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  1. Oh yeah, I'm finally making progress with Travispicking,my bane. I can play Dear Prudence and Julia correctly now. When I get it right, I feel the same euphoria I felt when I began learning 46.5 years ago. In improvising around with that technique, I see the vast potential to open up my playing exponentially. The first tips I received for doing this type of picking came from you guys.
  2. I expect the PP has gone down, under Dendy, et al. I looked in a couple of times, and it wasn't the complete {censored}storm it once was. My favourite part of HCAG for the last number of years has been watching Freeman's builds. There is where I keep learning stuff, and it's always a pleasure to watch the instrument develop from pieces of wood to beautiful i.nstruments. It's science, but it's magic. Anyway, though all these years, I have learned valuable information, shared and enjoyed a bit of music. Another great aspect is VOM1T, though I've rarely participate
  3. Is this the 5 minute argument, or the whole ½ hour? 1) I spend a lot less time online than I used to. Serious health issues can put things in perspective, like that. 2) The incompetent format changing was a turn off for many people, including me. As was the 'find user reviews' game. 3) Thanks to the gurus here like Freeman, I have a good basic knowledge of acoustic guitars, and how to look for fundamental issues. This knowledge has served me well, over the years. 4) welcoming newbies is simply being welcoming. Doesn't need any explanation. 5) The PP is for people with
  4. Lovely guitar. Received a fair deal (for Europe, anyways). It's with my luthier friend getting set up. I'll have more to say about it when I get it back. All solid wood; Adi spruce top, Adi scalloped braces, solid mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboard. Goes from 0-11 in one strum.
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