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  1. V1 HOG with all the goodies. $320 shipped Red Witch - In excellent condition. $130 shipped DOD - Cool delay/sampler. Has a good delay tone that isn't too crisp and pristine. I think it has an almost tape quality to it - a little darker than a usual Boss DD-X. Sampler isn't like a Looper in the traditional sense of record/play. It captures audio and you can play/overdub over it. Adjusting the Time control shifts the pitch of a sampler. Trim pots inside can be tweaked to allow for longer delay times that did real lofi. $55 shipped FREE Line 6 Dock - the L6 dock does NOT have the main board/jacks, etc. It is just the enclosure. There is the small PCB that bridges the Module with the Dock. Both enclosures have the bottom plates and screws. FREE - you pay shipping. NO TRADES. USA shipping, only
  2. Sick stuff, dude!! Will this work with M4L? If so, I'll use this on some stuff for sure!!
  3. Jamman - I came up with a mod to allow for one to save new loops on the fly without having to kneel down and do it with the buttons. I love looping and I found this mod allows for a lot of quick creativity to flow - both just sitting down and writing, but also playing with a drummer (which is what I do). You can record a new loop, and save it to a bank while the loop is playing, using the external footswitch. The footswitch is just a clone of the Digitech FSX-3 footswitch, and works as it should, controlling the 3 stock parameters: Reverse, quick Undo/Redo, and Time stretch. However, I installed a toggle switch on the back of the Jamman that engages the Loop Saving ability and changes the behavior of the external switch. When the switch is engaged, you loose the ability to time stretch and do quick Undo/Redo, but you're able to save loops with one switch, and then trigger Reverse with the other. Do to how the mod works, it wasn't possible to retain all the stock functions when the mod is engaged. I also installed new footswitches on the Jamman. Those are "soft-touch," low profile momentary footswitches that feel better than the stock. Pedal comes with power adapter, FSX-3 footswitch clone, and short TRS patch cable. $195 shipped Akai Headrush E2 - Works great, good shape. Comes with box and adapter. $140 Wampler Faux Reverb clone - built by me. Runs on 9v adapter only. Top mounted jacks. $100 Line 6 Echo Park - Modded, I added a 1/8'' stereo jack to allow for bypass and tap tempo via the remote switch I also built. Stock bypass switches still work, so you can use it with or without the remote switch. $100 NO TRADES. Thanks. ***Faux reverb is the black 3 yellow knobbed pedal in the second to last pic.***
  4. This is a pedal I built that combines part of the circuit of the Mid-Fi Electronics Pitch Pirate and the Electric Druid Tap LFO. It's a pitch vibrato and chorus. The controls are (Upper Left to Bottom Right): Blend, Depth 1 (Ppirate circuit) Bottom row - Speed, Wave form select, Depth 2 - of the LFO circuit. The switch is for the speed ranger. It can go from reaaaaaaalllly slow to crazy fast. So you have 2 depth controls which gives a lot of variances in effect - you can back off depth 1 and increase depth 2 and get crazy sounds but they sit low in the mix/back ground, or you can increase them both for nuttiness. The pedal does subtle chorus and pitch vibrato all the way to some far out there stuff. Since it uses the PPirate circuit, this is a lower headroom circuit - pick attack effects the gain and you can get some breakup/OD, depending on how you play and your pickup impedance. The breakup can add for some cool effect. There is also about maybe 300ms of delay (not feedback) but you can get some cool slap back sounds - increase the Depth 1 and leaving Depth 2 low can achieve that. Other specs: Pedal is wired True-Bypass, top mounted jacks. Runs on 9v power only, not battery. Standard boss type adapter, PP2, etc. White LED, blinks in sync with the LFO. Waveforms available are: Ramp Up Ramp Down Pulse Triangle Sine Sweep Lumps Random Below is a quick demo, it doesn't showcase all the sounds this can do. I can make another if you like, this was just mean't to be a brief demonstration. $130 shipped. NO Trades. Thanks CLICK THE IMAGE TO LEAD TO DEMO. ​
  5. Anyone using one? I know the tracking isn't perfect, in terms of polyphony, I'm not necessary looking for that. I'm looking for a smaller foot print pitch shifter that can do octave stuff and 5ths - above and below. Especially with OD/Dist/Fuzz Thoughts?
  6. I have it and its pretty awesome. I had bought a Roland GR-20 with pickup just to use as a midi source with my guitar but the Jam Origin, IMO, tracks better and you don't need a pickup or anything. Is it still $99 for the App? I think its well worth it. I tried the trial and just coughed up the money. I'm primarily a guitar player, ands $99 is less than most pedals, and for what the Midi app does, that $99 goes a long way.
  7. my pit (i5) can chew through it all. pits are great, sweet, and clowny dogs.
  8. When I click the top "classifieds" tab I get a prompt requesting a user name and password. I input my name and pw but I get an message saying its incorrect. I know for sure I'm using the right PWord, at least for my user name. Whats going on here?
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