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I want your Fulltone Fulldrive 2!

What I'd be willing to trade for it (not all together[well except for the maxon comp and the de-7]...):

A mint Maxon Compressor with velcro on the bottom.

A mint Fulltone OCD V4 with velcro on the bottom and it's original box.

A mint Ibanez DE-7.






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Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Plus Reverb pedal

Excellent condition, works perfectly



Keeley-Modified ProCo Turbo Rat Distortion/Overdrive pedal

Excellent condition, works perfectly



Build Your Own Clone Rat Distortion/Overdrive pedal with Landgraff-style Mod (3-way switch)

Excellent condition, works perfectly



Catalinbread Ottava Magus Octave-Up Fuzz

Excellent condition, works perfectly



Fender 60th Anniversary Precision Bass

Made in Mexico

Blizzard Pearl finish (a mellow silver)

Alder body

Pickguard replaced with a gold-anodized aluminum pickguard (http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/goldpbasspg.JPG). Original white pickguard included.

The neck has a nice vintage tint and looks much better to me than those found on standard MIM P basses.

Just strung with D'Addarrio Half-Round .105 strings (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DAddario-ENR72-Half-Rounds-Medium-Bass-Strings-?sku=104576)

Body has been drilled for bridge and pickup covers such as seen on 1950s-style P basses (http://www.tdpri.com/telephoto/data/526/medium/DSCF2304_small.jpg). Covers are not included, however.

Non-original Gig Bag included

$300+ shipping

Will sell loaded body (everything but neck and tuners) for $200 + shipping and neck and tuners for $175 + shipping


Gibson Goldtone GA30RVS Class A Stereo 2x12 Amplifier


$625/local NYC deal


$725 + shipping






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Near mint condition. Only one nick on the top of the headstock. Bridge pickup has been replaced with a PRS HFS humbucker ($100 dollar humbucker). Still have the original humbucker and will be included. Asking $350 shipped, but will consider other offers. Money orders only, been burned by paypal, so I dont use them anymore. PM me with any questions! Thanks!



also now considering trades for Teles and Strats!

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