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  1. That looks BITCHIN'! Congrats! And good onya for quittin the coffin nails. I never smoked but am a throat cancer survivor, and trust me, you do NOT want that {censored}! Although I'm cancer-free a dozen years later, the nukes have {censored}ed me up good, my jaw and neck have been rebuilt at this point, and the osteoradionecrosis is an ongoing sitch. I have one of the old DeArmonds, and it's a fecking great guitar.
  2. Oops, sorry Phil I hadn't seen your question. According to guitardaterproject.org site the Deluxe "was made at the Unsung Plant, Korea on [sic] July, 2000." Iirc the neck is slim taper.
  3. Ta Phil. Checkers is a no-name "Sears Special," similar to a Teisco or any number of early-'70s MIJ offenses against nature. My folks bought it for me, my first electric. Virtually unplayable. By c. 1980 I finally gave up on it and made it into the wall art in the photo. Originally sunburst. I covered it in white interior wall paint, graphed it off with a pencil, and filled in the black squares with a bottle of black hobbyist model paint, by hand. The back is still sunburst, haha! I lost track of it after law school, c. 1984, and 6 or 7 years ago at a band reunion, one of my housemates/bandmates from back in the day gave it back to me! It lives up on a shelf in the garage practice space here at palatial Casa Krashpad. I call it the Amen Corner, even I don't know why. Just sounds right. The Epiphone you ask about is a rarely-seen Epi Les Paul Deluxe. Sfaik, dead stock. Great li'l cheapie, totally gigworthy!
  4. No offense taken, David Cassidy was dreamy! 😍 But seriously folks, from that shot it appears that guitar was a prototype or custom Breadwinner of some sort. The pickups don't look like the big humbucker-size singles on the original version, nor like the min-humbuckers on the later version. They may be P-90s! Also, the faceplate only has one toggle switch rather than two; I'm guessing it's the pickup selector, and that they omitted the out-of-phase switch.
  5. It's a '90s reish. The thing you're thinking is a Twin is actually a dual-cabbed Super. The speakers are 10" Sunn Magna 108's. That's how it was when I got it.
  6. You're correct! Ol' Blue, the guitar I played at my first gig EVAH. Early '70s USA Ovation Breadwinner. Mahogany body, 24-fret ebony board, 2 torroidal single-coil pickups, active electronics (onboard preamp, 9-volt). My main guitar for most of the '80s.
  7. A bandmate of mine had one of those vintage Geminis, a II, I think. Big 1x15 combo. Beat all to heck but sounded fantastic.
  8. Oh, I'm well past that, all the neighbors already know.
  9. Do you follow New Zealand rugby? (They're called the "All Blacks," haha!)
  10. Thanks. It's a Kustom 100. 100W solid state, cab is a J.B. Lansing 15". Here's a little better stock shot:
  11. That's a '90s USA Reverberocket R212R. As the model numbers indicate (I guess the first R is for "Reverberocket" model, and the second for "reverb," though that seems kinda redundant, haha), 2x12", 50W all tube. Here's a little better view:
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