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  1. WHOA!!! Uber rare is an understatement. Bumping for a fellow Iowan
  2. How am I going to explain to my children that two pieces of chicken want to make a sandwich together? :lol: :lol:
  3. Scored this from Musicians Friend today (These sell new for $539) Used - Condition 2 - Very Good Gibson Limited Run SG Melody Maker Electric Guitar Satin Blue Subtotal:$431.20 Tax: 0 Shipping: 0 Used 10% OFF Discount: -$43.12 Total: $388.08 Sweet!
  4. After reading Phil's post on the George Harrison Gretsch I got to feeling a bit Nostalgic about another guitarist that influenced me bump
  5. Originally Posted by BP90 Skreddy Zero Skreddy Pinkmour TC Electronics Nova Delay SLUT! P.S. The RMC8 Eqwahlyzer is {censored}ing unbelieveable!
  6. This http://www.musictoyz.com/Merchant2/m...ory_Code=Teese and this http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...EOIBSA:US:1123
  7. Started in 2001, I think there's a thread on some board that talks about my first compressor in March or April, full time from then on (yes, two full-time jobs stinks BAD!)...I quit teaching college in May or June of 2002, Had 2-3 employees by then, it's been a blur of 14-18 hour days since. Now we are up to about 16-18 employees depending on who is naughty and nice. My employees just kick ass, they are incredible in so many ways. All but 2-3 or three are guitar players/musicians and have a heart for this work. Some just blow me away with there abilities, could be where we are without them. This work is a blast! Hung out with the Doobie Brothers this weekend and was able to let them demo the Katana, TMB, BD-2 and Compressor, they took them all! Plus got to talk about Coffee and Hawaii with Pat Simmons quite a bit! There were some other effects on their board made by HC members, so the guitar tech is really hip and so is Westwood music who let them test and try out all the latest and greatest from the custom built/small manufactures out there. This business is hard work for sure, managing business and putting out fires is a hard job...find time to sit down at the bench and design is near impossible any more. Again, wouldn't trade it for the world. rk From the archives of 2005. Where have all the builders gone..
  8. Seeing this thread get revived always brings a smile to my face. Seeing how much bandwidth this absolutely worthless thread takes up makes me want to puke.
  9. Coming in a couple days: the all new Keeley Phaser. Finally.
  10. bump... Flashback time... MITCH! I said goddamn! There's so many superb contributors in this thread - I truly thought the hens had come home to roost.. until I noticed the dates Btw - just emailed with John Spears a few days ago to let him know how much I still love the Atom Amps Metroliner and no I'll never sell it. Good to see you're still out there my friend. Stay in touch here - or via my website please! Take care my brother and YES I still also have my BIG BOX GAINSTER on
  11. Pm'd SOLD.. TO YOU! See ya Tuesday brother - your long quest to get this one is over. It's yours!
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