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  1. A bunch of stuff here. Everything is in excellent shape and comes with all box/manual/etc that the pedals originally came with. Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes Fuzz $180 Emma Reezafratzitz II $190 Emma Pisdiyauwot $190 Red Witch Empress Chorus $230 Earthquaker Devices Organizer $140 Maxon OSD9 $110 Malekko Spring Chicken $210
  2. Rickenbacker 650D This guitar is completely stock and a nice clean example of this rather rare Rickenbacker solid body electric. Loaded with Rickenbacker humbuckers which are warm and clear with just the right amount of output for a wide variety of musical applications. All top-of-the-line German hardware and general top notch Rickenbacker quality. Fret ends are perfectly dressed and action is low and easy to play. Please note that the 650D has the 1 3/4" nut width which makes these play super easy and gives plenty of room on the board for wide bends and complex chords. A 330 or 360 by comparison has a much narrower neck with no taper from nut to heel. Rickenbacker designed these guitars to appeal to players looking for a guitar that was better suited for rock playing all over the neck. Neck is medium thickness with a shape between a D and C. Very comfortable and fast with the oil finish. Includes original hardshell case and unused polishing cloth. $1200 shipped and paypalled in the US. Would consider trades for a 330 or 360 (or either of the equivalent 3-pickup models) in one of the various sunburst finishes. Other hollowbodies welcome as well. Humbuckers preferred on non-ricks.
  3. WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue. Includes box and manual. This small version has some really cool sounds built in and is wayyyyyyy easier to navigate and get consistent sounds than its bigger brother. $150 shipped TC SCF. Includes box and manual. I modified this pedal neatly and cleanly to work from an 18VDC power supply instead of the stock AC cable, which has been removed. Now its easier to fit on a pedalboard and the sound is completely the same. Works 100% as original. $200 shipped Fromel Lush #16. This pedal sounds awesome and the stereo sounds are extremely... lush. Go figure. Has Fromel's cool distressed looking finish. $200 shipped Mystery fuzz pedal. I received this in the mail as part of a secret santa from another forum IIRC. Inside there is a board for a GGG green ringer and a piece of perf with another fuzz circuit on it. Sounds sort of like a wolf computer or something similar maybe. Very cool sounding pedal with two nice sounding circuits. $80 shipped This pedal is sort of like a tamer fuzz factory. I built it with transistors that I selected to avoid the oscillation of a normal fuzz factory in an attempt to get some tamer sounds out of the circuit. It does some huge fuzz tones and also does a wide variety of interesting splattery gated tones. Not as ear piercing as a stock fuzz factory. Its fun to play and might make you play differently than you otherwise would. Includes led and DC jack $100 shipped DIY Mosfet boost. This is an exact copy down to the vero board layout, pot, and transistor of a ZVex SHO. It is what it is. Has a fancy 1950s Dakaware knob on it too $70 shipped
  4. This is a TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger that has been modified so it has a DC jack instead of the bulky AC cable that comes stock. You can now run the pedal with any ~15-18v power supply. The sound is completely unaltered and provides a rich lush chorus that is highly regarded with good reason. The flanger and pitch modulation are also top notch. This pedal is in very good condition and works 100%. Includes the box and manual. $225 shipped and paypaled.
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