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  1. Originally Posted by gio1050 Hello. how are the frets on the neck only? will it fit into a standard tele body? You would most likely have to relocate the bridge.
  2. Get a used JC-77. Love mine.
  3. Guitar for me was a stepping stone to the Chapman Stick.
  4. That is a bad song. A very bad song. Worst than bad.
  5. Perfection. [video=youtube;9F67g64NapY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F67g64NapY
  6. Lennon's playing and tone fit the songs perfectly. People should do more of that these days.
  7. Any recommendations re. stuff by them to check out? The Power and the Glory
  8. Midnight Oil - US Forces [video=youtube;07JyDrBeSx8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07JyDrBeSx8
  9. I tell them i've got glass in my butthole. Good rebuttal.
  10. Setting in jail a rough looking dude comes up to you and ask: "what are you in for"? You reply with: "I peed on a tree".
  11. Pete Ham Badfinger - Timeless [video=youtube;uucFgMlm-Bk]
  12. Mr. Leslie West. Mountain / Theme For An Imaginary Western
  13. The Beatles Gentle Giant Badfinger The Who Mountain
  14. Why is Sgt. Pepper's held up in such high regard when Revolver is a better album x10 ??? Oh, sure I like all the funny sounds on Sgt. Peppers, but SONG wise Revolver kicks the {censored} out of it 10x over. "A Day in the Life".
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