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  1. I've now gone through 3 Taylors: 310; 320; 316. I just sold the 320 to pay for the Martin 16GT I bought in the fall. I find Taylors to be sterile, that top shimmer gets on my nerves after a while, the bass doesn't impress (except on the 320, even though there wasn't great sustain), the neck is not 'all that' for me (I prefer Martin necks). Oh yeah, funny the people you interact with when selling stuff. Someone offered me a 114CE or something for the 320. (Shakes head). Taylors impress me the first couple of times I play them. It took me a while in each case to realize that the shiny modern sound wears thin on me after a while. I've already played the Martin 16GT more in 5 months than I did the 320 in almost 5 years. YMMV
  2. Yeah, been playing with it s'more. What I'll be 'working on' (lol) for the next little while, is to try to optimize the GT-1 with my VOX AC-15. It's fun playing around with on headphones, but that isn't really what I bought it for. So, I'll build some custom patches that bypass the Pre-Amps, and just setting up chains of fx to go into the VOX with. It's a fun little box, but the presets are wayyyyy overprocessed, a few in good ways, mostly just toooooo much. So, have to dig in. Luckily, I am familiar with BOSS/Roland gear and their menu layouts. The thing is about 2 lbs., which makes for a change if I want to play electric guitar outside on headphones, I just grab it and a guitar, and go play out in the sunshine.
  3. I just got a BOSS GT-1. Interesting little gadget. Can be used direct into computer via USB (edited, as well), but mostly I am going to use it with my VOX AC-15. Time to tweak. Luckily, I know Roland's M.O. with their menus.
  4. I am confined to a point, mostly by choice. I am a prime target for this virus, so the only reason I've left our flat is to go biking on the local bike paths. Absolutely no contact with anyone other than my wife. My wife does the shopping, goes to the shops by bike, enters and exits our flat directly, instead of the building's front door. Then washes very carefully. I am increasingly depressed. It has been a rough winter. We had the flu, twice, in Jan/Feb. And now this insanity. My plans for my upcoming 60th birthday had to be cancéled, and the probability of going to Ireland this year is around 0. I've put on a bit of weight, sleep around 16 hours a day. working on restoring and remixing the last song I recorded with my late best friend 20 years ago. I've learned a lot about mixing and fx in the interim, and the improvement is obvious. I only wish my best friend was still around to hear it.
  5. The only one of those Gibbys that I've tried and liked was the J-29, but it was no D-28, one of which I own. You want the real deal, then fet the real deal.
  6. Wine and flowers. Always worked for me!
  7. Maybe look up tutorials on YT? I'd like to learn, too, but it isn't realistic for me at this point in my life.
  8. My only experience is with a beer bottle in front of very inebriated people, who, naturally, thought I was a genius. So did I, but I was more inebriated than everyone else.
  9. I would look for a Martin with a modfied low oval neck and a 1.68" nut. I find this way more comfortable than Taylor necks. YMMV.
  10. QC. I was so impressed with the ros, that I tried a couple more RKs, and there were issues with each one, including, most importantly, sounding and playing like crap. If I had kept my ros, I don't know how often I'd play it. I had mine set up well, but it was the V that turned me off. I would expect that Guild above to be a better guitar, so that would likely be the one I'd zero in on as a leading choice to try.
  11. Probably fewer QC issues, though. The nut on the ros-16 was off kilter about .25".
  12. Recording King ROS-16. I had one. The neck is not thin, rather a V shape. They're out of production, but if you can find one 2nd hand, I'd check it out. I used it the last time I played live, but I couldn't really get used to the V. Sometimes, I wish I hadn't sold it. When I did, someone grabbed it within a week. The bass was impressive, and it's a beautiful guitar.
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