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  1. 1973 Fender Precision Bass w/ original case - SOLD Hi! Up for sale is my 1973 Fender Precision Bass in a beautiful vintage sunburst. It's in fantastic shape, all original parts (with a relocated thumb rest), and comes with its original hard shell case (also in great shape). Plays great, zero fret wear, sounds amazing, and it's pretty easy on the back at 8lbs 6oz. A few undoctored outside photos: And of course, there's a lot more photos - including close-ups, serial numbers and the case - right here. Anyway, that's about it for the sell. It's a great bass with nothing to hide, so please feel free to message me with any questions. Not looking for trades at this time, but happy to provide eBay and forum references, phone number and info, etc. Thanks much, and have a happy holiday! Jason
  2. Probably this one. I like Fenders, passive pickups and bright colors, but this might be the only guitar I've ever really missed.
  3. Probably this one. I like Fenders, passive pickups and bright colors, but this might be the only guitar I've ever really missed.
  4. FS: Duncan Hot Rodded Humbucker set - $100 shipped CONUS Hi! I've got a spare Hot Rodded Humbucker set in black, and I'm trying to raise some cash before the holidays. Both pickups are in great shape, work just fine and have plenty of lead left. Don't have any pictures at the moment, but I'll do my best to grab some tonight. I'd consider trading for a good quality 12" speaker, but cash is king, and offers are always welcome. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I'm selling off the spare pedals in my collection. Will sell individually, or you can take the whole lot for $110 shipped. For trades, I'd be interested in a nice Fuzz Face circuit, a good 12" speaker, or maybe a Barber Tone Press - I can always add/accept cash for the right deal. Shoot me a PM with any questions, and I'm happy to provide references, phone number, etc. Pic of the lot: Boss GE-7 EQ - $45 shipped - Hugely versatile, nearly bulletproof graphic EQ. It's a Boss, quite literally. Mint condition, comes with original box/papers. Awesome 'secret weapon' type of pedal, great for sculpting your perfect tone. Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff - $45 shipped - Awesome little fuzz box. Goes from light drive to massive wall of sound. Great condition, super solid, true bypass switching. Velcro on the bottom, but otherwise mint. Rogue Tremolo - $30 shipped - Solid and simple little tremolo. Anything from hard chop to warm pulses. Probably a Boss TR-2 clone, but I don't notice any of the volume loss you sometimes see with the TR series. Rugged, true bypass, mint condition. Rogue Compressor - $30 shipped - Solid and simple Ross-type compressor. Help those solos and clean parts really pop out, or smooth out your sound for some funk rhythms. Subtle all the way to SQUISH. Also rugged, true bypass and in mint condition.
  6. Just looking to clear $325 after Paypal and shipping, which I think is plenty fair. Happy to refund any excess shipping costs, though at $375, I don't foresee much excess.
  7. Thanks, will do! Bump in the meantime.
  8. Sounds good - just give me a shout when you're available.
  9. FS: 2008 Fender Standard HSS Strat - $300 shipped CONUS Hey all! Got a Fender Strat that needs to find a new home. Looks great, plays great, sounds great. Comes with a Fender gig bag, tremolo arm, all the standard stuff; plus, as a post ~2006 model, it comes with fatter frets, nicer pickups and a bigger/better tremolo block. I actually bought this guitar for my lady some time ago, but we've got a few bills to pay - as she rarely plays and I'm not much of a Strat man, the guitar's near-mint and practically unused. Pic: Apologies for the mediocre pic, but if you can tolerate a few more, you can find them here; of course, I'll try to have some more appetizing photos up this evening. Still, fancy pics or no, she's a solid, straightforward little guitar for the Strat savvy. Give me a shout if you have any questions; I'm happy to provide references, a phone number, the whole shebang. Thanks for looking! Jason
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