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  1. DOD is my favorite straight up envelope filter, never cared for EHX filters. Digitech Synth Wah has a couple e.v. modes that are ok plus you get other cool modes, that is what i'm using now. Oh yeah, I miss my old Guyatone Wah Rocker, that was real nice too.
  2. PB&J rules. Most of those food pedals kick ass.
  3. I'd like to try one. I'm happy with the PH-3, I don't know how similar they are.
  4. this... and on a completely unrelated note, please trash your avatar C Fuzz. We all know that AC/DC sucks; however, pre-Brian Johnson AC/DC was tolerable. You speak for everybody? I don't think so.
  5. I just put mine back on my board. At one point I prefered the Small Stone (have since sold that) but I like the tweakability of the PH-3.
  6. Does this pedal oscillate when the texture knob is up?
  7. you didn't listen to any clips or demos? Nope.
  8. Henry Rollins - Get In The Van is a must read IMO. +100!!!
  9. Tube Zipper in Trill mode I will check it out, thanks.
  10. Seriously, those are the only ones. Someone prove me wrong.
  11. I have/had.. Copilot Gyroscope Boss AW-2 Digitech Synth Wah Others.. Boss AW-3 EHX Worm/XO Worm What are some others????? edit - WTF!!! I meant MODULATED WAH!! Sorry.
  12. I was buying strings and saw it sitting there. Don't they go for like $100+ on Ebay? This one is Mint with box and papers.
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