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  1. This thread is gold. Why, because I'm feeding the trolls?
  2. still lame as {censored}. i mean regular boards can do that, what the hell is the point? Yeah, sure. I want to see somebody do 80mph on a 12% grade on a regular board. I'll be waiting to see proof of this assertion. I've bombed hills at 30mph on a regular board and at that speed a regular board is at it's furthest limits. That's exactly the reason I got a longboard. A 42" drop deck with 180mm trucks and 75mm Abecs (which is what I have) is setup for downhill, a regular board is designed to do tricks. I'd still love to see somebody do the following on a regular board, the fail would be epic:
  3. It's amazing, people have been doing this stuff ever since skateboards were invented. The longer board does not make it any more impressive. I never said that. I'm just trying to dispel this notion that longboarding is lame. It's just as valid as any other form of skateboarding. I don't understand how longboarding is lame. Hipster's, yeah they're lame. Longboarding? No way. I just got back from doing my nightly hill bombing session. I was sailing down hills doing 30mph doing some wicked carving having the time of my life. It was anything but lame. Do I ride regular skateboard? Yes. Been riding for a few decades. Does it even compare to DH longboarding? No way, imo.
  4. I think I may be twisted on definitions: Longboard: LAME. Obviously, you haven't seen what people can do on one of those.
  5. You had me laughing at longboarding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r9VefFY5P8
  6. My laptop is a mobile device. It appears to be displaying fine. [sorry, Phil. Please don't hit me with the banhammer. ]
  7. Bradford was a brand name used by the US department store WT Grant Co in the mid 1960s. The guitar was made by Guyatone in Japan. It's a mid 60's Guyatone LG 140T with Bradford branding. This guitar is extremely rare and I've only found one example of it that is exactly like this one. You can grab a zip file here that has a whole set of pictures. guitar pics Shoot me a PM and make me an offer. Thanks for looking!
  8. Me likey this one Yeah. These look worth throwing a few more bucks into.
  9. Which made me think Phil looks like Spicoli with his face on The Dude...
  10. Needs more gauntlets and corpsepaint: Thanks for the fix. Wtf was I thinking? That's what I get for rushing {censored}.
  11. My vote goes to the Hanson pic. It's looks smooth as any photoshop I've seen. It just needs ceiling cat. I cheated and pasted Phil on the pic I did for the "Any Picture Can Be Made Better By Adding Immortal To It" group on Facebook. Give me a minute and I'll see if I can do something better. (I guess I didn't know the guitar effects forum was a free for all. )
  12. this thread is so full of WIN it's gonna bust out of HCFX :thu: Without a doubt, this is the best thread of the year on any internet forum. Hands-down. No contest. -Craig Anderton Somebody posted a thread asking what was the best thread of 2010, Craig posted a link here and stated the above.
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