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  1. Rack mount version of the Bass Station. Dual analog DC oscillator monosynth controllable via CV or MIDI. Link to sequencer for 303 type sounds. Rack rash on top/bottom/screwholes but looks fine mounted up. Works and sounds great. I have two, only need one. $250 includes ContUS shipping + paypal. Located Washington DC area, local pickup is fine. More details: http://www.vintagesynth.com/novation/nvbs.php
  2. Under $500 (used)... AT 4047, original GT MD1a, Crowley & Tripp Naked Eye. under $300 (used) AKG 451 now and again for bright tones. Rarely, but sometimes perfect. On the other side of the world, I've gotten some really cool sounds with a compressed sm7b. Again, rare usage but sometimes very cool. Been a while since I've used an 81 but remember them being nice on acoustic.
  3. Yes... that is if the thread survives long enough to drop off page one again. I've been tempted to just pull it so everyone will move on... that's a darned good idea.
  4. Verbzilla is a pretty useful unit but once you get to those extreme settings, the sound quality starts rapidly diminishing IMO.
  5. If you want to play with "distance" in sound, i.e. make a source sound nearer or farther away, you should probably focus more on volume and EQ levels, and then add reverb to that to suit your taste. I would seek out someone that does sound for film and video to ask about some tricks of that nature. +1 plus some sort of transient shaper.
  6. The 6 is IMO the worst smelling of the NYC trains. You could bring her an air filter.
  7. don't, if you are in NYC why would you like to meet someone giving oportunity a chance to mate you with her , and have little New Yorkers? I mean, there is nothing as awful as a person as a new yorker. Please stop mating and spreading the disease you're grammre is amasing;
  8. Is it better to put the compressor in front of your effects or the last in line? I usually go first. Help keep the noise floor down a little.
  9. Compression can make your tone cut LESS if you aren't careful. If you snip off the attack of your picking transient, there goes all your punch. If you aren't cutting through the mix, I'd first concentrate on EQ/tone balancing off of one another and most importantly, arrangements.
  10. Myspace needs an updated counter. One that shows how many people visit a page, one that shows how many of those people got past the first 15 seconds of a song.
  11. so you are selling these because they sound like a 5000 414 right?
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