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  1. For Eastmans in the UK, I would look for Richards Guitars in Avon. I've watched videos of the guy on YT, and Richard is positively ga-ga for Eastmans. His store will also setup your guitar to your specs. His prices are competitive. The Guild, you can get at Thomann.de.
  2. If I was going for a Yamaha, I'd probably go for a new FG/FS 5. They never did anything for me, though. Rather generic tone, ime. And the fact that Yamaha makes Grand Pianos is irrelevant. They also make motorcycles.
  3. You can... I was just fingerpicking on her, in Drop D. I've wanted to learn Travis picking for ages, but could never get my thumb to act independently of my fingers. I remembered a lesson by 'Shut Up and Play Your Guitar' on YT (wasn't/isn't he a member here?) on The Beatles' Dear Prudence. So, I started, slowly, and ding! ding! DING! the light has come on. I can't get it to speed yet, but now I am confident that I will. I know this is a fairly rudimentary exemplar of the technique, but it is a beginning. And it happened on this guitar. The dropped D is deep. Deeper than what you would expect of a guitar that weighs in at approx. 1.6 kgs. The neck, a modified low oval, is my favourite neck. Whoever this belonged to, had it set up for fingerstyle. The action is very low, though no buzzes, even when pushed a bit with a pick.
  4. Gitnoob was prophetic. It arrived today, late, but it is a keeper. Ha! TFOA has an interesting concept on 'near mint.' There's a scoring under the guitar that I'll have to have looked at, as well as various dings. Setup is perfect, sound is great, light as a feather.
  5. 2 shops in the vicinity. Bad experiences at both. I'm just trying to have a happy NGD. I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition! 😜
  6. Quite simply this: 1) the local shops are at best unethical, and worst, outright crooks. Simple. I tried to develop relationships with them, but was lied to, treated like a new customer everytime I went back and 2) buying in a shop gives no right of return here. Buying online automatically gives me the right to return a guitar without having to even provide a reason within a reasonable time frame. So, this is inconvenient and annoying, but it is the safest way for me to get the guitar I want.
  7. Funny. I forgot about it all weekend, until a couple of hours ago. Then it hit me: I HAVE A MARTIN COMING TOMORROW!
  8. Thanks. Scheduled to arrive Monday. I've been disappointed with Martins, on occasion, but since this guitar has been bought, sold, inspected and setup by pros, is classified as 'near mint,' I think the probability of me sending it back is slim. I frigging hope so. I'm too old for this insanity.
  9. you know, it's occasionally difficult for me to spot sarcasm online... 😂
  10. Thanks. I had one of those. Impressive guitar for the money. Played a gig with it in 2015. I couldn't get used to the V neck, though. This whole process has served to remind me how I hate the whole process. I've had to drag 4 guitars to a UPS collection point (we don't have a car), which hasn't been easy as I have trouble walking these days due to chronic gout in my feet. My wife has had enough, too.
  11. Nah. Well, a little. A Martin 000-17SM showed up at the shop, and I decided to go for it. I'm going to have to sell my Taylor 320 for it, though. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. The BSG is a very nice guitar. It just didn't stand out in any way in comparison to my other acoustics, whereas the Martin likely will. I've wanted a Martin 12 fret slotted headstock git for a while. Everything I've read about this model has been overwhelmingly positive. So that's the story. I expect the shop will start blocking my emails and calls soon.
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