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  1. Overall this is a great pedal to add to your arsenal. It can provide a cool onslaught of different fuzz tones gushing out in a venomous spray from your amplifier. Those looking for a ripping fuzz pedal, or just something they can experiment with for different dirt sounds with love this pedal. But keep in mind you can also get some less agressive tones from this fuzz machine.
  2. This is a great vintage sounding overdrive pedal. Very punchy and gritty. It also works well in conjunction with other dirt pedals. If you are looking for an overdrive that is a bit different to what you are used to, and are happy to wait the lead time for it to be made, this is a good choice. Alternatively if you are looking at the kit for this pedal, then it would be a cool project to under take. Please be aware that this is NOT a high gain pedal in any sense, but is meant to emulate a 70's dirt/overdrive channel.
  3. Well well well... In conclusion I am very satisfied with the build, features, and quality of sound this pedal provides. Quite a versatile wah pedal to say the least. Don't let the name fool you, it sounds just as great with dirt and high gain, as it does with clean channels. I think any fans of the WH10 will be drawn to this pedal, and anyone looking for a swiss-army knife wah; something for all occasions. This pedal is most certainly durable enough for gigging. This will now be a perminant resident on my pedal board. Kevin Wilson is very friendly and has a range of wahs, so if you aren't exactly sure what you are after, or just want a point in the right direction shoot him an e-mail and I'm sure he'll be happy to help. My rig for reference is: Gibson SG standard 2010, Fender '89 MIJ Strat, Jaguar copy, 2 Ibanez S series guitars. Laney IRT60H Planet Waves strobe tuner, Wilson Effects Funk Factory Wah, Boss CS-2, OLC Orange Peel, Wilson Effects Uber Fubar Bliss, Fulltone Octafuzz, Xotic Effects EP Booster, Wilson effects Deluxe Haze, Boss CE-2, Danelectro Phaser, Line 6 DL-4, and a boss DD-6.
  4. Waaaaaaaaaay too many This. Easily way too many to make a proper list (remembering half of them would be difficult. I always try and take pics of my board if I update anything so I can remember!).
  5. Major mojo sent to you both, it is horrible loosing pets.
  6. For those of you looking for an affordable uni-vibe type sound the Haze series is certainly a great place to look. If you are after a very simple uni-vibe pedal then I would suggest the Haze. If you are like the idea of being able to change between chorus and vibe without dropping to your knees then the Deluxe is the way to go. Especially for quick in song changes, great for live and studio purposes. For those looking for something more experimental go for the Uber Haze! This has the most options, and the added phaser in there is a bonus. This pedal would suit anyone looking for more options on a vibe type circuit As I mentioned the Deluxe Haze will allow you to switch between vibe and chorus at the click of a switch, and is great for covering both the chorus and vibe sounds, thus saving space on your pedal board. Decent construction, cool aesthetics, great sound. Overall this is quite a versatile pedal for the money. I will add that I put how much the pedal is on the website, but Mr. Wilson is very kind and offers repeat customers and members of certain forums a discount. These pedals are hand built to top quality standard, and sound fantastic.
  7. There's nowt more fishy than a fishermans wifes P#}+* on a cold cold winters day Except in the summer with a trout up her bum and her cervix on display.
  8. I had both a DOD 250 and an OD-1, and the OD-1 had a much nicer tone. I have never tried the OD-3 but would like to.
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