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  1. NEW AVRI Jazzmaster Pickup Pulls guaranteed not to be fake or counterfeit! I'm a platinum trader with over 40 transactions though this forum. Buy with confidence. Previous post deleted. NEW AVRI Jazzmaster pickups for $70 shipped CONUS (Continental U.S.). Does NOT include the pickup covers or screws. Pickups have been tested. Will package thoroughly. I've bought a new 2012 American Vintage Jazzmaster and am going to sell the stock pickups and replace them with something else. Upgrade your Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster with AVRI pickups today! Update: Removed the pickups. Desoldered the white leads, but had to snip the black grounds as I couldn't melt the solder that was on the brass shielding. Only removed about 1/8" though. Tested pickups with the screwdriver test and they worked fine. The measurements are as follows ... Bridge: 8.10 k Neck: 8.28 k EDIT: A set with covers (mine don't include the covers) just sold on ebay for $86.84 shipped. A set of aged white covers are only $7.43 shipped. Mine are the same as these without the covers ... They will NOT look like these inferior pickups ...
  2. Someone may make a CITIZENS ARRR-ESST Dear God. I remember that episode. That stupid Gomer voice stuck in my head for days, even when I was a kid.
  3. I prefer to "jam" with Audacity and an MP3. AND I'm at the point where I want to learn "full" songs rather than just riffs. Crazy, I know.
  4. I am sorry for your loss. Mojo sent.
  5. Let me get this straight. You have a Shell Pink Fender Strat with a maple soft-V neck AND you were playing Hank Marvin/Shadows tunes?! You've arrived, my man!
  6. Showmans are still sought after by the surf guitar crowd.
  7. Different brands of strings utilize different compositions of alloys and ratios of the inner core's thickness proportionate to the thickness of the string's outer wrap. Because of that, an Ernie Ball .024w (for example) will bend more easily than, say, a Daddario .024w.This. I switched from D'Addario to Earnie Ball because D'Addarios felt too stiff for the same gauge strings.
  8. I had a set of Hot Golds that were in a Strat that I sold to Cratz2. They were reduced noise for sure. They weren't the best Strat pickups I had though. If I were one to saturate my tone with distortion and overdrive the Lace pickups would have been more suitable. However, played cleanly I believe there are better options. One thing to keep in mind with the Lace Sensor pickups is they are designed around very weak magnets in order to reduce the noise. This means the pickups have to be raised fairly close to the strings in order to sound good. The middle pickup was always in the way.
  9. Congrats! I had a DRRI for a while. Not a bad sounding amp and pretty good deals can be had on the used market.
  10. I'd definitely keep the practically new American Standard Strat and practically new DRRI.
  11. I think signature guitars and relics are generally the most overrated/overpriced. For example, when they were available the Elvis Costello Jazzmaster cost a few hundred more than the AVRI series and there wasn't anything different about them other than the signature and the finish. And the finish was probably easier to do than on the AVRI series. There are always exceptions though, and the Johnny Marr Jaguar sounds like one of them. It brings some real functional differences over the AVRI series and it costs the same.
  12. Do the Fender MIA bridge pickups still come with the 2 big phillips head screws on the bottom?Yes they do.
  13. good stuff, thanks. it hadn't occured to me that the MIM's have hotter pickups, but I guess they actually do.In 2006 Fender started winding the MIM Standard Strat & Tele pickups hotter and started using CTS pots.
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