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  1. Nope, I got it new from Music Zoo. Amazing guitar. It actually came with the gig bag and I got the tweed G&G case later. Ah yeah, same story with the C1 I had. Great guitar man.
  2. did i sell you that suhr? it looks very familiar with the tweed case.
  3. I wish I had pictures of my first gig with me. We were all pretty into Korn and slung our guitars super low and wore stocking caps.
  4. thanks. still looking to sell this, i just don't use it.
  5. It's in perfect condition with box and manual. I'm asking $950 shipped in the USA.
  6. Red TTE? whats that? and which KTO version is yours? I got a version 4 KOT. Just a fulltone tube tape echo in red tolex, #3 of 20 or something like that. They may have done more than that, anyways it sounds sexy and looks cool!
  7. I can't see myself getting rid of my King of Toan, it's perfect with my amp and guitars. My red TTE is also here to stay.
  8. zygoat

    FS: Axe Fx Standard

    Not accepting trades, sorry!
  9. Sounds nice man. I made a pretty cool Floyd-y patch with the Shiva Clean and facial fuzz that got me in that territory. What were you using there?
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