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  1. Hey man can you make a Deluxe Pbone Timebender? You personally make it. This isn't a question really.
  2. Word. Well I'm looking forwar to this mother fucker. Hopefully get some cool sounds out of it either way.
  3. how are the pitch shifting things? i thought they sounded cheese balls.
  4. Shipped. I'll have it next week, along with my new Ampeg VT60.
  5. I bought the timebender. Same price as the dd20, figure I could flip if I don't like.
  6. bump. i have to choose between these.
  7. Everyone got so mad at me when I would swoop kills.
  8. seriously. {censored}in' nearly {censored} my pants. i don't know if you had the technicolor light display for Sleeping Ute but touch my tits and call me Joseph that was amazing
  9. did you guys {censored}ing see grizzly bear too?!?!
  10. 2010 USA G&L Bluesboy Left Handed (custom made from the factory) + original hard case. $1200 shipped. The butterscotch one. Gun oil tint and finish on the neck, which is about as smooth playing as you can get. The guitar is actually a little brighter in person, less brown and more yellowy. Guitar is completely stock and in wonderful condition. No problems at all with it, and it is absolutely magnificent to play. I babied it while I was taking care of it. She's in terrific condition.
  11. Whatever they did dude it is impeccable
  12. The album is streaming on NPR.org right now and it is {censored}ing mindblowing
  13. Hot dog that is a lot to pay for an album
  14. It's also doing {censored} all for male self image issues as well. Ugh jesus the male self image is not in crisis. Men are held to absolutely no standard of beauty. If anything, we are the beneficiaries of a completely ramified aesthetic schema: literally anything that you can possibly do, there's a social norm for that. Believe it or not there is still cultural sexiness in Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe just as there is cultural sexiness in Mad Men just as there is cultural sexiness in David Byrne. Unless, of course, you are a hardcore gamer, in which case you get a tv channel cruelly populated by the same types of women that say that they're into "nerdy guys" only to fall in line with the rest of the {censored} eaters I mean, {censored}, some woman, somewhere, without a doubt, is masturbating to Taco from The League. Wanting his balls to slap her tits or something. I don't know. but it's happening and you can't unsee that.
  15. i don't care how much makeup she has on, megan fox has the dumbest {censored}ing tattoos everrrr~~~~~~
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