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  1. Another demonstration of your f..king stupidity and lack of simple logic. None of what you just said addresses the PM you just sent to mistersully which we can all see quite clearly. You are threatening him. "I warned you" "You'll be my personal project" and add to that the completely f...ked up idea that someone calling you out on it is a somehow ratting you out. Complete f..king bully logic right there. And a clear sign you have some serious f...king issues. You admit to challenging a former forum member to physically because he "insulted you". Well guess what? You're on the internet. You f..king insulted me right off the bat in this thread. Do you see me challenging you to a fight? lol No...I man up and throw it right back in your face. With valid points. If you can't handle that and need to resort to actual threats then maybe you should consider not visiting sites that put you into a state of mind where you will later "regret" what you said. Maybe you are a real tough guy. Maybe you can kick the crap out of me. As Flea so elegantly said in the song Pea....."So f..king what" You are on the internet. Here, the pen wins. Not your macho posturing BS. And let's look at another f...ked up logical assumption of yours. Only people who vote in america are entitled to have opinions on american politics. Really.....not a fan of freedom then, are you? I have a right to say whatever the f...k I feel like about any f...king subject I want to comment on. That is what freedom means. There are no "qualifications" to have an opinion. lol. Geezus....that is just elementary and the fact I even need to spell it out to you, or that you don't even get the concept, is yet another sign of your limited intellect. And you say sully has issues.....lol....wow. You know...I'll give you the fact that other people may have insulted you or whatever....but that's not the point. The point is how YOU handle it. Again, typical f..ked up bully logic. someone insults you and you think that gives you the right to respond the way you do. How weak of mind do you have to be to challenge somebody to a fight because they insulted you on the bloody internet? lol. Grow the f..k up.
  2. Keep making excuses. lol...I can't believe you stalked other people too. And that you actually contacted a partner of someone who posts here. And you have the nerve to respond to mistersully in the way you did. One of the best and most honest contributors on this site. There is absolutely no reason not to believe what he's saying. You actually threatened people huh.....contacted someone's partner......seriously.....you're a f..king weirdo. Get help.
  3. You mean a climate denier website doctored graph with no sources for verification? Yeah....that's real strong "evidence" Nice try.
  4. Uhh...no...I said CHINESE you f...king moron....hahaha.....you can't even read! See....China is spelt C-H-I-N-A whereas Chinese is spelt C-H-I-N-E-S-E See Chinese is an adjective referring to people of a certain ethnic background and as a noun referring to a group of languages. So not only are you a stupid f...king moron cause you can't read.....you're a stupid f....king moron because you linked to a video that has nothing to do with anything I said and doesn't even make a logical insult......lol... Holy f...k you really are a stupid as you always seemed. lol. It's no wonder you're so defensive about anything you think is intellectually above you. You're THAT f...king dumb! Everything is above you. wow....what a stupid c...t you are.
  5. Haha....you mean this is a thing with him? Judging by the content of his posts over the years I'm surprised he had the brain power to figure out where I was posting from....haha... I mean historically this guy has been one of the biggest f...king idiots on this site.
  6. Oh...and one more thing......who internet IP stalks someone on a bloody guitar forum....lol What a f...king loser.....haha.... get a f..king life.
  7. Actually it is. You see...not everyone who lives in Taiwan is Chinese. How very typically american of you to jump to that conclusion. You're really not doing anything to help the stereotype of the ignorant american. But whatever...you're the king of ASSumptions aren't you? Tell me more about those wine snobs you hate so much. Those audiophiles that bug you so much. Bet you hate fine dining to right? How about people you think are "hipsters"....I bet they drive you crazy too huh? Anyone who might know more about a subject than you can simply be written off as "arrogant" and "elitist" in your world. You can then spend the rest of your time in your anti intellectual, education hating bubble. Railing against all those self created "elitists". Quick question. Global warming denier? Do all those "fancy scientist types" strike you as elitist as well? As I said before...I'm not intellectual at all. The fact you think I am says more about the level of your discourse than it does about mine. And thanks....I am pretty entertaining. Although it's not very challenging making minced meat out of the "arguments" you put forth. A bit like wiffle ball really.
  8. The Fir piece was from a different video. "Scrap piece of wood" to make a guitar. [YOUTUBE]8JcpHdh3VS8[/YOUTUBE] Definitely shows that any kind of wood can make a good guitar body. Although I do find the fir slightly nasal in both of the videos.
  9. well that explains it even more. nothing more herd like than a group of people who don't even know what the word libertarian means, who think they are libertarians...haha...
  10. And all the while you ignore all the points I made and sources I linked to. Awww....booo whoooo...I used some CAPS to emphasize a word.....and now you're being little snowflakes about it. That's OK....go ahead and claim you responded to my points when you didn't. Sad we live in a time where challenging herd think is considered "trolling". lol. Bet I know who you two voted for.
  11. So calling audiophiles "librarians" is addressing the points huh? lol. That's some bullet proof logic you got there.
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