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  1. This is a tandem build for something a guy custom ordered. I dont normally build Vox Tone Benders but I made a pair and this is the extra one. Small box build with a fat switch and fancy decal graphics. Sports a pair or NOS 2N404 transistors that sound delightful. These just hit unity volume at max level so keep that in mind if you need something that boosts your amp as well. $169 shipped Schumann Lion Killer high output overdrive/distortion pedal Sounds rad on bass and guitar Has a unique sort of bass boost function on one side which saturates the signal more This is a rare
  2. Im building an amp from schematics and I cant really figure out the difference between a JMP and a JTM other than some filtering and value differences. What are the differences in sound/ design between these amps? Anyone know?
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