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  1. Lots of good productions from the 80s... Anything by Quincy Jones Anything Trevor Horn... Yes, Pet Shop Boys Dire Straits records Rush records Madonna records Lenny Kravitz records
  2. Well, it is unfortunate but I think forums overall are dying. This place is a ghost town. I hardly visit and even now I wonder how many will actually read these comments. It seems like FB is becoming more popular for commentary but its nowhere near the depth of a true forum. Something about visiting a forum on a desktop seems archaic when 20 years ago it was very exciting and new. Not sure what the answer is but I think people want convenience now and they want it on a phone app. What are the chances of getting HC on a phone app?
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty satisfied with the ATH-M50s and the Beyerdynamic DT990s... I have had both now for years. Of course, I'm always open to headphones but I sort of gave up on Mackie when they dropped the d8b and released the debacle known as the dXb...
  4. Truly a gigantic loss. Hal was the beat to so many hits. RIP
  5. Between my DT990s and ATH-M50s, I highly doubt I`ll be buying these.
  6. Thanks Mike. Always appreciate the amount of work that you put into your writing. E
  7. I don`t think you`re the odd man at all... I think a lot of people like Queen after they hear more than the stadium anthems "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions". I have to be honest, the first time I saw the video to Bohemian Rhapsody, I laughed. I was 20 and thought to myself, who are these guys? The lead singer looks funny and they look like something out of the 70s... not realizing the footage was from the 70s. I never associated Bohemian Rhapsody with "We Will Rock You" or "We Are The Champions". A friend introduced me to their Classics CDs released in the early 90s I believe and I could not believe these songs were all by one band... the variety of material was unheard of. Now I listen to them and I truly appreciate the creativity and beauty in their approach. It was rock, opera, broadway, funk, dance, etc... all meshed up into... Queen.
  8. [QUOTE=techristian;n32466157]Sometimes too much gear can cause "gear insanity" , where you try and use every piece of gear you have in one single tune......and just maintaining it takes up more time than producing music. I may be approaching that event horizon myself. Dan[/QUOTE] I think we have all fallen into that hole at one point. In my case, I have loads of software libraries that I rarely use. I forget I have them honestly... My most productive time in the studio is getting a basic idea down for a tune with your standard instruments... drums, bass, acoustic, and a lead vocal... then add flavors as desired. If I start with something abstract like a string patch, it normally takes me down the rabbit hole which is not a bad thing if thats where you want to go but if its a standard tune, I suggest sticking with the program. Then expand as you see fit.
  9. G wiz... does the world really need yet another guitar or guitar pedal? Or Microphone? I honestly just want improvements in DAW performance. I really don't need any more features. What I need is a stable system. Anyone else with me?
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