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  1. Reverend 15th Anniversary FlatRoc #8 of 8.
  2. The more I have have started to try to learn to solo, the more I realize the real monster players are the guys who play with economy and control. Billy Effing Gibbons. I used to (wrongly) think he was just not that good. I started to learn Hot Blue and Righteous, and totally went down a BG Rabbit Hole.
  3. Craig, I have found that Macs have voltage differences between usb ports, i.e., on a mbp, the front one gets full power, while the back one is split off andcan't carry the full spec. I have not multi metered it, buta year or so ago, I dug up something online that validated it from Apple. I was working on an intra oral xray setup at a clients, and their sensors are very picky about voltage. Talking to their techs, they saida majority of built inusb ports spec to the liw side. Just food for thought.
  4. Originally Posted by Anderton Just point out how much you saved compared to what it cost originally. There's something about "honey, I just saved hundreds of dollars!" that always seems to have some kind of magical effect. Funny how the " spending to save" thing only seems to apply to purses and shoes, but not music gear .
  5. Feel free to give me your 335 to ease your conscience. I'd call the Club King, but, I already got one with a Les Trem. Nice set!
  6. Feel free to give me your 335 to ease your conscience. I'd call the Club King, but, I already got one with a Les Trem. Nice set!
  7. It is probably better. The QS6 is pretty old.
  8. Just for reference, in your opinion, are the fx in this better than say a QS6?
  9. Very sorry brother. Dogs are just as advertised..our best friends.
  10. Are p90's both wound the same?
  11. I can't believe this is here. I am loaded up or I'd grab it.
  12. The man's price is his price. No likey, no buy-ee. I know dick about these. But, the seller ALWAyS has the right to set their price. You can always come down on your price, nd you can always go up on your offer. The inverse does not work. I'd nuke this thread, start over and erase the bad mojo. Hopefully, the perfect buyer will appear and a win/win will happen
  13. FWIW. I have a purple one. These are really, really nice guitars. Only thing it needs is locking tuners. This is a steal.
  14. Originally Posted by tonesnob FA = Ugly as {censored}. V = More desirable. Which explains why you are selling? Apples and oranges dude. Just say no. Your original response is dicky. The guy floated an offer, you chose to be a jerk in your reply. I chose to call you out on it. They are both cool, but, V's are a dime a dozen, you now have bad mojo attached to yours. Good luck.
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