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  1. I have raced R/C cars for years, mostly dirt oval. Recently i have been racing short course offroad which has been a blast. Ive raced 1/10 and 1/12 carpet oval, 1/12 roadcourse, 1/8 offroad nitro trucks, and did some rock crawling, its a fun hobby.
  2. Selling my 1983 Peavey T-15 electric guitar. Guitar is in excellent condition, with original case with built in amp. $175 plus shipping. More pictures are available upon request.
  3. This. Oh yes. I want to get one for one of my Strats sometime. And at a hundred bucks, that's getting irresistible. I have 2 of these, they are great. Don't pay $100 though, i bought both of mine for $85 ea. from zzounds, just call and ask for a discount.
  4. seriously? You see that little stamp in the top corner? Yeah someone paid money for that, and that's how it got to your door. lol, yes i get that. I obviously didnt make my point well at all. What I meant was there is an added labor cost for the USPS to deliver it to my door, yet it would cost me money if i rented a PO Box from them and went to them to get it. It just seems a bit backward to me is all.
  5. They don't deliver it to you for free. Well I havent gotten a bill yet so explain it to me please.
  6. They don't send it to your door for free I said they deliver it to me for free, not send it to me for free.
  7. I always thought that the USPS has it a little bit backward. They charge me if i come get my mail from them (a PO Box), but they will deliver it to my door for free. They might save some money if they did it the other way around.
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