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Does more gear equal more talent?


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    NO!!!!! It should be .8W - T

    What - for mahogany?
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      I have way more guitars than playing ability, but it's fun working on acquiring the skills to justify them all.
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        It sounds to me that your friend has a lack of confidence and his outward cockiness is just bravado.

        If he has to use tons of effects and is reluctant to play in jams and has to hide behind expensive gear- that doesn't sound like someone who really rates themselves.

        I think your 'friend' would probably be crushed if he read what you have written about him on a public forum.


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          Absolutely not. I love gear and love wasting my money and time on eBay searching for and buying various pedals and amps and I'm a terrible guitarist. I've been playing for years and don't do much beyond strumming and raking power chords. But **************************** if I don't love running those power chords thru a new stomp box or amp every so often I get a bug up my ass.
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            I was at my peak twenty years ago as far as playing abilities go and I had only two guitars then (albeit very good ones). Now I own lots of stuff and twelve guitars and it's all going down playing wise. I guess that's one answer. But as it's been said, at least one good instrument is important to give the best chance for skills development. My french horn was gathering dust lately because I was fed up with the way it played and sounded. I finally brought it to a good repair shop and he did a complete overhaul and reconditioning. Took it all apart, cleaned and fitted and adjusted everything. Wow. like a new horn and I can't stop playing it these days. And I treated myself to a new mouthpiece. French horn GAS...

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              Or you could stop measuring each other's dicks and write a song or something?

              It's supposed to be about music, you sound like a pair of bored rich teenagers.